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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 8 - The Citadel

Check out part 9 and convince The Council on The Citadel to help fight the Reapers with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough for Mass Effect 3.


Liara: Ashley needs medical attention. We have to leave the Sol system.

Shepard: I know.

Liara: The Citadel is our best chance. We can find help there.

Shepard: Get us to the Citadel, Joker.

Joker: Roger that.

Shepard: Hold on, Ash. See what you and EDI can learn from that thing.

Eddie: Commander, I'm receiving a signal over the secondary QEC. I believe it's Admiral Hackett.

Shepard: Patch me through.

Eddie: I'll forward it to the com room.

Admiral Hackett: Shepard, are you reading me? Commander?

Shepard: EDI, can you clear this up?

EDI: I'll do my best.

Admiral Hackett: Did you get to the archives?

Shepard: I was there. So was the Illusive Man.

Admiral Hackett: I was worried Cerberus might try something. Did you get the data?

Shepard: Most of it. It downloaded some before I could stop him. EDI and Liara are analyzing what we recovered.

Admiral Hackett: What have you learned? Was it worth the effort?

Liara: Preliminary evidence suggests the data is a blueprint for a Prothean device.

Admiral Hackett: Device?

Liara: A weapon massive in size and scope that's capable of unquantifiable levels of destruction.

Admiral Hackett: Send me the data. We'll do our own analysis. If Liara's instincts are right, this might be the key to stopping the Reapers.

Shepard: I hope so. Lieutenant Commander Williams was critically wounded. We're taking her to the Citadel.

Admiral Hackett: Sorry to hear that, Shepard, but we both know this is just the beginning. Talk to the Council. Show them what you found. With luck, they'll give you all the support we need.

Shepard: And if they don't?

Admiral Hackett: Do whatever it takes to get them on board. I'll be in touch soon. Hackett out.

Liara: Commander, EDI is extracting data from the Cerberus machine. We'll have details to present to the Council by the time we reach the Citadel.

Shepard: And Lieutenant Commander Williams?

Liara: I've done what I can for her. She needs proper medical attention soon. The Admiral's right. It's going to get worse, isn't it?

Shepard: Unless we stop the Reapers, yeah.

Liara: I've looked at the data. This weapon could be the answer if we can build it. I get the sense you don't quite believe it though.

Shepard: I'm a soldier. I should be back on Earth fighting, not wasting my time with this.

Liara: If it's going to work, we need you. Commander, isn't it worth trying at least?

Shepard: I'm going to check on Ashley and James. Make sure we're ready to present our findings to the Council.

Liara: I'm sure the Council will see the need to help.

Shepard: It'll be a hell of a short war if they don't.

Man 1: Barely got a pulse here.

Man 2: Move them out.

Shepard: Where are you taking her?

Man 3: Huerta Memorial, best care in the Citadel.

Vega: We're not going with?

Liara: We need to see the Council.

Vega: Right. Looks like they might be coming to see you.

Bailey: Commander Shepard, got word you were arriving.

Shepard: Captain Bailey, good to see you again.

Bailey: Yeah, you too, though it's Commander now.

Shepard: Congratulations.

Bailey: Uh, thanks. Now half my job is dealing with political bullshit and escorting dignitaries around. No offense.

Shepard: None taken. So you're here to bring us to the Council?

Bailey: I'm here to tell you the Council is expecting you, but they are dealing with their own problems with war and everything. They apologize for the inconvenience and blah, blah, blah, blah. Meet them here at Adena's office. They'll be ready soon enough.

Shepard: All right.

Bailey: You might have time to go by the medical center if you want to check on progress over there.

Shepard: Meeting with the Council is our top priority.

Liara: I'll head up to Adena's office now. Meet you there.

Bailey: One of my men can show you the way. You?

Vega: I'm just a tourist today. I'll try not to get in any trouble.

Man 4: Commander, we've got a situation in the embassy quarters. We could use your help.

Bailey: I'll be right there. The other half of my job. I'll see you around, Shepard.

Shepard: No doubt.

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