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How to Do a Dance Workout with Michelle Seabreeze

Learn about Michelle Seabreeze, one of Howcast's dance workout experts, in this video.


Hey guys, it's Seabreeze, I'm a dance and fitness instructor. I've been dancing for, I don't know, 6, 7 years. Not that long I guess, but I love it and it makes me happy. I dance for Adidas, I dance for Fuze, I dance for InChannel, and right now I'm a dance and fitness instructor for New York Health and Racquet Club. I also teach kids for Urban Arts, so if you have an elementary student or high school student, you want them to learn dance with me, look us up, Right now I'm working on a project with my homegirl, Dope Girl Fresh, called Get it Gurrl, G U R R L Get It Gurrl, look us up on Facebook or YouTube. No stinky face, no side eye, just fun, nothin' too crazy. I mean, if you watch us you can probably pick it up, jump in, do it with your friends. Remember, Get It Gurrl, Get It Gurrl NYC, look us up. So, if you need to see more of me, as if you haven't seen enough of me already, and you're like, I need to see more Seabreeze, you're gonna go to That's Seabreeze spelled just like it sounds, S E A B R E E Z E. And for those of you who are real old school, Look me up! Can't miss me.

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