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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 9 - The Council

Check out part 10 and convince The Council on The Citadel to help fight the Reapers with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough for Mass Effect 3.


Diana: But you're on the Normandy, right?

Shepard: What's going on here?

Diana: Commander, just who I was looking for. Diana Allers, Alliance News Network. I think we can help each other.

Shepard: I suppose you want an interview?

Diana: Even better. I'm a military reporter with a show called Battle Space. We're carried on just about all counsel planets. My producers want me embedded on a human ship and I want that ship to be the Normandy.

Shepard: Why would I want that?

Diana: Wars can be won or lost in the editing room, and this war needs to be won. I've got Alliance security clearance and operate without a crew. You get veto power over the segments I file. Can you handle an arrangement like that? Or do I keep looking?

Shepard: You're a reporter. I command a stealth ship. The two don't mix.

Diana: Well, I guess you'll have to win support on your own then.

Avina: Hello, Commander Shepard. Welcome to the Citadel.

Shepard: Do I know you?

Avina: I am Avina. A fully interactive virtual intelligence.

Shepard: You're a VI?

Avina: Yes. I provide guidance at predetermined locations of interest throughout the Citadel. This is docking bay D24. Note that due to recent events, official identification and weapons permits may be requested by Sirta personnel for routine verification.

Shepard: What's with the heightened security?

Avina: New screening fields have been added in order to speed up processing at the security stations in each docking area. Citadel security screening technology uses highly advanced biometric authentication systems developed by the Sirta Foundation. Please note that any attempt to circumvent Citadel security measures will result in immediate incarceration.

Shepard: That's all.

Avina: Please speak with me again if you require further assistance.

Elevator: Welcome, Commander Shepard. Please select a destination. One moment, please.

Man 1: There is no anti-humanity conspiracy here, Ms. Algelanny. The counsel's simply not granting interviews at this time.

Ms. Algelanny: My viewers are going to know that [inaudible 00:03:37] and the counsel are denying them access.

Man 1: Listen lady, you think I like playing gate keeper between the paparazzi and the politicians? I don't have time to babysit them and I'm not here to hold your hand.

Ms. Algelanny: Well, I'm camping out until I'm granted an audience.

Man 1: Fine. I hope you brought a sleeping bag.

Ms. Algelanny: Commander Shepard? Commander, Humanity has questions.

Man 1: Damn press.

Shepard: See you're keeping the peace.

Man 1: Yeah, I feel like a glorified doorman.

Shepard: Most people would see it as a move up.

Man 1: Wedged in here with all the stuffed shirts? I'd rather be back down on the streets. I appreciate the higher pay grade but I'm not a political creature.

Shepard: If you didn't want to be upped, why'd you accept?

Man 1: You don't say no to Councilor Udina. Well, maybe you would but I gotta live here. I know squeaky wheel gets the oil but I didn't lobby for a promotion like some other officers. I'm not even sure why he picked me. Never know with politicians. I hate political BS.

Shepard: Politicians are the weeds of the galaxy.

Man 1: If that was a bumper sticker, I'd stick it right here on my desk. It's killing me about Earth.

Shepard: You and me both.

Man 1: I haven't been back in years. Now I may never. If this ain't the end of days, it's pretty damn close.

Liara: Commander. Councilor Udina said you'd be coming. If you'll follow, me the council is already in session.

Man 2: Councilor, the Reaper's are in our space as well. Earth is no more or less important than any council home world.

Udina: But Earth was the first council world hit. By our reports, it faces the brunt of the attack.

Woman 2: How do you know this is the brunt? New reaper fronts are opening up everywhere.

Shepard: The reports are accurate. Earth was attacked. A full scale invasion and it's just the beginning. We need your help, everything you can spare.

Woman 3: Earth may be suffering but our worlds are falling too. The Turians have lost [inaudible 00:06:06].

Udina: We must fight this enemy together!

Man 2: And what if that's not enough this time?

Woman 3: The reports are dire, if we throw everything we have at the Reapers on Earth and lose, what then?

Shepard: I don't expect you to follow me without a plan.

Woman 1: Councilors, we have that plan. A blueprint created by the Prothians during their war with the Reapers.

Woman 2: Prothian? What is it exactly?

Liara: We're still piecing it together, but it appears to be a weapon of some sort.

Woman 2: And this is capable of destroying the Reapers?

Liara: So it would seem.

Woman 3: It's immense and intricate.

Woman 2: This is a fools errand. The Prothians were wiped out by the Reapers. Clearly the weapon is flawed.

Liara: It was incomplete, there was a missing component here. Something referred to only as the catalyst. But they ran out of time before they could finish building it.

Man 1: Do you believe in this, Shepard? After what you've seen of the Reapers?

Shepard: It sure as hell beats standing around and arguing about it and Udina's right, we need to stand together now more than ever. The Reapers won't stop at Earth, they'll destroy every organic being in the galaxy if we don't find a way to stop them.

Woman 2: The council cannot give Earth the military support it needs. Our own planets must come first.

Woman 3: The Salarian union is convening a summit amongst our species. If we can secure our own borders, we may be able to aid you.

Woman 2: Our fleets are also engaged. Honesty is all I can offer, Commander. I will not make a promise of rescue that I cannot keep.

Udina: Shepard. Meet me in my office.

Liara: I hope that's an offer of support. I'll be digging up what I can on this Prothian device, Shepard.

Udina: They're a bunch of self concerned jack asses, Shepard. We may have a spot on the council, but humanity will always be considered second rate.

Shepard: How can they be so blind?

Man 3: Commander, I can't give you what you're asking for but I can tell you how to get it.

Shepard: I'm listening.

Man 3: [inaudible 00:08:28] is the one they call the war summit. He's your kind of man. Open to extreme solutions. Trouble is he didn't get out of [inaudible 00:08:40] when the Reapers attacked. We don't know if he's alive. He's essential to the summit. If the Normandy could extract him without being detected.

Shepard: The Reapers are tearing us apart and you want to make a deal?

Man 3: I'm trying to help you, Commander. The summit leaders set our war strategy and this council is beholden to their decision. Save the [inaudible 00:09:00] gain an ally, one with the power to grant you what you're looking for.

Shepard: While the Reapers ravage Earth.

Man 3: Your councilor was right. We need to work together. This is the best way to get that. Our intel says [inaudible 09:19:00] is on [inaudible 00:09:21] largest moon. Get in and out undetected and he'll take care of the rest. Good luck Commander. You're gonna need it. There is one other thing. The council has agreed to reinstate your spectre status, and there are certain resources that will be made available to you. Good luck.

Shepard: Well, that went well.

Udina: It's a start. I'll talk to the others in the meantime, see if we can support this summit. Move things along.

Shepard: Thanks.

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