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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 24 - Grissom Academy

Rescue the students of Grissom Academy with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough for Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Man 1: All units, fall back to the shuttle bay.

Shepard: Right. At once.

Man 2: That's an impressive barrier, Octavia. Our file says you been working on a shield technology.

Octavia: It's a handheld but multicore solution. They call it barrier technology, jackhole. And it's pronounced, Oc--

Man 2: Why don't you come out peacefully.

Octavia: I don't know who you are but stay back!

Shepard: I'm Commander Shepard with the Alliance. I'm here to help.

Octavia: I didn't buy it from the last guy and I've got no reason to buy it now. This is a multicore shield prototype based on cyclonic barrier tech. It'll hold off your guns for hours.

Shepard: We don't have time for this. EDI!

EDI: Of course! Please remain still.

Shepard: Nice shield. Maybe the Alliance can use it, with a few tweaks. The biotic students are up there. Stay close. They'll get you out of here.

Octavia: Okay. Thanks.

Shepard: Looks like schematics for amp interfaces. Not as good as what we already have, but still worth a look.

Man 3: Target on the X.

Shepard: At once.

Prangley: The shuttle's right over there! Get over [inaudible 00:03:15]. Rodriguez's with me. Commander, behind you!

Shepard: The nest is up top.

Prangley: Everyone, take them down.

Kaylee: I'm on it.

Shepard: At once. Right.

Kaylee: The shields are almost ready.

Prangley: Everyone get to the shuttle!

Kaylee: Hurry, Commander! The Normandy has pulled the cruiser out of position. We need to leave now!

Shepard: Kaylee, How's it coming?

Kaylee: Shuttles are unlocked.

Shepard: Take the controls and get the students aboard.

Kaylee: Wait. Where's Rodriguez?

Shepard: She needs covering fire.

Prangley: Not gonna make it.

Shepard: Joker, we flew out on a Cerberus shuttle. What's your fire?

Joker: Right, I've got you on sensors. Should just be a minute.

Kaylee: Thank you, Commander. We'd have never gotten off that station if you hadn't come.

Rodriguez: Some of us didn't get off.

Kaylee: Jason Prangley came to Grissom when he was six years old. Barely spoke a word. He was so shy back then. To watch him grow up only to...

Rodriguez: He was always reading. Studying battles. I called him a brown noser.

Kaylee: Commander, I recommend we rethink the students' role. With their instructor dead, and ensign Prangley...

Shepard: Prangley didn't give his life so they could run and hide.

Kaylee: Commander! They just lost a friend.

Shepard: They lost a fellow soldier and they'll fight to honor his name.

Rodriguez: What the hell good is that? He won't be there!

Shepard: His memory will be. Use it! Get angry. Someday that anger will be the only ammunition you have left. And Jason Prangley's gonna save your life again.

Rodriguez: Understood, Commander.

Anderson: Shepard, damned if you aren't a sight for sore eyes.

Shepard: Good to see you, too, Sir.

Anderson: Sir? I may have reinstated you, but that doesn't give you permission to go all formal on me.

Shepard: Then I'm glad you managed to keep your ass alive, Anderson.

Anderson: That's more like it. Looks like you didn't waste any time getting work. I can only imagine what would've happened to those kids if they'd fallen into Cerberus' hands.

Shepard: I wish I could've gotten them all out of there.

Anderson: These students are some of the best humanity has to offer, and we're throwing them into battle! God damn it, I hate this war. Heckard didn't mention in his report...

Shepard: Kaylee Sanders is safe. She's with the recruits.

Anderson: Thanks, Shepard. When I heard about the attack... Well, I've already lost a lot of friends.

Shepard: She asked me to tell you to stay alive.

Anderson: Did she now? Well, thanks, Shepard. That might be the first good news I've heard this week. Anderson, out.

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