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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 12 - Normandy Crew

Check out part 13 and meet the new crew of the Normandy SR2 with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough for Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Sarah: I can't believe the council won't help.

Commander Shepard: Come on, Sarah. If Thesdia was lost and Earth hadn't been touched yet, you can be damn sure we would be guarding our own borders.

Woman 1: Commander, the Alliance has found a new Cerberus lab on Sanctum. Admiral Hackett would like you to investigate.

Specialist: Commander. Come to check on your new recruit?

Commander Shepard: Just wanted to see how you are doing.

Specialist: Still trying to get my bearings. When I was working on the Normandy's upgrades, I left at the end of the day. I didn't even have a toothbrush or a change of clothing until I made some emergency purchases on the Citadel.

Commander Shepard: We're in the middle of a war, Specialist. We've got bigger problems than finding a toothbrush.

Specialist: Understood, Commander. And to be clear, I'm happy to be here. If I can help with the Comm system and get you the intel you need to win this war, I'll have done more than I ever did in the lab. Was there anything else?

Commander Shepard: How'd you end up in the military anyway?

Specialist: My family didn't have money for University. When the Alliance saw my aptitude scores, they offered me a full scholarship. I served my required years after graduation and decided to stay. I really like the challenges of the lab, although I'm sure I'll grow to love front line service as well.

Commander Shepard: You worked in Alliance R&D?

Specialist: Yes. You would think quantum and time movement would make communication easy but imagine incorporating multiple incoming sources and then networking them with extrapolations of time lag data to construct a coherent situation GUI. It's an exciting challenge, for me anyway.

Commander Shepard: I'm surprised you're worrying about a toothbrush. We've got bigger problems right now.

Specialist: Oh believe me, seeing the reapers on Earth was terrifying. But I won't help anybody by bursting into tears here in the CIC, will I? Being here on the Normandy helps. If anyone in the galaxy can stop the reapers, it's you. And if flagging your messages and managing your strategic intel helps in any way, then it's worth it.

Commander: Where are you from originally?

Specialist: A colony in the Terminus Systems actually, though I studied on Earth at Oxford. My parents were from London. They loved Earth but they wanted the freedom a colony life could offer, even if that freedom has its share of danger. If I recall correctly, you grew up on Mendwar.

Commander Shepard: Given what happened to Earth, I don't think we can count on anywhere being safe right now.

Specialist: Quite true, Commander.

Commander Shepard: Carry on, Specialist.

Man 1: Hey Commander, you know, I had my doubts about the council but after years of ignoring your warnings, they're finally willing to step up and tell you they just can't help.

Commander Shepard: They've spent years denying the threat. You think they'd be prepared now?

Man 1: I was kind of hoping that maybe they were planning in secret and just not telling you about it because, you know, Cerberus. Well, let me know if you want me to get them on the channel and then hang up on them. You know, for old time sake.

Doctor: Commander.

Commander Shepard: Everything okay down here, Doctor?

Doctor: The Alliance team cleaned up and restocked but it's still my old Med Bay. Feels like home.

Commander Shepard: Welcome back.

Doctor: Thank you. Let's waste no time. If I may, I'd like to examine you.

Commander Shepard: Nothing wrong with me, is there?

Doctor: No, but we should keep an eye on all those cybernetic implants Cerberus grafted into you.

Commander Shepard: Expensive stuff, bringing me back.

Doctor: And worth every penny. Let's just make sure everything is okay.

Commander Shepard: Have I ever told you I don't like doctors?

Doctor: Don't be such a grouch. I'm just going to run some diagnostics on your implants and it will take a few readings. Your system is still detecting the implants as foreign bodies. There's no health risk but your scars are having trouble healing. I recommend reducing stress levels. Be compassionate.

Commander Shepard: I'm giving everything I've got, Doc.

Doctor: I'm just saying, a little more optimism and a little less realism could help, Commander. Anyway, it's just a cosmetic issue. Nothing to worry about. That's it. You're the picture of health.

Commander Shepard: Do you ever regret working for Cerberus?

Doctor: We didn't work for them. We used them. If I were to feel anything, it would be guilt. We took their money, took their best people, took their best ship. We used them to defeat the Collectors and now we are using their resources against them. So no, I don't regret it one bit.

Commander Shepard: How's your inventory of meds?

Doctor: The Med Bay was fully stocked before you left Earth. We should be good for a long time, even given the amount of fire you take each day.

Commander Shepard: You never mentioned any of your family.

Doctor: None to speak of, really. I am the last of a prestigious line of medical professionals. The Alliance is my spouse and you are all my children. I'm blessed with many close friends, but with each Alliance vessel taken, I lose one or two. We need to end this war.

Commander Shepard: I'll see you around, Doctor.

Doctor: Take care, Shepard.

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