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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 18 - General Victus

Head to Palaven's moon, Menae and get the Turian Primarch with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough for Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Male 1: You got him!

Male 2: Affirmative.

Shepard: Move into the compound.

Male 1: Moving.

Male 2: Right behind you.

Male 1: Roger that.

Male 2: Acknowledged.

Male 1: Right away!

Male 2: Let's bring the god damn bastards to their knees.

Male 1: Affirmative.

Male 2: Get up.

Male 2: Been a brutal fight for these guys.

Male 1: [inaudible 00:03:03] 30.

Shepard: Turn up the heat.

Male 2: Here's our chance! I'm on it.

Male 1: Here I come.

Shepard: General Victus.

Victus: Yes.

Shepard: I'm Commander Shepard of the Normandy.

Victus: Commander, I know who you are. I can't wait to find out what brings you out here. Vakarian, where did you go?

Garrus: Heavy reaper unit on the right flank. I believe you exact words were, "Get that thing the hell off my men."

Victus: Appreciated.

Shepard: General, you're needed off planet. I've come to get you.

Victus: It will take something beyond important for me to leave my men or my Turian brothers and sisters in their fight.

Garrus: Fedorian was killed. You're the new Primarch.

Shepard: You're needed immediately to chair a summit and represent your people in the fight against the reapers.

Victus: I'm Primarch of Palaven? Negotiating for the Turian hierarchy?

Shepard: Yes.

Victus: I've spent my whole life in the military. I'm no diplomat. I hate diplomats.

Shepard: What makes you think you're not qualified?

Victus: I'm not really a by the book kind of guy and I piss people off. My family's been military since the unification war. War is my life, it's in my bones. But that kind of passion is deceptive, it makes you seem reckless when you're anything but.

Shepard: This is crucial. I need you on top of your game, are you in or out?

Victus: Watch your tone, commander.

Shepard: Look, you've met the reapers head on. You're overqualified. See this devastation, Primarch? Double that for Earth. I need an alliance, I need the Turian fleet.

Victus: Give me a moment to say goodbye to my men.

Garrus: Without him down here, there is a good chance we lose this moon.

Shepard: Without him up there, there is a good chance we lose everything.

Garrus: Look at that. And they want my opinion on how to stop it? Failed C-sec officer, vigilante, and I'm their expert adviser? Think you can win this thing, Shepard?

Shepard: Yeah, I don't know Garrus, but I'm sure as heel going to give my best shot.

Garrus: I'm damn sure nobody else can do it. For whatever it's worth, I'm with you.

Shepard: Welcome aboard. Are you ready, Primarch Victus?

Victus: One thing. Commander I appreciate your need for our fleets but I can't spare them, not while my world is burning. But if the pressure could be taken off Palaven.

Shepard: That's a pretty tall order.

Victus: We need the Krogan. I can't see us winning this thing without them. Get them to help us and then we can help you.

Shepard: The Krogan.

Garrus: Looks likes your summit just got a lot more interesting.

Councilor: I apologize for being so frank, commander, but your plan feels doomed to failure. We know, we've been there before.

Shepard: But madame Councilor, let me...

Councilor: I'm not the only one that feels this way. The Salarian Dalatrass is livid.

Sherpard: Some of these issues are hundreds of years old. Time to let go.

Councilor: Perhaps. Still, we can't help and feel that this summit is a waste of your time and we can't afford to have it waste ours. We must focus our attention on the arrival of the Reapers. So no, the asari will not be at your summit.

Shepard: Our alliance would be stronger with the Krogan. You need them, we all do.

Councilor: Good luck commander and good bye.

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