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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 30 - Sur'Kesh

Check out part 31 and go to the solarian outpost on Sur'Kesh in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Alien: This is Senior Research Director [inaudible 00:00:17] authorizing visitor access to lower level. Now take this elevator down and someone will...

Robot: Alert. Condition Two has been declared. Scramble readiness teams.

Shepard: What's happening?

Alien: Sensors have picked up activity on the perimeter. Hurry, Commander. Someone will meet you below.

Robot: Peace personnel must remain on-site until further notice.

Alien: All specimens are accounted for, sir.

Mordin: Shepard, excellent timing. Good to have you here.

Shepard: Mordin?

Mordin: Eyesight still sharp, surprise understandable. Hadn't expected to return to work.

Shepard: You're back with STG?

Mordin: Special consultant. Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong. Helped female Krogan. Fed information to client Urdnot. Encouraged political pressure to free female.

Shepard: You must be Reeve's inside source.

Mordin: Yes. Can explain later. Security warnings not normal. Need to get off world for sake of Krogan. Females had weakened immune systems. Side effect of Maelon's cure. These didn't survive.

Shepard: What do you know about Maelon's cure?

Mordin: Former student. Worked with me on Genophage modification project to keep Krogan population in check. Later suffered crisis of conscience. Tried to create cure. Experiments dangerous. Unethical. Couldn't undo what he did to them.

Shepard: I need that cure to get the Krogan to support me.

Mordin: Understood, but don't have it yet. Need to hurry. One survivor. Can synthesize cure from her tissue.

Shepard: She's still here?

Mordin: Yes. Last hope for Krogan. If she dies, Genophage cure problematic. Please be careful. Krogan slow to trust.

Shepard: I'm Commander Shepard, Alliance Navy.

Krogan: Are you here to kill me?

Liara: Goddess. What she's been through.

Shepard: Urdnot, Reave, and I are here to take you home.

Krogan: Why? What am I to you?

Shepard: Have the Salarians been mistreating you?

Krogan: Those are my sisters you saw back there. They died in a lot of pain.

Mordin: Did the best we could.

Krogan: And now I know I'm the only one left. That makes me dangerous to a lot of people. What about you, Commander Shepard? Why are you here?

Shepard: You're the key to a truce between the Krogan and Turians.

Krogan: So, I'm useful to you.

Announcer: Alert. Unidentified vessels have breached the perimeter.

Alien: Give me an update.

Alien: Outbound communications have been severed. We're cut off.

Alien: Secure all data to offsite location.

Shepard: What's happening?

Alien: We have multiple ships inbound.

Reave: Shepard, it's Reave. We've got Cerberus troops hitting the base. Get the females out of there now.

Shepard: Only one survived, Reave. It might be safer down here.

Reave: In the Salarian torture chamber? Not on your life. Either you get her out of there or this alliance is dead.

Shepard: Release the female. We're leaving.

Alien: I can't. Protocol states during lock down, no specimen.

Mordin: Objection noted. Now, please release Krogan. Need to monitor pod as it clears quarantine procedures. Meet us at next checkpoint, Shepard. Likely Cerberus opposes Genophage cure.

Shepard: Mordin, no scratches. Everything depends on her.

Mordin: Understood. Get to elevator Shepard.

Alien: Something's wrong with the elevator. It's not responding. There, try it now Commander.

Shepard: Bomb! Get back!

Alien: Commander Shepard, are you all right?

Shepard: Is there another way out of here?

Alien: Other side of the lab. An emergency exit. I can open it from here.

Mordin: Shepard, Cerberus forces trying to locate female. Quarantine checkpoint under attack. Hurry!

Woman: Shepard, we can't afford to...

Alien: Cerberus forces have landed on the platform.

Announcer: Intruders detected in levels one through three. Radiance teams respond.

Reave: Shepard, this is Reave. I took the shuttle. Get that female out of there and up to the landing pad.

EDI: The Salarians can't remain neutral now.

Alien: Taking enemy fire. Reinforcements for that location are confirmed.

Enemy: [inaudible 00:05:54]

EDI: Clear.

Liara: I'm sure there will be more. More incoming! Don't let them take cover in the lab!

EDI: The female Krogan will be vulnerable against this level of firepower.

Mordin: Shepard, Cerberus in vicinity! Hurry!

Shepard: We're on our way.

Announcer: Warning, specimen has broken containment. Warning, specimen has broken containment. Warning, specimen has broken containment.

EDI: Organic life never ceases to surprise me.

Liara: Something new to put in our memoirs.

Shepard: Works for me.

Mordin: Shepard, Cerberus troops at checkpoint.

Liara: Light them up!

Mordin: Trying to kill Krogan. Need assistance.

Liara: I see the checkpoint. They're taking fire.

EDI: We need to get in there! Right!

Mordin: Quickly, Shepard! Technician dead. Clear us through the checkpoint.

Shepard: Are you okay?

Mordin: Containment shield is holding. We'll try to repair if necessary. Can't speak for Krogan's health, however.

Krogan: Your bargaining chip is still alive.

Mordin: Females kept secret. Possibly a mole in STG. Could be indoctrinated. If no Krogan alliance with Turians, Repaers left unchallenged.

Shepard: We'll do more than challenge them.

Mordin: Shepard, meet us at the next checkpoint. Cerberus likely to target... Hurry! Next checkpoint!

Liara: Shepard, we might be able to [inaudible 00:09:50] that last checkpoint. The explosion opened a hole.

Alien: Where's Minora team?

Reave: Shepard, get moving. The Salarians are losing ground. I'll try to take out a few of these shuttles.

Mordin: Shepard, last attack compromised security systems. Attempting to compensate.

Shepard: Hang on. We're trying to get to you, Mordin.

EDI: All hostiles are down.

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