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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 25 - Cerberus Lab - Sanctum

Check out part 26 and shut down the Cerberus lab on Sanctum with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough for Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Woman: Commander, the Alliance has found a new Cerberus lab on Sanctum. Admiral Hackett would like you to investigate.

Lieutenant: Commander, I've got a hail from Admiral Hackett.

Commander Shepard: Put him through, Lieutenant.

Admiral Hackett: Shepard, we've uncovered a secret Cerberus lab, function unknown. We sent in a recon team but they were forced to pull out before they got very far.

Commander Shepard: Any other intel?

Admiral Hackett: We think they're using the facility to warehouse and study Reaper Tech. We've been wondering how Cerberus is connected to the reapers and this might give us some answers.

Commander Shepard: We're on it.

Admiral Hackett: Find out what Cerberus is doing and get me any reaper tech samples you can, Commander. Hackett out.

Lieutenant: Commander, I'm tracking some tech with a reaper signature. That's your first sample to grab. Updating your nav point.

Commander Shepard: On my way.

Woman 1: Right.

Robotic voice: Objective...

Woman 1: Right away. Affirmative.

Woman: It appears to be reaper tech, but the signature is new to me.

Commander Shepard: Got the sample.

Lieutenant: Roger that. Meet you at the landing pad.

Second sample located, Commander. Nav point updated.

Commander Shepard: Good work.

Woman 1: Right away.

I'm on it.

Got it.

Commander Shepard: Will only lead to medi-gel advances for Hanar. Only Cerberus would call that a failure. Affirmative.

Woman: Signature is definitely reaper technology.

Commander Shepard: Lieutenant, second sample secured. Heading back to you now.

Lieutenant: Negative Commander. Pad got hot. Had to bug out.

Got three birds on my six, taking fire! Scratch that, make it four. We'll rendezvous...out.

Commander Shepard: We just need to hold out until Cortez can pick us up.

Robotic woman: ...station is aware of our presence...

Commander Shepard: Never said it would be easy. Stay focused. This isn't over yet.

Robotic woman: I'm fully functioning.

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