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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 11 - Normandy

Convince The Council on The Citadel to help fight the Reapers with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough for Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Commander Shepard: Liara, can I help you?

Liara: I've been forwarding the Turian Councilor information on the Prothean device. It can't be built without Council support. But he's not budging until their Primarch is safe.

Commander Shepard: I know.

Liara: Are you all right?

Commander Shepard: Just shaking off some sleep.

Samantha: Commander Shepard, I'm Specialist. . .Oh I beg your pardon, I thought you were alone.

Liara: I was just leaving.

Samantha: Commander Shepard, I'm Comm Specialist Samantha Traynor with Alliance R&D. I was part of the team retrofitting the Normandy after you turned it over to the Alliance. There weren't many of us aboard when the reapers hit.

Commander Shepard: I need the Normandy functional. What exactly have you done to my ship?

Samantha: We upgraded communications and removed most of the Cerberus tech, Commander.

Commander Shepard: Meaning?

Samantha: The ship's in line with Alliance regs now and it has new top of the line, quantum entanglement communicators. In fact, Admiral Anderson had intended to use the Normandy as his mobile command center.

Commander Shepard: That's no longer an option.

Samantha: Yes, I heard he chose to stay and fight. In any event, I'm honored to serve under you, Commander. For as long as you need me, that is. They only sent me here to oversee the retrofits.

EDI: Shepard, some of our systems require further testing and Specialist Traynor has been extremely effective during installation. I would prefer that she remain.

Commander Shepard: Got it, EDI.

Samantha: Wait. Since when does a Virtual Intelligence make requests.

Commander Shepard: EDI's an AI, fully self-aware.

Samantha: Oh, I knew it, I knew Joker was lying.

EDI: Jeff requested that I pretend to be a simple VI to protect myself. I apologize for the deception.

Samantha: Thanks EDI and I apologize for all those times I talked about how, attractive, your voice was. Anyway, shall I give you a tour? I think you'll be impressed by the new upgrades. In the CIC, you'll find the galaxy map where you can set the Normandy's destination. You can also check your messages at your private terminal. The War Room has a strategic command center for mission-specific intel and war analysis. The shuttle bay contains an armory where you can modify your equipment between missions. Finally, Liara has set up a lot of hardware down in the old XO office on deck 3. I think she's claimed that room. And there you are, still the same ship as before it just flies Alliance colors now. Speaking of which, I believe Admiral Hackett would like to speak to you at the VidCom.

Admiral Hackett: Commander, Kaidan updated me on your meeting with the Council. Sounds like they're running scared.

Commander Shepard: The Council's been a pain in my ass from day one. I'm done with them.

Admiral Hackett: Then what's your plan?

Commander Shepard: I'm trying to get the Turian Primarch for a summit meeting with the Asari and Salarians. I'll bypass the Council and appeal directly to their leadership.

Admiral Hackett: That's good, I like it. This is where we start laying the groundwork for our counterattack.

Commander Shepard: Unfortunately, we don't have a whole lot to back it up right now.

Admiral Hackett: Then build alliances, gather everything and everybody you can, for the cause.

Commander Shepard: What about the Prothean device?

Admiral Hackett: Find me people who can help build it. And if you can't, I'll take ships, soldiers, supplies, whatever you can get. We need to keep hitting the reapers across every theater of war they open. Buy us time to figure out the device.

Commander Shepard: And when it's finished?

Admiral Hackett: Assuming it ever is, we pool all our resources. Think of it is a giant armada for delivering the device. When the reapers are most vulnerable, the stronger you can make that armada, the better the chances of punching through.

Commander Shepard: You can count on it, sir.

Admiral Hackett: It's not just me. It's everyone back on Earth. Anderson and what's left of the Alliance forces have to hold out, until we deal with the enemy.

Commander Shepard: I understand, Admiral.

Admiral Hackett: Good. Then make it happen, Commander. I'll be expecting regular updates on your progress. Hackett out.

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