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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 22 - Grissom Academy

Check out part 23 and rescue the students of Grissom Academy with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough for Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Prangley: Everyone get back. Let the alliance handle this.

Liara: Got it.

EDI: The students aren't a trained military. They need support.

Prangley: We've got more Cerberus troops inbound! Commander, we could use some help.

Liara: Understood. Right away.

Prangley: Thanks. Cerberus has given us time to catch our breath. I tried to set up a defensive perimeter but I don't know how much longer we could have held out.

Liara: You did well. You're alive.

Shepard: We're here to get you off the station. I'm Commander Shepard.

Prangley: This is Ensign Rodriguez. I'm Ensign Prangley.

Shepard: Who's in-charge, Prangley?

Prangley: Our commander was, I guess I'm in charge, ma'am.

Shepard: No room for guess work, Ensign. You're in charge of these recruits. Get them ready and on their feet.

Prangley: Respectfully, commander, it doesn't work that way. We've burned close to 1000 calories in the last few hours. We need to rest and get some food in our systems.

Liara: He's right, Shepard. After a fight like that I'd be exhausted.

Shepard: All right, Prangley, you're inc harge. How long do you need?

Prangley: Okay guys. Grab a quick bite and check your amps for damage. We move in five.

Rodriguez: Commander, I was wondering. Do you ever forget the first time you kill someone? Because today was mine, and I...

Shepard: If Cerberus wins here, I can guarantee they won't remember you. Return the favor.

Rodriguez: Right.

EDI: These students have not undergone full military training. They are unprepared for the emotional stress of war.

Cortez: Cortez to extraction team, the Cerberus cruiser is coming back.

Shepard: How long have we got?

Cortez: Two minutes tops, commander. After that there's no way we'll get past them.

Shepard: Get out of here and back to the Normandy. we'll find another way off the station.

Cortez: Roger that. Good luck, ma'am.

Shepard: Shepard to Sanders, the students are safe but the shuttle's a no go.

Sanders: Understood. I might know another way off the station, but I need station wide camera access. Can you disable the Cerberus security override? It's routed through Orion hall so it should be nearby.

Shepard: How does camera access get us out off this station?

Sanders: We need to reach the Cerberus shuttles. The cruiser won't auto target friendly ships, which gives us a fighting chance to escape. Get me back the cameras and I'll find a path to the shuttles that keeps Cerberus from boxing you in.

Female: You think Prangley can [inaudible 00:04:30]

Prangley: We'll be ready when you need us, commander.

Male: No but who cares? I'm not looking to Prangley, I'm listening to Shepard.

Rodriguez: Next time we run into Cerberus, I'm going to tear them apart.

Male: How's your amp?

Female: Hot. I think I pulled a muscle in my brain.

Male: Just drink your juice, you'll be fine.

Shepard: Sanders you should have access now.

Sanders: Got it, The fastest way is through the Atrium, but Cerberus has sealed the doors. You'll need to disable the magnetic locks. The overrides should be directly above the door.

Female: Did you hear Cerberus saying peoples names? They must have files on all of us.

Male: What? [inaudible 00:05:23].

Shepard: Got it.

Sanders: You should be able to force the door open now. I'll get to the shuttles ahead of you and get a pair ready to fly.

[inaudible 00:05:35]

Female: That's assuming the reapers [inaudible 00:05:41]

Shepard: Everyone be ready. We'll go in first to draw their fire.

Prangley: Commander, it might be better if we follow along from the second level. You can take point while we hit them from above.

EDI: A good strategy that protects the students from direct fire.

Shepard: All right, everyone. Hit them with everything you've got.

Prangley: We will.

Cerberus: Students of Grissum Academy, the station is sealed. The Alliance soldiers can not save you. All they can do is get you killed. Surrender peacefully and you won't be harmed.

Prangley: Don't listen to him. He's just messing with your heads.

Sanders: Damn it, they're messaging everyone. Students, switch your omni tools to privacy mode so they can't track you.

Rodriguez: What if, what if they're not lying?

Shepard: I've seen first hand what Cerberus does to people they promised not to harm.

Prangley: Commander Shepard isn't going to let anything happen to us.

Rodriguez: Yeah. Yeah, okay.

Shepard: Let's go.

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