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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 15 - Menae

Check out part 16 and head to Palaven's moon, Menae and get the Turian Primarch with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough for Mass Effect 3.


Woman 1: Oh, no! No! Palavin!

Commander: We have an old friend there.

James: Holy hell. They're getting decimated.

Commander: Strongest military in the galaxy and the Reapers are obliterating it.

Woman 1: Was it like this on Earth?

Commander: Yes.

Woman 1: Shepherd, I'm so sorry.

Commander: Yeah.

James: Commander, the LZ is getting swarmed.

Commander: James, open that hatch.

Commander: All right. Get in, get out.

Woman 1: Soldier, which way to your commanding officer?

Man 2: Straight ahead and around the corner, past the first barricade.

Man 3: Hold your fire, friendly inbound.

General Corinthis: Tibestic, get your men up on that north barricade.

Tibestic: Yes, sir.

General Corinthis: Sargent Bartis, find a way to get that com tower operational.

Bartis: Sir.

Commander: General.

General Corinthis: Commander Shepherd, heard you were coming but I didn't believe it. General Corinthis.

Commander: I've come to get Prime Mark Fedorian.

General Corinthis: Prime Mark Fedorian is dead. His shuttle was shot down an hour ago as it tried to leave the moon.

Commander: That is going to complicate things. How bad is it, General?

General Corinthis: We just lost about 400 men in half an hour. We set up camps on this moon as an advance position to flank the enemy, a sound strategy. Just...

Commander: Irrelevant.

General Corinthis: Exactly. The sheer force of the Reapers seems make them immune to that sort of tactic. The Prime Mark and his men found that out the hard way.

Commander: I'm sorry. It's a big loss for everyone. Reaper bastards. So, what happens now?

Woman 1: The Turian hierarchy provides very clear lines of succession.

Commander: Right, General Corinthis.

General Corinthis: With such heavy causalities, it's hard for me to be certain who the next Prime Mark is. Pavalin command will know. However, at the moment, contacting them is impossible. The com tower is out. Husks are swarming that area. We can't get close enough to repair it.

Commander: Well, I'm not leaving this moon until I know where the Prime Mark is. I'll fix your tower.

General Corinthis: Thank you, Commander. I'll take care of things on this end.

Commander: Alright, let's go.

Woman 1: I see the com tower, to the left of the main barricade in front a Palavin.

Man 6: Let's go!

Man 7: Forces at the tower overwhelmed us. Good luck.

Woman 1: As you wish.

Commander: We can't repair it from this panel. James, you're up for tower repair.

James: On it. Might take me awhile but I'll do my best.

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