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How to Do Old School Dance Moves for a Cardio Workout

Learn how to do old school dance moves for a cardio workout from fitness instructor Michelle Seabreeze in this Howcast dance workout video.


Alright guys, it's cardio time. I know, pick your face up off the floor because you’re gonna have fun. It's me, Sea breeze come on we're ready we're gonna do this and we're gonna kick it old school. That's right take it back, back in time.

You’re gonna kick 2, 3, 4. That's your first move. We already started just keep it going. Take your heel back, kick forward, back, forward, back, forward. Opposite on, opposite leg. You already got the beginner, let's try it. 1, 2, 2 times. 1, 2, 2 times. Now you cannot do old school without any flavor. So make sure you add some flavor, I don't care what your flavor is. 1 thing, my flavor is a little angry but that's OK. You can have a happy flavor.

Now it's cardio so, we're gonna keep it moving [?]. Up, now I'm gonna slow it down for you because you’re like I think I got it but I'm not really sure. 1 foot goes up, I switch and kick the other foot up... Now I'm [?] like a penguin so everybody think I got a suite on while I keep my pants together right? So I put 1 hand right here, kick 1 foot up, switch it to the side. 1, 2, a 2. Now remember what I said about the flavor, I know that I said that Sea breeze is being silly, she doesn't really mean it. I mean it. You’re gonna have fun, you’re gonna feel it, it's gonna be awesome for your body you ready? 1 foot up, switch, switch, switch double time... Now you think oh hey this is really weird. Loose your hand it don't really matter. 1, 2... Now you got the first part.

You like Sea breeze? How are you gonna end it? We gonna end it pushing it. Push that pelvis forward, arms crossed, open crossed, open crossed, open. Now if you noticed, my heel is kind of [?]... The, helps me. You can try the, if you want. Yeah I hear you doing it, I know you’re doing it. Now, we gonna put it all together, so you have to combo your whole body is gonna feel it. You’re gonna feel good, it's gonna have flavor. You ready? I'm ready, you’re ready, let's do it. 1, 2, 3, and 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. 1, 2, 3, 4, and you can end with a pose old school style. Yeah I like that, I like that. DJ, drop that beat. You got it, that's it. You keep doing that you’re gonna shed lots of pounds.

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