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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 29 - Sur'Kesh

Check out part 30 and go to the solarian outpost on Sur'Kesh in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Woman: Commander, the Salarian Dalatrass and Krogan Clan Chief are ready to come aboard.

Shepard: Have them brought to the conference room. And hope this doesn't start another war.

Dalatrass: This Krogan is just a glorified thug. How can he speak for his people?

Urdnot Wreav: By demanding respect. And I suggest the Salarian show some by starting with my name. Urdnot Wreav. Then you can tell me why I'm supposed to give a piss about the Turians. I've already got reaper scouts sniffing around my own planet.

Council member: Wreav, spare us the bluster. I'm not a diplomat and neither are you. So stop pretending and just tell us what you want.

Urdnot Wreav: Oh I'm deadly serious. You need our help, then here's what you're going to do. Cure the genophage.

Dalatrass: Absolutely not. The genophage is non-negotiable.

Shepard: Why are you so opposed to the idea, Dalatrass?

Dalatrass: Because my people uplifted the Krogan. We know them best.

Urdnot Wreav: You hid behind us while we saved you from your own cowardice. Your Citadel exists only because the Krogan stopped the Rachni from swallowing it whole.

Dalatrass: And after that, you cease to be useful. The genophage was the only way to keep your urges in check.

Council member: Dalatrass, Wreav has a point. Antagonizing him won't solve anything.

Dalatrass: I won't apologize for speaking the truth. We uplifted the Krogan to do one thing. Wage war. It's all they know, because it's all we wanted them to know.

Shepard: That decision saved the galaxy. The Rachni were devouring everything in their path.

Dalatrass: And what the Rachni start the Krogan try to finish. We simply traded one enemy for another. I won't let history repeat. Curing the genophage will doom us all.

Shepard: Whether you like it or not, we need Krogan help to win this war.

Dalatrass: And what happens when the war is over?

Shepard: We'll find a new way to keep the peace.

Dalatrass: And they'll break it.

Council member: Enough! This is all theoretical. It would take years to formulate a cure. There's no time.

Urdnot Wreav: That's where you're wrong. There was a Salarian. Maelon. He took some kind of twisted pity on our females and tested a cure on them. It worked. But that scared the piss out of the Dalatrass here. So she ordered her goon squads to take them prisoner.

Dalatrass: Where did you get this? It, it could be a fabrication.

Urdnot Wreav: No more lies! Those females are immune to the genophage and they belong to me!

Council members: Dalatrass is this true?

Dalatrass: How will curing the genophage benefit my people?

Shepard: What does it matter? Halovan is burning right now. Earth is burning right now. If it takes a cure to cement this alliance then that's what I'm doing.

Council member: She's right. The hard truth is we don't have a choice. Give Wreav what he wants.

Shepard: Or none of us will survive long enough to know who was right or wrong.

Dalatrass: The females are being kept at one of our S.T.G. bases on Sur'kesh. But I warn you Commander. The consequences of this will be far--

Shepard: Will be nothing compared to what happens if the Reapers win.

Urdnot Wreav: Let's get the females.

Dalatrass: You're not setting foot on Sur'kesh. This will take time.

Council member: It happens now. As a council spector, Shepard can oversee the exchange.

Shepard: We're going.

Dalatrass: I won't forget this Commander. A bully has few friends when he needs them the most.

Shepard: This is the Salarian home world we're headed to. They aren't used to seeing Krogan here, so let's keep it simple. We land. Get the females and leave before anyone changes their mind.

Urdnot Wreav: I never like talking to Salarians. Not unless they're begging for their life.

Shepard: Keep a lid on it Wreav. I can't have old grievances screwing this up.

Urdnot Wreav: Grievances can be a useful tool. When I proclaim the genophage cured, the rest of the Krogan will have no choice but to accept my authority.

Dr. T'soni: I'm curious. How did you get the other clans to let you represent them?

Urdnot Wreav: It was a time honored tradition of intimidation, threats and violence. Krogan don't waste energy voicing opinions. We just crush everyone else who has one.

Pilot: Commander, I have the Salarian base on sensors.

Shepard: Set her down.

Pilot: Commander, Salarian ground control says that we don't have clearance to land.

Shepard: Tell them that Dalatrass authorized this herself.

Urdnot Wreav: Once an enemy, always an enemy.

Pilot: Permission denied. We're being waved off approach.

Shepard: Land anyway.

Urdnot Wreav: You're too polite Shepard.

Commander Shepard: Wreav, don't!

Salarian Guard: Halt!

Padok Wiks: Stand down! Hold your fire! Commander Shepard restrain your colleague! We only found out about this transfer a few moments ago.

Shepard: Does Salarian hospitality always come with sharp shooters? This is an insult to the Alliance.

Padok Wiks: Please understand. No matter what some politician might say, Krogan are still considered a hostile race.

Urdnot Wreav: And I'd be more than happy to show you why.

Padok Wiks: However on behalf of the Salarian Union, I apologize. But we must insist the Krogan remain under guard.

Commander Shepard: And if we insist otherwise?

Padok Wiks: You'll have another war on your hands.

Urdnot Wreav: Wouldn't want any dead Salarians now would we?

Padok Wiks: I'm Padok Wiks and I appreciate your understanding Commander. With war on everyone's minds our people are on edge. Careful! Watch the containment shield!

EDI: I believe that species is the Yahg.

Shepard: Not a happy one.

Padok Wiks: As you can see this base contains sensitive information.

Shepard: What kind of work goes on here?

Padok Wiks: Evolutionary trials. Morphological simulations. Exogenetic assessments.

Shepard: Nothing is ever simple with Salarians, is it?

Padok Wiks: Science has always been our best defense. The research we do here has kept Sur'kesh safe for a millenia.

Commander Shepard: Seems like a good place to hide things you don't want the galaxy to know about. Like female Krogan.

Padok Wiks: I'm aware of how this must look. But it was for their own good. They were in poor health when we found them on Kochanka. We brought them here to stabilize their condition.

Urdnot Wreav: Touch me and I'll rip your head off.

Shepard: I'd like to see them.

Padok Wiks: Of course. I'll need to clear you for the lower levels. Give me a few moments and meet me near the elevator.

Intercom speaker: Attention biolabs. Please prepare for Yahg specimen arrival.

Male Salarian guard 1: A cypher analyst over in intel told me the Turians can't hold out much longer. He's hearing the Reapers have them against the wall.

Male Salarian guard 2: The Turians have the biggest fleet in the galaxy.

Lieutenant Tolan: Commander Shepard. I'm Lieutenant Tolan. I've heard about your exploits against the Reapers.

Shepard: All of it good I hope.

Lieutenant Tolan: Your mission on Virmire holds special renown in S.T.G. The assistance you lent our team tipped the balance. But now, I'm not so sure.

Shepard: Security seems high. You expecting trouble?

Lieutenant Tolan: You've revealed the existence of Krogan who are immune to the genophage, Commander. Word will get out. We're now a prime target.

Shepard: This is the only way to get the Krogan and Turians to cooperate.

Lieutenant Tolan: And us? Will we pay for your political expediency?

EDI: A part of me admires the Salarian capacity for considering all outcomes.

Lieutenant Tolan: And the other part?

EDI: One wonders how many allies you'll have left when this war is over.

Shepard: It sounds like you don't agree with what I'm doing here.

Lieutenant Tolan: You're upsetting a balance of power that's stood for a thousand years. And if you succeed, we're ill-prepared to face a resurgent Krogan.

Shepard: The Salarians uplifted the Krogan. You wanted them violent.

Lieutenant Tolan: And then, we neutered them when we realized our mistake. The same mistake you're making all over again.

EDI: Urdnot Wreav's conduct does support this view to some extent.

Lieutenant Tolan: My point exactly.

Shepard: What did you hear about Virmire?

Lieutenant Tolan: You helped Captain Kirrahe's squad destroy Sheeran's cure for the genophage. Which is ironic, considering you've come here to safeguard another cure. I wonder if Kirrahe's men died in vain.

Shepard: Sheeran was raising an army of Krogan slaves to fight his war. This is different.

Lieutenant Tolan: Is it? Seems to me that's the same thing the Turians want.

Shepard: What do you think about the experiments on the Krogan females?

Lieutenant Tolan: I was part of the team that found them on Kochanka. I wanted them eliminated but our scientists insisted that we bring them back for study. I don't need science to tell me fertile Krogan will be dangerous. I hope we don't pay for misguided mercy.

Dr. T'soni: I'm surprised you even know that word.

Lieutenant Tolan: The Krogan don't. When have they ever shown mercy?

Shepard: Are the Salarians read to fight the Reapers?

Lieutenant Tolan: Best way to win a fight is to avoid it all together. But now this business with the Krogan. You may have drawn us into it.

Dr. T'soni: It's going to happen sooner or later.

Lieutenant Tolan: We'll see.

Shephard: Good day, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Tolan: I hope you can keep it that way, Commander.

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