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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 4 - Mars

Check out part 5 and explore Mars and find out why Cerberus is attacking in this walkthrough for Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Shepherd: Easy there, Lieutenant. She's with us.

Liara: Shepherd, thank the Goddess you're alive.

Shepherd: Liara.

Liara: I was worried when the reports came in. They hit Earth hard?

Ashley: Yeah, it was difficult to leave.

Liara: Ashley, I'm sorry. But, why do you come here?

Shepherd: Packet ordered us to come. He said you'd know what was going on.

Liara: I do.

James: Halleluiah! Some answers. Finally.

Liara: Maybe. I've discovered plans for a Prothean device, one that could wipe out the reapers.

Shepherd: Here? On Mars?

Liara: In the Prothean archives, yes.

Shepherd: We've known about the archives for decades. Why now?

Liara: Process of elimination mixed with a little desperation. When I got the data on the Alpha-relay incident, I knew I had to do something. Packet knew it too. He contacted me, asked me if I could help him find a way to stop the reapers. My search led me here. Packet got me access to the archives and kept me updated on your status. I meant to come see you, but...

Shepherd: I think your work here is a bit more important.

Liara: True enough. In any case, my work paid off. The archives are full of data, an overwhelming amount. I think I found what we need.

Shepherd: Sounds like this weapon might be our best chance to blow the Reapers to hell.

Liara: It's not a weapon, not yet. It's plans for a device, a blueprint.

Shepherd: It's more than we had a minute ago. How do we get it?

Liara: The archives are just across that tramway, assuming Cerberus hasn't locked it down.

Shepherd: What are they after?

James: Yeah, they seem hellbent on catching you.

Liara: They want what I'm here for. What we're all here for.

Shepherd: But why?

Liara: The Protheans came close to defeating the Reapers. They had plans to destroy them but ran out of time.

Ashley: And anything powerful enough to destroy the Reapers...

Shepherd: Just might be something Cerberus would be interested in.

Lieutenant: So it's a race to the archives.

Shepherd: We got company.

James: Bring it on.

Shepherd: Not this time, James.

James: What?

Shepherd: Get back to the shuttle. If Cerberus beats us to the archives, I need you covering the exits.

James: But...

Shepherd: Now, Lieutenant.

Ashley: They're getting closer. We should take cover.

Liara: Looks like they found us. Not a problem for someone with biotics. You can't hide forever. We're going to need more than guns to finish them, Shepherd. You can't just shoot them.

Ashley: That's all of them.

Shepherd: Good. Let's find a way up.

Liara: They've sabotaged the elevator.

Ashley: Look for another way up. This is a secure station, how did Cerberus get in?

Liara: Not sure. One minute we were getting reports of the Reaper invasion, the next, there was chaos. Didn't even realize it was Cerberus at first.

Ashley: Could they be working with the Reapers.

Shepherd: Doubtful, but I suppose anything's possible.

Liara: Shepherd, take cover. We'll need access to the pad-way. Controls should be near by. Damn it! Security's been tampered with. Hm, that's odd. Shepherd, see if you can gain access to the pad-way. I can't seem to unlock the live feeds but...

Ashley: Hey, do you see that? Who's that woman in the vid?

Liara: That's doctor Eva Coré. She got here about a week ago. Any luck?

Shepherd: Pad-way's been locked out.

Liara: All right. Looks like there's construction near by. We can get out on the roof. We can find a way around from there.

Shepherd: Great! Let's move.

Ashley: The storm's getting closer. What the hell?

Shepherd: Looks like the alliance is still putting up a fight.

Liara: That tram heads to the archives. Once Cerberus is across they're at the final...

James: Commander, you read me?

Shepherd: Barely. Storm's causing interference.

James: Yeah, tell me about it. I've lost contact with the lower... Watch your position.

Shepherd: I didn't read that James. Repeat!

James: [inaudible 00:08:15]

Shepherd: Damn it!

Liara: That storm's going to be in here very soon.

Shepherd: Yeah, I think it's already here.

Liara: Good point. This airlock shouldn't be open.

Ashely: Doesn't look like it was forced.

Liara: No, you have to override security protocols. Someone fed to the air from this room while they were still here. Looks like they died trying to claw their way out. This is brutal, even by Cerberus standards. Flashlights.

Man 2: What's our order?

Man 1: There's an alliance force in here somewhere. We need to keep them away from the core. Check the next room.

Man 2: It's dark in there. Want me to shut the windows?

Man 1: No, not unless you want it to compress this room, too.

Man 2: I don't see anyone. Come on they're all lying there. Let's get them all.

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