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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 17 - Menae

Check out part 18 and head to Palaven's moon, Menae and get the Turian Primarch with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough for Mass Effect 3.


Man 1: Still trying to raise the primarch but we've got trouble back here at the main barricade. If the reapers breach it, we're done.

Shepard: On my way.

Man 2: We're picking them off. [inaudible 00:00:43]. Wahoo!

Man 1: Get off the barricade.

Man 2: Okay, come on.

Garrus: Heads up. Here comes another wave.

Man 2: Like fish in a barrel.

Man 1: Get off the barricade.

Comrade 2: Holy hell. What is that thing?

Corinthus: Shepard, Corinthus here.

Shepard: What's the word on the primarch?

Corinthus: Still can't get a stable comm link.

Shepard: Okay, I'm going on foot. Shepard out. Garrus, take me to the last place you saw Victus.

How far?

Garrus: Should be pretty quick, unless we find trouble.

Damn it. Look at Palaven, that blaze of orange, the big one. That's where I was born.

Comrade 2: That's rough. You still have family there?

Garrus: My dad, a sister.

Comrade 2: How bad is it?

Garrus: Three million lost the first day, five the second.

Shepard: How's your military holding up?

Garrus: Look around. That should give you some idea.

Shepard: You're putting up a good fight.

Garrus: For now, but how long does it take before the fights kicked out of you? If they'd only listened to your warnings about the reapers, we might have been ready.

Comrade 2: Maybe. Hard to figure how you prepare for something like this.

Garrus: More back here.

Comrade 2: Shit, I hate those things. And New York is crawling with the creepy bastards? I never should have left Earth.

Garrus: It's going to be bad all over.

Comrade 2: Leaving a fight just pisses me off.

Garrus: But you're here asking Victus to do the same thing, leave the fight to make nice in some board room.

Shepard: This summit is the only chance we've got. None of us is beating the reapers alone.

Shepard: Soldier, you okay?

Soldier 1: Yes, sir. We'll make it.

Garrus: Have you seen General Victus?

Soldier 1: Half hour ago, headed south.

Garrus: Okay, good luck.

Soldier 1: Yes, sir.

Garrus: That was a little closer than I'd like.

Comrade 2: So Commander, you really think the summit will work? I mean, a sorry? Salarians? Where's the Krogan and Batarians? Where's the [inaudible 00:06:54]?

Shepard: It's not that easy.

Garrus: Not much left of them, and the Krogan have never forgiven us for the Genophage.

Comrade 2: Right, Turiens sterilized them.

Garrus: Salarians came up with it.

Shepard: And the Krogan hate them both for it.

Garrus: So they won't be joining us.

Comrade 2: Too bad. I fought with a Krogan. They're tough sons of bitches.

Comrade 2: That sounds bad.

Shepard: Okay, double time. No reapers taking this primarch from me.

Garrus: Right behind you.

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