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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 13 - Normandy Crew

Check out part 14 and meet the new crew of the Normandy SR2 with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough for Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Glyph: Greetings, Commander Shepard.

Shepard: What are you?

Glyph: I'm Glyph, a VI assistant to Dr. T'Soni. I help her sort and catalog collected data. She's asked me to draw your attention to a terminal connected to her information network. It analyzes information packages. If you find any useful data, I can research upgrades for you.

Shepard: And what should I be looking for?

Glyph: I'll inform you if you found relevant data. When you do, return to this terminal for your choices. In the meantime, Dr. T'Soni would like to speak with you. Have a pleasant day.

Shepard: Liara? What is all this stuff?

Dr. T'Soni: After you left for earth, I had the chance to track down the information trader who'd kidnapped my friend. It wasn't easy, but I found the shadow broker and took over his information network.

Shepard: You're running that from the Normandy?

Dr. T'Soni: What I can. Not all of the old brokers networks remained intact, but I have agents. They helped dig up the information I needed on the Prothean cash on Mars. For now, I'm researching this Prothean device. It's too dangerous to activate until we understand it.

Shepard: Do you think Protheans actually completed the crucible?

Dr. T'Soni: You mean will it work? They wouldn't of poured their last resources into this device if they thought otherwise. But we really need to find out just what kind of weapon they left us.

Shepard: We can figure out what it does later. Our priority is getting it built.

Dr. T'Soni: Just give me some warning before you flip the switch. People were finally starting to listen before the reapers came. If we had a little more time maybe earth wouldn't ... I'm sorry. I understand if you don't want to talk about it.

Shepard: There's still a lot of people alive down there. I have to remember that .

Dr. T'Soni: You will. It's the war we warned everyone about for years and if I know you, Shepard, you'll make them proud. Hello again, Shepard.

Shepard: How much do you know about this Prothean artifact?

Dr. T'Soni: Very little. We're fortunate enough data survived to piece together the blueprints. Decoding them will require as many specialists as we can find.

Shepard: It's that high tech?

Dr. T'Soni: I'd of killed for a glimpse of it during graduate school.

Shepard: So, is that drone your new secretary?

Dr. T'Soni: Glyph is a VI shell that indexes my search functions on the data feeds. I couldn't work without it. Although, I'm lucky EDI let Gliff onboard, after it tried to re-write her scheduled tasks.

Glyph: I was merely attempting to standardize the ships automated systems to our own, Dr. T'Soni.

Dr. T'Soni: Yes, that's precisely why you're confined to the cabin.

Shepard: How did you take out the old shadow broker?

Dr. T'Soni: It cost me. I had to hire dozens of mercenaries, just to storm his lair.

Shepard: You really wanted him dead, huh?

Dr. T'Soni: The broker captured a friend. I swore I'd get him back.

Shepard: And?

Dr. T'Soni: I was too late to save him.

Shepard: What happened when you became the broker?

Dr. T'Soni: I made what use of the network I could, but my main base of operations was scuttled when Cerberus attacked. I saved whatever crucial hardware I could, but I'd rather not talk about it. The important thing is that I still have data feeds and agents. Although, the wars taken a toll on the latter.

Shepard: What have you been up to since we last saw each other?

Dr. T'Soni: After the time I saw you on Ilium? Well, apart from becoming the broker, I spent my time looking for any defense against the Reapers. The only substantial records were the Protheans. I knew the Illusive Man was hunting for the same thing when our agents began crossing paths.

Shepard: Like on Mars.

Dr. T'Soni: I thought I'd covered my tracks but he had surveillance there all along.

Shepard: We'll talk later, Liara.

Dr. T'Soni: Of course.

Glyph: A new notification is available on the private messages terminal. This terminal contains non-essential correspondence from your allied forces. Dr. T'Soni has granted you access.

Lieutenant Adams: Commander, welcome back to the Normandy. Or maybe you should be saying that to me.

Shepard: Engineer Adams, what are you doing here?

Lieutenant Adams: I was put in charge of the drive core retrofits. My experience on the Normandy SR-1 made me an obvious choice.

Shepard: So, what do you think of our SR-2?

Lieutenant Adams: She's incredible. If there's one nice thing I can say about Cerberus is that they know how to build a ship. And about that, Cerberus I mean, I owe you an apology.

Shepard: How so?

Lieutenant Adams: Back when you got this ship Dr. Chakwas contacted me, asking me to help with your mission against the collectors. I refused. I didn't have your back and I'm sorry for that.

Shepard: Why didn't you join us?

Lieutenant Adams: I saw what happened to you when the Normandy went down. I didn't trust that it was really you and I certainly didn't trust Cerberus. Also as an officer of the Alliance, I don't just leave my post. You know?

Shepard: You can make up for it on this tour of duty.

Lieutenant Adams: Yes, ma'am.

Shepard: What do you think of EDI?

Lieutenant Adams: We had a good talk during the retrofit. A little strange at first talking shop with an AI.

Shepard: AI? I thought EDI posed as a VI to keep the likes of you from unplugging her?

Lieutenant Adams: Yeah, but I saw through her. Have you seen her hardware? Processing power is off the charts. And then there were the problems that kept fixing themselves. If I hadn't had her pegged I would of sworn I was losing it.

EDI: You never expressed any skepticism, Lieutenant Adams.

Lieutenant Adams: I figured I better play it safe with the Cerberus AI EDI. No offense.

EDI: None taken. As long as you keep your fingers out of my cognizance processors.

Lieutenant Adams: In the beginning, I tried disconnecting her from key processes without giving myself away. Easier said than done. But Joker seemed to trust her. And in time, I saw her advantages. Even grew to like her.

Shepard: Does the new Normandy stack up to the old SR1?

Lieutenant Adams: Stack up? It blows the old ship away. The Tantalus drive core has been completely overhauled. The SR2 might be nearly twice the size, but the new drive core is three times bigger. This ship can fly! That's it. Cerberus isn't too high on safety. If pushed past her limits, this core would vent into engineering. Guess it gives my team incentive to keep her well balanced during a fire fight.

Shepard: Do your job or get vaporized.

Lieutenant Adams: Pretty much. The IES stealth system is significantly improved. It can handle a higher blue shift of our emissions.

Shepard: And that means?

Lieutenant Adams: We should be able to drop out of FTL without triggering every sensor in range. Very handy for stealth reconnaissance. All in all, the Normandy is a marvel of engineering.

Shepard: Is your family okay?

Lieutenant Adams: My parents are serving on Veridian Zenith, the Alliance agricultural vessel. My sister is a navigator on the SSV Benjamin Davis. Happy to report that both vessels are safely under Hackett's command.

Shepard: Carry on, Adams.

Adams: Aye aye, ma'am.

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