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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 3 - Mars

Check out part 4 and explore Mars and find out why Cerberus is attacking in this walkthrough for Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Lieutenant Vega: What the hell is going on? Where's Anderson? Where are we going? Hey!

Shepard: We're leaving.

Lieutenant Vega: Leaving?

Ashley: What's going on?

Shepard: Anderson wants us to go to the Citadel. Get help for the fight.

Lieutenant Vega: Bullshit! He wouldn't order us to leave.

Shepard: He can see what's going on. Without help this war is already over.

Lieutenant Vega: Then you can drop me off at the nearest depo because I'm not leaving.

Shepard: Stop Lieutenant! You don't want to go. We get it. But this isn't a democracy. We're going to the Citadel. You want out, you can catch a ride back from there.

Joker: Commander.

Shepard: Joker, is that you?

Joker: Alive and kicking. Got an emergency transmission from Admiral Hackett for you.

Shepard: Patch it through.

Admiral Hackett: Sustained heavy losses. Force was overwhelming. No way we can defeat them conventionally.

Shepard: Anderson has already ordered me to the Citadel to talk to the council.

Admiral Hackett: First we need you go to the outpost on Mars before we lose control of the system.

Shepard: Yes, sir.

Admiral Hackett: You will be researching the archives with Dr. Tasownee. We found a way to stop the reapers.... the only way to stop them... Contact you soon. Hackett out.

Shepard: Joker, set a course for the Mars archives.

Joker: Mars? Roger that!

Lieutenant Vega: This is loco.

Ashley: Why Mars? What does he think we will find there?

Shepard: I don't know, yet. But if it helps us win this war... Grab your gear.

Lieutenant Vega: I've been trying to reach Mars on a secure channel. No one is answering.

Shepard: Any sign of Reaper activity?

Lieutenant Vega: Negative.

Shepard: EDI?

EDI: The base appears to be online. It is possible the inhabitants were evacuated.

Shepard: Not soon enough. Be ready Joker, just in case.

Joker: Roger that. Normandy out.

Lieutenant Vega: We're almost there.

Still no contact from the base but we've got a massive storm headed our way.

Shepard: How long till it hits?

Lieutenant Vega: Half hour tops. After that we are going to have difficulty keeping up coms with the Normandy.

Shepard: Understood.

Lieutenant Vega: Man, that's a huge storm! Looks a lot bigger in person.

Shepard: Come on, Lieutenant. It's not that bad.

Lieutenant Vega: Doesn't mean it can't kill us.

Shepard: I'm more worried about the war back on Earth or the fact that nobody here is reporting in.

Lieutenant Vega: Fair enough.

What's that?

Shepard: Alliance. Sargent Reeves. Doesn't look like he put up a fight.

Lieutenant Vega: Something is not right here.

Shepard: Keep a low profile till we know what's going on.

Lieutenant Vega: Roger that.

Holy shit! They are executing them. It's a clear shot. They know we are here now.

Those guys were Servers, weren't they?

Shepard: Sure looked like it.

Ashley: What are Servers doing here on Mars?

Shepard: Good question.

Ashley: You don't know?

Shepard: I'm not with them any more, Ash. If that's what your asking.

Ashley: It wasn't. But we've got a shadowy terrorist organization infiltrating one of our top research facilities. I think that warrants a bit of suspicion.

Lieutenant Vega: Look out!

Doesn't look like they came here in force.

Shepard: Yeah, just a few vehicles.

Ashley: Kinda suggests they had help from the inside.

Shepard: Seems likely. You need a lot more men and fire power to take this place otherwise.

Ashley: I need a straight answer, Shepard.

Shepard: About what?

Ashley: Servers may be pro human but they are no friends of the Alliance. Do you know what they are doing here?

Shepard: What makes you think I know what they are up to?

Ashley: You worked for them. How am I supposed to believe you've cut all ties?

Shepard: Let me be clear. I didn't work for them. I worked with them and I don't anymore. And I have no idea why they are here now or what they want.

Lieutenant Vega: Commander Shepard has been under constant surveillance since coming back to Earth. No way they have communicated since.

Ashely: Sorry, Shepard, I just...

Shepard: You want to hate servers fine, but I'm done explaining myself to you. Are we clear?

Ashley: Of course. I didn't mean to...

Shepard: Easy there, Lieutenant. She's with us.

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