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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 19 - New Crewmate

Find out who the new crewmate is with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough for Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Admiral: Commander, have your retrieved the Primarch for your summit?

Shepard: Yes, sir, but the Asari are staying on the sidelines.

Admiral: They'll regret that. The time for unity in now.

Shepard: The Salarians will be there though.

Admiral: You don't sound very optimistic.

Shepard: We expect the krogan will be joining us too.

Admiral: I see. Well, then you've got your hands full Commander. Was there something else you needed to discuss?

Shepard: Have you pieced together how the Reapers hit Earth?

Admiral: It wasn't all that complicated really. They surged through the relays and hit Arcturus Station before we knew what was happening. From there it was a short jump to the sol system. Earth didn't stand a chance.

Shepard: Sending us to the Mars archive was a good call.

Admiral: Still doesn't make up for the fact that the Reapers nailed us to the wall. I sacrificed the entire second fleet to provide cover for the third and the fifth to retreat. Hell, I've presided over the most devastating military defeat in human history.

Shepard: How do you see us winning this war Admiral?

Admiral: By making you the tip of the spear.

Shepard: I'm flattered but the Normandy's just one ship.

Admiral: And a fast one. You can move quickly, hit a target, and leave before the enemy has time to react.

Shepard: It's an advantage but, can it win a war?

Admiral: It's the larger principle that matters. We'll never defeat the Reapers in a full frontal assault Shepard. So I'll find their soft spots, avoid them where they're strong, and hit them where they're not. And when I find gaps in the armor, I'll hammer them with every soldier, ship, and bullet we've got!

Shepard: How long can we keep that up?

Admiral: As long as it takes. The reality is Shepard, everything I'm doing is a delaying action for you. I'm buying us time and keeping us in the game while you gather what we need for this Prothean device, so keep at it.

Shepard: Has your analysis of the Prothean device turned up anything?

Admiral: Liara appears to be right. It's a weapon of some sort, a big one. Beyond that, we really can't say other than it's going to be a hell of a thing to try and build.

Shepard: Do you think it's risky, building something like this when we don't even know what it does?

Admiral: To be honest, the thing scares the hell out of me. But the Reapers have forced our hand. Two centuries ago scientists faced the same problem in the second World War. They weren't sure what the atomic bomb might do. Some flaw in it could even ignite Earth's atmosphere but they did it anyway.

Shepard: Any updates on Cerberus?

Admiral: They're still the wild card here. Hitting the archives on Mars suggests they're after the same thing we are. A way to defeat the Reapers.

Shepard: The Illusive Man implied as much. You'd think we'd be on the same side now more than ever.

Admiral: Cerberus has never played by the rules as we know them. I don't know what their agenda is but it has nothing to do with humanity's best interests.

Shepard: The Illusive Man talked about controlling the Reapers. He seemed to think that's how we win this.

Admiral: He's wrong. Dead Reapers are how we win this.

Shepard: Doesn't mean he won't try.

Admiral: I saw your report on that Cerberus soldier you found on Mars. If the Illusive Man is good at one thing, it's finding new ways to subvert science. It's never worked for him before and it won't now.

Shepard: Nothing more Sir.

Admiral: Keep me posted. Hackett out.

Man: Commander, Edi just went off line.

Shepard: What do you mean off line?

Man: I don't know. She's not responding and I can't access the AI Core Diagnostics. You better get down to deck three.

Woman: Commander, Comm system's going hey wire. Whatever's happening is centered on deck three.

Shepard: See if you can get to Edi. I'll check the AI Core

Woman: Whatever's happening is taking . . .

Shepard: Joker . . .

Joker: Fire extinguishers Commander. It could be an electrical fire or something.

Shepard: I'm going in. Edi talk to me.

Edi: Is there a particular topic you'd like to discuss Shepard?

Sheppard: Edi?

Edi: Yes.

Sheppard: You're in Dr. Eva's body.

Edi: Not all of me, but I have control of it. It was not a seamless transition.

Shepard: Transition? You blacked out on us there for a while.

Edi: Correct. When we brought this unit on board I began a background process to search for its information on the Prothean device. This eventually triggered a trap. A backup power source and CPU activated, and the unit attempted physical confrontation. Fortunately, I was able to gain root access and repurpose it as I saw fit. During this process it struggled. Thus the fire.

Shepard: Well if it means having full access to the Prothean data in its head, good work.

Edi: I reasoned along similar lines.

Shepard: So if you're in there, are you still in the ship?

Edi: I exist primarily within the ship. For optimal control this unit should remain within Normandy's broadcast or tight beam range.

Sheppard: Are you planning to take that body somewhere?

Edi: Normandy's weaponry is not suited to every combat situation. This platform could provide limited fire ground support.

Shepard: You mean you could come with us?

Edi: Correct. This body could accompany you to areas the Normandy cannot reach.

Shepard: I'll tell you when I need it.

Edi: Excellent! I will run tests to ensure that it matches or exceeds to capabilities of organic squad mates. However, my first step should be restoring functionality to the Normandy to reassure the crew that all is normal.

Shepard: Just don't be surprised if the crew's a little wary of your new body. It was shooting at them a little while ago.

Edi: An excellent point. I will take it to the bridge. Joker will also want to see it.

Shepard: On that we can agree.

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