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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 1 - Opening

Check out part 2 and fight the Reapers in this walkthrough for Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Admiral Anderson: How bad is it?

Admiral Hackett: Bad. We just lost contact with two of our deep space outposts. There's something massive on the long range scanners.

Anderson: Is this what Shepard warned us about?

Hackett: I'd stake my life on it.

Anderson: How long do we have?

Hackett: Not long. I've sent word. The fleets are mobilizing.

Anderson: God help us all.

James: Commander.

Commander Shepard: You're not supposed to call me that anymore, James.

James: Not supposed to salute you either. We've got to go. The defense committee wants to see you.

Shepard: Sounds important. What's going on?

James: Couldn't say. Just told me they needed you, now.

Shepard: Anderson.

James: Admiral.

Anderson: You look good, Shepard. Maybe a little soft around the edges. How are you holding up since being relieved from duty?

Shepard: It's not so bad once you get used to the hot food and soft beds.

Anderson: We'll get it sorted out.

Shepard: What's going on? Why's everyone in such a hurry?

Anderson: Admiral Hackett's mobilizing the fleets. I'm guessing word's made it to Alliance Command. Something big's headed our way.

Shepard: The Reapers?

Anderson: We don't know. Not for certain.

Shepard: What else could it be?

Anderson: If I knew that...

Shepard: You know we're not ready if it is them. Not by a long shot.

Anderson: Tell that to the defense committee.

Shepard: Unless we're planning to talk the Reapers to death, the committee is a waste of time.

Anderson: They're just scared. None of them have seen what you've seen. We've all reviewed your reports, seen the data you've collected, but it's all just theory to us. You've been there in the trenches. Fighting them. You know what they're capable of.

Shepard: That's why they grounded me? Took away my ship?

Anderson: You know that's not true. The shit you've done, any other soldier would have been tried, court martialed, and discharged. It's your knowledge of the Reapers that kept that from happening.

Shepard: That and your good word?

Anderson: Yeah, I trust you, Shepard. And so does the committee.

Shepard: I'm just a soldier, Anderson. I'm no politician.

Anderson: I don't need you to be either. I just need you to do whatever the hell it takes to help us stop the Reapers.

Officer: They're expecting you two, Admiral.

James: Good luck in there, Shepard.

Lieutenant-Commander Ashley: Anderson. Shepard.

Shepard: Ashley?

Anderson: Lieutenant-Commander, how'd it go in there?

Ashley: I can never tell with them. I'm just waiting for orders now.

Officer: Admiral.

Anderson: Come on.

James: You know the Commander?

Ashley: I used to.

Alliance Council member 1: Admiral Anderson. Shepard.

Shepard: What's the situation?

Alliance Council member 1: We were hoping you would tell us.

Alliance Council member 2: The reports coming in are unlike anything we've seen. Whole colonies have gone dark. We've lost contact with everything beyond the Sol Relay.

Alliance Council member 1: Whatever this is, it's incomprehensibly powerful.

Shepard: You brought me here to confirm what you already know. The Reapers are here.

Alliance Council member 2: Then how do we stop them?

Shepard: Stop them? This isn't about strategy or tactics. This is about survival. The Reapers are more advanced than we are. More powerful. More intelligent. They don't fear us, and they'll never take pity on us.

Alliance Council member 2: But there must be some way.

Shepard: Each of us has to be willing to die to save humanity. Anything less and they've already won.

Alliance Council member 1: That's it? That's our plan?

Officer: Admiral, we've lost contact with Luna Base.

Anderson: The moon? They couldn't be that close already.

Alliance Council member 2: How'd they get past our defenses?

Officer: Sir, UK headquarters has a visual.

Anderson: Why haven't we heard from Admiral Hackett?

Alliance Council member 1: What do we do?

Shepard: The only thing we can. We fight or we die.

Anderson: We should get to the Normandy.

Alliance Council member 2: Oh my God.

Shepard: Move! Go, go, go!

Anderson: Shepard! Shepard! Shepard! Come on, get up. Here, take this. We've go to get moving.

This is Admiral Anderson. Report in. Anyone? Lieutenant-Commander Williams, is that you? What's your status? I can't raise the Normandy. You'll have to contact them. We'll meet you at the landing zone. Anderson out.

They're massive! Let's move! Look out! How do you stop something so powerful? Take a running jump. It's farther than it looks. Let's go! Come on, let's go!

Come on. We'll have to go this way.

Looks clear, let's go. Lieutenant-Commander, you read me? I'm patching in Shepard.

Ashley: We're almost to the Normandy. I've got Lieutenant Vega with me, but we're taking heavy fire.

Anderson: Husks! Take them out! Shoot them! I'm out of ammo.

Come on! We've go to move!

Have to take these things out the old-fashioned way.

Don't let them grab you.

Gotta to find a way out of here.

Watch it!

Shepard: Through this way.

Hey! It's okay.

Child: Everyone's dying.

Shepard: Come here. I need to get you someplace safe. Take my hand.

Child: You can't help me.

Anderson: Shepard! In here.

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