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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 2 - Opening

Fight the Reapers in this walkthrough for Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Anderson: This is a goddamned mess! Every minute these machines are here, thousands of innocent people die. I won't be responsible.

Shepard: You're not responsible for the ones that die. We fight for the ones left standing when it's all over.

Anderson: Yeah, maybe you're right. They hit so fast. I thought we'd have more time.

Shepard: We knew they were coming.

Anderson: And they still just cut through our defenses. We need to go to the Citadel, talk to the Council.

Shepard: The Citadel? The fight's here.

Anderson: It'll be everywhere soon enough. You said it yourself. The Reapers will destroy everything if we don't stop them. The Council has to help us.

Shepard: You sure about that?

Anderson: No, but you were a Council Spectre. That has to count for something. Gotcha!

Shepard: Thanks. I owe you one.

Anderson: More than one. Grab some ammo. Reload. Let's keep moving. Lieutenant Commander Williams, we're inside of the spaceport, ETA three minutes.

Williams: We've made it to the Normandy. Taking heavy fire. Oh, God! They're going to take down that dreadnought! Evasive maneuvers.

Anderson: Lieutenant commander! Ashley! Dammit! They're in trouble. Normandy, we're going to reroute. Do you copy? Normandy, come in. Friendlies.

Shepard: You two all right?

Man: Get down! They'll see you.

Anderson: Keep your head down. Nice job. Finish them off. Shepard, over here. What happened here?

Man: Our gunship was shot down. We barely made it.

Anderson: You have a radio? We're trying to contact our ship.

Man: No. There's one in the gunship, but it's going to be crawling with those things.

Anderson: Stay here, son. We'll get you out of here. Come on. Let's get to that gunship. What the hell are those things? Normandy, this is Anderson. Do you read?

Woman: Admiral, what's your location?

Anderson: By a downed gunship at the harbor. I'm activating its distress beacon. Send support. We've got wounded down here. Lieutenant! Dammit! I've lost the signal.

Shepard: Let's hope that beacon does its job.

Anderson: And fast. We've got company. Hope they get there soon.

Shepard: You and me both.

Anderson: Running out of ammo. There's more of them.

Man: Calvary has arrived.

Anderson: About time!

Shepard: Let's go!

Williams: Welcome back, Shepard.

Shepard: Thanks.

Anderson: Shepard!

Shepard: Come on!

Anderson: I'm not going. You saw those men back there. There's a million more like them, and they need a leader.

Shepard: We're in this fight together.

Anderson: It's a fight we can't win, not without help. We need every species and all their ships to even have a chance at defeating the Reapers. Talk to the Council. Convince them to help us.

Shepard: What if they won't listen?

Anderson: Then make them listen. Now, go! That's an order!

Shepard: I don't take orders from you anymore, remember?

Anderson: Consider yourself reinstated, Commander. You know what you have to do.

Shepard: I'll be back for you, and I'll bring every fleet I can. Good luck.

Anderson: You too, Shepard.

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