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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 6 - Mars

Check out part 7 and explore Mars with Jane Shepard and find out why Cerberus is attacking in this walkthrough for Mass Effect 3.


Liara: The turret can't fire on us from here. Right away. Understood. Understood.

Ashley: Understood.

Woman: Set up a perimeter. No one else comes across.

Soldier: We still have teams on the other side.

Woman: No one, and shut down those cameras.

Liara: Looks like they've made it to the archives.

Ashley: And it looks like they won't be sending a tram any time soon.

Shepard: Can you override it?

Liara: The archives are on a separate network, we're completely locked out.

Ashley: Not completely. What if we could find a short range transmitter? Helmet to helmet.

Shepard: And?

Ashley: And then we convince them that we're with them, and the Alliance forces have been taken care of.

Shepard: Good idea. See what you can find. What?

Liara: The Lieutenant Commander has become very capable.

Shepard: Agreed.

Ashley: Commander, I found something.

Shepard: What have you got?

Ashley: He's got a transmitter in his helmet. If I can... Oh, oh God. He looks like a Husk.

Shepard: Yeah, not quite. They've definitely done something to him.

Ashley: They? You mean Cerberus? They did this to their own people? Can you see why I'm worried about you?

Shepard: Worry about the Reapers, the war. We need to focus if we're going to stop them.

Ashley: Yes, ma'am.

Shepard: Come on. Let's see if we can get them to send that tram over. Hello, this is Delta Team. Anybody there?

Soldier: Where the hell have you been? Never mind, what's your status?

Shepard: We're at the tram station, waiting for extraction. All hostiles terminated.

Soldier: Roger that, Echo Team will ride over and secure the station.

Ashley: Think they bought it?

Shepard: If they didn't, they'll figure it out soon enough.

Ashley: We should get in position. Flank them when they get off the tram.

Shepard: Good thinking, LC.

Ashley: Understood.

Liara: Got it.

Ashley: Okay.

Liara: Here they come. Got it.

Ashley: Got it.

Liara: Understood. I'm on it. Got it. Understood. I'm on it. Got it. Understood.

Ashley: I'm on it.

Shepard: Storm's getting bad, we better wrap this up quickly.

Liara: The Archives are right on the other side.

Ashley: That and a squad of pissed off Cerberus troops. They put up a good fight.

Liara: Yes, it confirms my assertions about the value of the data stored here.

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