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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 14 - Normandy Crew

Meet the new crew of the Normandy SR2 with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough for Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Lieutenant Cortez: Lieutenant Steve Cortez shuttle pilot. Got news about our supply chains Commander.

Commander Shepard: Good work Lieutenant. What've you got?

Lieutenant Vega: Yo, straight to business without even a hello. You two need to chill out.

Lieutenant Cortez: So you do care Mr. Vega, or is that the cerveza talking again?

Shepard: So what's happening with our supply chains Lieutenant?

Lieutenant Cortez: Alliance procurement chains are in chaos, but the Citadel's economy is still running. I can network to Citadel retailers. You can view inventory and make purchases right from this console.

Commander Shepard: When I network to a new store I'll let you know.

Lieutenant Cortez: It does cost more to coordinate delivery to the Normandy, so it's cheaper to buy supplies when you're there.

Commander Shepard: So you're my shuttle pilot but you're setting up procurement chains?

Lieutenant Cortez: I wasn't assigned as Normandy's pilot, not much need for one on a dry docked ship. I was overseeing the retro fit of the cargo hold. I'm quite familiar with the operation and maintenance of the UT47 Kodiak and the M44 Hammerhead. In my experience, it made sense for me to take over as shuttle pilot when we left Earth. Especially given Mr. Vega's love of mid air collisions.

Lieutenant Vega: To save the day, pendejo.

Lieutenant Cortez: I'm also responsible for logistics, making sure the armory and shuttle are properly stocked and maintained.

Commander Shepard: How long have you been with the Alliance?

Lieutenant Cortez: About 10 years. I enlisted in First Fleet serving on the SSV Hawking flying F61 Tridents mostly. I love the Trident, practically dances in low atmo. I spent as much time tinkering on my bird as flying her. Get a bit of a reputation.

Shepard: So you can fly fighters and fix them?

Lieutenant Cortez: Yeah and I got a knack for procurement too. They recruited me for CAG but my skill set made me more valuable commanding a flight deck. They assigned me to the Normandy retro fit team about five months ago to oversee all cargo bay modifications.

Commander Shepard: What happened to the M44 Hammerhead?

Lieutenant Cortez: It was sent to the tech labs for a retro fit. To afford mobility with such a small eezo core, its design sacrificed armor plating. The lab engineers are trying to improve that. After the Reaper invasion those labs are probably just a pile of rubble.

Commander Shepard: The Kodiak seems a bit different.

Lieutenant Cortez: Good eyes, Commander. This the UT47A Kodiak. It's got an upgraded eezo core and prototype stealth technology based on the Normandy design. For quick drops, I can get you in and out virtually undetected. She flies like a brick, so that's why you need a good pilot.

Commander Shepard: You were stationed on Earth. Do you have family there?

Lieutenant Cortez: I'm an only child. Lost my parents years ago. I had a husband back when I was stationed at Ferris Fields. The Collectors took out the whole colony. I'd rather not talk about it.

Commander Shepard: Do you maintain this armory?

Lieutenant Cortez: I share that duty with our illustrious Mr. Vega. Though I believe the only weapon he really cares to maintain is himself.

Lieutenant Vega: You know you love the show, Esteban.

Lieutenant Cortez: The first retro fit we did was to move the armory down from deck two. I'm not sure what Cerberus engineers were thinking. Now you get off the elevator, pick your gear, and head right into the shuttle.

Commander Shepard: Just like the original Normandy.

Lieutenant Cortez: Welcome back to the Alliance, Commander.

Commander Shepard: Keep up the good work.

Lieutenant Cortez: Yes, Commander.

Lieutenant Vega: Hey, Shepard. How'd it go with the Council?

Commander Shepard: Same as usual. Noncommittal. Unhelpful.

Lieutenant Vega: Bet they still wanted you to help them out, no?

Commander Shepard: Yep. We're gonna rescue a Turian Primarch from Palaven.

Lieutenant Vega: Sounds like fun. Never been to the Turian home world. You come down here for something or you just looking?

Commander Shepard: It's my ship. I go where I want and talk to whoever I want.

Lieutenant Vega: Fair enough. I'm not sure what there is to talk about. You already know my service record.

Commander Shepard: I don't actually. I didn't have access to personnel records when we met.

Lieutenant Vega: Right. Forgot about that. Well, think you can dance and talk at the same time?

Commander Shepard: Yes I can, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Vega: You pulling rank on me boss? We're just soldiers down here, no?

Commander Shepard: Sure. But this soldier will clean the floor with you if you step out of line.

Lieutenant Vega: Ha. You sound like my old CO.

Commander Shepard: Oh yeah? And who was that?

Lieutenant Vega: Captain Toni. He was a hard ass son of a bitch but a good leader.

Commander Shepard: Was?

Lieutenant Vega: Died with most of my squad. Protecting a civilian colony from a Collector attack.

Commander Shepard: And the colony?

Lieutenant Vega: It was either them or the intel we had on the Collectors. Intel we could have used to destroy them. I chose the intel.

Commander Shepard: Tough choice but it was the right call.

Lieutenant Vega: You think so?

Commander Shepard: I would have done the same.

Lieutenant Vega: That's what's funny. You were doing the same thing. You took out the Collectors. We never needed that intel.

Commander Shepard: You didn't know. You can't blame yourself Vega.

Lieutenant Vega: Who says I'm blaming myself?

Commander Shepard: I do.

Lieutenant Vega: You a shrink too?

Commander Shepard: No, but that stunt back on Mars was reckless. You're lucky to be alive.

Lieutenant Vega: So?

Commander Shepard: So maybe you don't care if you live or die.

Lieutenant Vega. Or maybe I'm just willing to do whatever the fuck it takes to end this god damned war.

Commander Shepard: Good to hear it. But you sacrifice yourself or my ship needlessly, that's unacceptable.

Lieutenant Vega: Thanks for the pep talk.

Commander Shepard: Anytime.

Lieutenant Vega: Hey, thanks for the dance. Lola.

Commander Shepard: No nicknames, Lieutenant. Okay?

Lieutenant Vega: Your ship, your rules, your loss. Commander.

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