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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 21 - Grissom Academy

Check out part 22 and rescue the students of Grissom Academy with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough for Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Trainer: Commander, are you all right? It was fairly intense up here. I can only imagine what it was like down on that moon.

Shepard: I thought you'd be more concerned about ED.

Trainer: ED is a huge asset to this team. If she'd told me about her plan to obtain a body, I'd have volunteered to help.

EDI: I do not wish to force a conflict of interest between our friendship and your duty.

Trainer: I'd have preferred a conflict of interest to a hard restart of half our systems. But thanks regardless. While you're here though, I found something while scanning Alliance channels. Grissom Academy is requesting help. The Reaper invasion front will hit them soon.

Shepard: I thought the war would close most schools.

Trainer: Grissom Academy is more specialized than a normal school. It's home to some of the smartest students humanity has to offer. Their Ascension Project is the best training facility in the galaxy for human biotics. It's not an average school. They might even be doing work for the Alliance.

Shepard: What can we do?

Trainer: A Turian evac transport responded to their distress call. So, normally I'd say we don't need to do anything but something sounded off in the Turian signal. I had ED preform and analysis. It's fake. ED thinks it could be Cerberus. She saw some similarities to the faked encryption protocols.

Shepard: I'll take your word for it.

Trainer: In any event, whoever faked the signal wants us to think Grissom Academy's being evacuated. But I believe they're still in danger.

Shepard: Good catch. Maybe you belong here after all.

Trainer: If this really is Cerberus, hopefully this operation is something worth investigating. It could be simple disinformation.

Shepard: Trainer, good catch.

Trainer: Thank you, Commander.

Joker: And there's the folks who answered the distress call, Cerberus Cruiser. At least a dozen fighters on blockade duty. Too many for us in a straight-up fight. They must want this place bad.

EDI: Receiving incoming transmission.

Shepard: Lets hear it.

Kaylee: FFB Normandy, this is Kaylee Sanders, director of Grissom Academy. We need immediate assistance. Cerberus is attacking the facility. They're after my students.

Shepard: This is Commander Shepard. We're blocked on a direct approach.

Kaylee: I know. They've taken control of our docking bays.

Shepard: Any alternatives?

Kaylee: There's an auxiliary cargo I can probably open.

Shepard: All right. We'll come in by shuttle and get your students out of there. Joker, can you give me a diversion?

Joker: Oh boy can I? Come and get me.

Shepard: Keep the shuttle in position. We'll be back.

Kaylee: Commander, I'm locked in the server room around the corner. Cerberus troops are trying to get in.

Troop: I've almost got the door.

Shepard: Sanders, we're clear. It's me.

Kaylee: Commander, thank you. Admiral Anderson always said you were the best. And with Cerberus coming for my students, I need the best.

Shepard: How many of you are there?

Kaylee: Fewer than 20. Most were sent home when word of the Reaper invasion spread, but a few volunteered to stay. Some are prototyping tech for the Alliance. Others are biotics. They've been training for military operations, working together as biotic artillery.

Shepard: You said something about Admiral Anderson.

Kaylee: Yes, we met, oh God what's it been, 20 years ago when he was a Specter candidate. I was there when Saren betrayed him. David saved my life that day. He's a good man.

Shepard: He was on Earth when the Reapers hit. He stayed behind when I got off world.

Kaylee: I hadn't heard. We've been cut off from most news. He's alive?

Shepard: Alive and fighting. He's currently leading the resistance movement.

Kaylee: Good. If we get out of here, well, just tell him to stay alive.

Shepard: We need all the help we can get.

Kaylee: I just wish it was from somewhere else. But you're right, the Alliance needs help and God bless them, some of our older students volunteered. Hang on, I've been trying to get communications working.

Frober: This is Frober, there are students trapped in Orion Hall. Server says it's boxed in. They're closing fast.

Kaylee: Damn it.

Sanders: Orion Hall?

Kaylee: Back out the door and down the hallway. I can get the door open.

Sanders: I'll bring them back here and we'll make a run for the shuttle.

Kaylee: Thank you, Commander. I'll stay put. With luck, I can regain control of some of our systems. I'll get the door for you. It leads to Orion Hall.

Intercom: Attention all students, Cerberus troops [inaudible 00:06:22].

Troops: The file says [inaudible 00:06:31].

Shepard: There may be more nearby. Play dead until it's safe then get to Kaylee Sanders in Security.

Student: Okay, but my sister Shawn is out here somewhere, too.

Intercom: We understand that you're scared. Your teachers have filled your heads with Allieance propaganda, but Cerberus can keep you safe. We're the only ones who can. [inaudible 00:07:36] humanity has to offer. We need you, if our [inaudible 00:08:30].

Troops: Burn it down. Burn it down.

Intercom: Please, don't risk getting caught in the cross fire. Surrender now. Can you hear us? We found your mother and father.

Shawn: Stay back. I'll... I'll...

Shepard: Shawn, can you hear me?

Shawn: How do you know my name?

Shepard: I saved your brother. He's with Kaylee Sanders at Security. Can you get to her?

Shawn: Yeah. I just need to rest for a minute. Thank you.

Intercom: Ryan Bellamy, if you're out there, we know your parents are on Earth. Come with us. Show us how to use the prototype you've been working on.

Kaylee: Commander, I just got an emergence message from the students in Orion Hall. They're exhausted. They can't hold out much longer.

Student: Get back.

Shepard: It's okay. We're Alliance.

Student: Alliance? Everyone get back. Let the Alliance handle this.

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