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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 27 - Huerta Hospital Visit

Visit Ashley in the hospital with Jane Shepard in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Woman 1: Normandy? We are transferring your docking clearance to an Alliance official.

Normandy: Figures. Finally back in action, the Alliance already wants us tagged and collared.

Woman 2: Just our way of welcoming you back, Flight Lieutenant.

Normandy: Yes, ma'am. Requesting docking permission.

Woman 2: Docking permission granted. Would you like private transport arranged?

Shepard: I need to get to the hospital.

Woman 2: Yes, Commander.

Woman 3: Yes, I know your stock of modern live Medi-Gel is low, but . . .

Dr. Ravin: I found this Medi-Gel formula. Figured you could make good use of it.

Shepard: Where did you find this? Never mind. It doesn't matter. Yes, we can put this to good use. Thank you. No, it's fine. We won't be needing your supplies after all.

Woman 5: No, we found a better variant of Medi-Gel that allows for an . . .

Woman 4: It's completely . . .

Woman 6: So the nurse tells us . . .

Woman 6: Huerta Memorial . . .

Woman 5: . . . refuses to bathe, and you only want to talk to another Asari.

Support Receptionist: President Huerta died of a stroke two years ago, ma'am.

Woman 7: Can I have a gun?

Woman 8: I'm sorry, no.

Woman 7: Maybe I could be transferred to another hospital.

Shepard: I think you meant to say the man was dead for an hour-and-a-half, and his political enemies piled on enough propaganda to get the hospital named changed.

Woman 7: Someplace unsecured. I could have the gun but . . .

Support Receptionist: He can't remember his own name.

Shepard: Having a VI drive your body isn't life. Are Reaper husks alive?

Support Visitor: You did not just say that.

Support Receptionist: But it's the same thing, isn't it? He walks and makes noises just like they do.

Shepard: Fine. I guess I'm just surrounded by zombies.

Support Receptionist: Thanks. Took her long enough to get the hint.

Announcer 1: Asari Intelligence is reporting sightings of Reaper forces in the Silean Nebula and the Nimbus Cluster.

Asari Scientist. Yes, I'm trying to place a call to Grissom Academy. They have biotic amp interfaces. I'm . . .

Shepard: I overheard you talking. Grissom Academy is gone, but I found this while I was there.

Asari Scientist: What is this? Yes. These are tailored to human physiology, but with a few alterations, they should work for the Asari as well. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you.

Announcer 2: Patients with no life-threatening conditions may be asked to transfer.

Asari Scientist: Tell Matriarch Aethyta that our huntresses should have the upgrades waiting for them on their next shore leave. No, they were very easy to scale. The humans made some amazing breakthroughs.

Announcer 2: Please observe standard quarantine procedures for all incoming patients.

Announcer 1: . . . requested a war summit of Council races, and reports suggest has also honored an invitation to the krogan.

Shepard: No, it's fine. We won't be needing your supplies after all.

Announcer 1: Asari Intelligence is reporting sightings of Reaper forces in the Silean Nebula and the Nimbus Cluster.

Woman 3: No, we found a better variant of Medi-Gel that allows for an . . .

Computer 1: Welcome to Sirta.

Woman 3: You'd like a sample? Why, of course. We'll be happy to send you one.

Computer 2: Thank you for shopping.

Computer 1: Sirta is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the medical needs of all sapient life.

Dr. Michel: Commander Shepard. I'm head physician, Dr. Chloe Michel. It's a pleasure to meet you. I assume you're here about Lieutenant Commander Williams?

Shepard: How is Ashley doing?

Dr. Michel: Very well. Her rate of recovery is amazing. I still want to keep her under observation, but she should be fit for duty soon.

Shepard: This war has left a lot of injured people homeless. How's your center handling the extra load?

Dr. Michel: We're getting more refugees every day. Throughout the Citadel, triaging and finding open beds is our biggest challenge.

Shepard: How are your medical supplies holding up?

Dr. Michel: Things are getting tight throughout the whole medical network. Citadel reserves run deep, but they can't hold up forever.

Shepard: With a center of this size, you must have a lot of direct reports.

Dr. Michel: We've got 12 full-time doctors and over 50 support staff. It can be overwhelming, quite different from my days in the wards.

Shepard: Keep up the good work, Doctor.

Dr. Michel: You too, Commander.

Announcer 3: According to the Council, these galaxy-wide attacks are part of a massive and organized . . .

Announcer 2: Please observe standard quarantine procedures for all incoming patients.

Announcer 3: The Council called the invaders Reapers . . .

Man 2: Listen to me. Those prototypes are vital. We need these biotic upgrades to fight the Reapers. I know the Ismar Frontier is unsafe . . .

Patient: You can replace my leg, right?

Woman 9: Yes. But trying to get a replacement take months. You'll need a prosthetic.

Patient: Oh, no.

Announcer 2: . . . these Arcturians are running their . . .

Woman 9: I highly recommend . . .

Man 2: Call me if anything develops.

Woman 9: . . . before the operation.

Udina: I'd like an answer, Lieutenant Commander. The galaxy has need of exceptional soldiers like you. Now more than ever.

Ashley: I still need time. You'll have my answer soon, I promise.

Udina: I'll look forward to it. Shepard.

Shepard: Udina. I got your email. Made your decision yet?

Ashley: On becoming a spectre? Not yet. It's an honor and all, but I don't know. I need to think about it some more.

Shepard: It's a big decision. Smart to give it some thought. Here. I picked this up for you. Figured you had some downtime.

Ashley: Thanks. That's sweet. I've been climbing the walls.

Shepard: How are you doing?

Ashley: Good, considering. The nurse said you checked in on me earlier. Still out cold, I guess.

Shepard: We didn't have time to talk. I thought maybe if you were up for it . . .

Ashley: Yeah, I wasn't sure you wanted to. You were pretty clear on Mars about where things stood.

Shepard: What do you mean?

Ashley: You're not a part of Cerberus anymore. Case closed, full stop.

Shepard: It's the truth.

Ashley: Okay. You cut all ties. I accept that. It's just that, if you're giving the orders, I need to be able to count on you.

Shepard: You can't rely on anyone. Sounds harsh, but it's true. Comes down to doing what you think is right, and damn everyone else.

Ashley: I get that.

Shepard: Good. As a spectre, that's rule number one. When you're back on your feet, we'll talk some more.

Ashley: Shepard, wait. There's one more thing. I wasn't sure if I should mention it.

Shepard: What is it?

Ashley: I have family back on earth. I haven't heard from them. It's making me crazy, but I know you're busy, Shepard. We can talk later.

Shepard: I've got time to talk. So what's all this Lieutenant Commander business?

Ashley: Seems like the old Williams curse is losing its grip. Was sure I'd top out at Gunnery Chief.

Shepard: You've worked hard. You deserve it. Right now, we need you back on your feet.

Ashley: I'll be back. And first order of business is to shove their metal tentacles right up their . . . I mean, I'll fight with honor and courage, ma'am.

Shepard: Roger that, LC. We can't afford to be at each other's throats. If we plan on getting through this, we need to trust each other.

Ashley: I was trying to keep the family stuff to myself. To be professional. I don't know how you manage to keep it all together.

Shepard: There's a war on. People are counting on us.

Ashley: I get it. But it's still hard to put it all aside.

Shepard: I didn't hear from you while I was a guest of the Alliance.

Ashley: I couldn't face you. Even when Anderson requested my presence, it was difficult.

Shepard: It's okay. We're both professionals. We have more important things to worry about.

Ashley: You're right. I'm just restless laying here doing nothing.

Shepard: Who's back on earth?

Ashley: Mom, plus my three sisters. The youngest, Sarah, was away on her honeymoon. Married a military man, Thomas. He got called back in, and she was stuck alone. She called me. It's been pretty tough.

Shepard: I imagine.

Ashley: I was always there to protect them, growing up. Even when I was off on tour, they knew they could talk to me. I told her to come to the Citadel. We could wait for news together.

Shepard: Have you heard anything about earth?

Ashley: We have reports coming all the time on what's going on. Half are wild speculation, and half are probably too optimistic to be true.

Shepard: We have to believe that we can do something.

Ashley: When I thought you were dead, I lost hope, I'm telling you. But when you came back, I was ready to believe anything. I mean, maybe this problem can't be solved by some grunt shooting the boogeyman in the face. But if you think it might help, I'm game.

Shepard: That sounds more like the Ash I know. I should get back to it. Take care of yourself.

Ashley: Will do, Commander.

Announcer 1: . . . sightings of Reaper forces in the Silean Nebula . . .

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