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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 16 - Menae

Check out part 17 and head to Palaven's moon, Menae and get the Turian Primarch with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough for Mass Effect 3.


Shepard: We can't repair it from this panel. James, you're up for tower repair.

James: On it. Might take me awhile, but I'll do my best.

Liara: Here they come.

Shepard: Ready, Liara?

Liara: You bet. Let's take these monsters. I'm on it.

James: Got it done, Commander. On my way down.

Liara: I'm on it.

Shepard: General, do you read? The com tower is now operational.

General: Much appreciated, Commander. I'll contact Palavin command.

Shepard: Let me know when you've got something. I'll help your men, until I hear from you.

General: Understood.

Shepard: Shepard, out.

Liara: Understood.

General: Commander Shepard, come in.

Shepard: Go ahead.

General: I have information from Palavin command. Please return ASAP.

Shepard: On our way. What have you got?

General: As your partner said, succession is usually simple. But right now, the hierarchy's in chaos. So many dead, or MIA.

Shepard: I need someone. I don't care who, as long as they can get us the Turian resources we need.

Garris: I'm on it, Shepard. We'll find you the Primark.

Shepard: Garris!

General: Vicarian, sir! I didn't see you arrive.

Garris: At ease, General.

Shepard: Good to see you again! I thought you'd be on Palavin.

Garris: If we lose this moon, we lose Palavin. I'm the closest damn thing we've got to an expert on Reaper forces. So, I'm...advising.

Shepard: James, this is Garris Vicarian. He helped me stop the Collectors. He's a hell of a soldier.

Garris: Lieutenant. Good to see you, too, Liara.

Liara: Good to see you in once piece, Garris.

Garris: General Corenthis filled me in. We know who we're after.

General: Palavin command tells me that the next Primark is General Adrian Victus.

Liara: Victus? His name's crossed my desk.

Shepard: Know him, Garris?

Garris: I was fighting alongside him this morning. Lifelong military, gets results, popular with his troops. Not so popular with military command. Has a reputation for playing loose with accepted strategy.

Shepard: What do you mean?

Liara: On Tatris, during the uprisings, his squad discovered Solarian spy ring around the same time the Turian separatists did. Rathen than neutralize the ring, he fell back. He even gave up valuable fortifications, which the rebels took.

Garris: Then, the rebels attacked the Solarians. And when both groups had worn each other down, Victus moved back in. Didn't lose a man.

General: Bold strategy, but wild behavior doesn't get you advanced up the meritocracy.

Garris: Primark Victus, that should be something to see.

Shepard: Unconventional thinking might be the only way to save Palavin. And Earth.

Garris: He'll do whatever it takes. Reminds me of an old human SPECTRE I knew.

Shepard: Okay, let's get him on the shuttle and get out of here.

Joker: Commander, Shepard; come in!

Shepard: Can this wait, Joker? We're in the middle of a war zone.

Joker: We've got a situation on the Normandy, Commander. It's like she's possessed. Shutting down systems, powering up weapons; I can't find the source.

Shepard: I need the Normandy standing by. We may have to bug out.

Liara: Should I go back and take a look?

Shepard: Do it. Garris, you said you were with Victus this morning?

Garris: Yeah, but we got separated. He went to bolster a flank that was breaking, could be anywhere out there.

General: We're trying to raise him, Commander.

James: Incoming Harvester, headed for the airfield.

Shepard: General, tell Primark Victus we'll rendezvous here. In the meantime, let's go take care of whatever that thing dropped off. Coming, Garris?

Garris: Are you kidding? I'm right behind you.

Shepard: James, that you breathing so hard?

James: Atmosphere's a little thinner than I'm used to, is all. Adrenaline's better than oxygen, any day. Is it just me, or do those Reapers look like Turians?

Shepard: You're right, they do.

James: [inaudible 00:08:01]. I'm on it. Understood. Will do. I think we're done here. Uh huh. Understood.

General: Shepard, come in.

Shepard: Go ahead.

General: Still trying to raise the Primark. But we've got trouble, back here at the main barricade. If the Reapers breach it, we're done.

Shepard: On my way.

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