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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 31 - Sur'Kesh

Check out part 32 and go to the solarian outpost on Sur'Kesh in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


EDI: Cerberus appears to be well motivated.

Shepard: They're capable of anything.

Liara: It's just hard to understand.

Cerberus Soldier: Orion squad, your orders are to hold position and block access to the next checkpoint.

Salarian Soldier: Watch it! We've got [inaudible 00:00:034].

EDI: They're trying to form a blockade!

Liara: Taking them head on may not be the best idea.

EDI: A blanket maneuver may be a better approach.

Salarian Soldier: Keep moving! I'll handle them!

Liara: Those turrets will tear us to pieces. The Salarian's down.

EDI: No more enemies in sight.

Liara: The next checkpoint won't be far. Maybe we can beat Cerberus to it.

Console: Scanning. Warning, containment damage has sustained damage. Access confirmed.

EDI: Doctor Solus's theory is likely true. Cerberus was informed of the Krogan's presence. Their response time is too rapid.

Liara: Every war has its traitors. This one could be rough!

EDI: More hostiles on the floor above.

Shepard: Find cover!

EDI: There are stairs. We could take the high ground. I will.

Mordin: Elevator malfunctioning, Shepard. Need assistance!

EDI: Yes.

Shepard: I'm headed up top!

Cerberus Soldier: [inaudible 00:03:10]. Take them out.

Mordin: Cerberus outside pod, Shepard. Need assistance!

Shepard: Take them out! Get them away from the female.

Mordin: Taking fire!

EDI: Affirmative.

Mordin: Shepard, suspect Cerberus has cut power. Can't progress until you reroute emergency systems.

Emergency System: Power now online.

Mordin: Excellent! [inaudible 00:05:22]. Wait! Another Cerberus squad.

Cerberus Soldier: [inaudible 00:05:28].

Shepard: Don't let them...

EDI: Acknowledged.

Liara: Affirmative. Understood.

Shepard: Keep up the pressure!

Liara: Right away. Right away.

Mordin: Excellent. Affinity for destruction intact, Shepard. Can clear us through now.

Shepard: How you holding up?

Mordin: Containment shield strong, but not designed for direct fire.

Krogan: This truce must be important to you.

Shepard: Earth's survival depends on getting you out of here alive. How many more checkpoints?

Mordin: Just the landing area. Hope Urdnot Wreav still waiting.

Krogan: I have some value to Wreav now. He'll be there.

Shepard: I'll see you up top.

Cerberus Soldier: We've found the Krogan.

Liara: That was the last one.

Shepard: Let's get the hell out of here.

Wreav: Shepard, get moving. I can't fly this thing around forever.

Shepard: The female's on the way up to the landing area.

Wreav: You pull this off and I might actually start liking you.

Liara: We're almost back up top.

Mordin: Shepard, they found us! Under heavy attack.

Cerberus Soldier: We've got the Krogan [inaudible 00:08:50].

Mordin: Cerberus outside pod, Shepard. Need assistance!

Cerberus Soldier: Reinforcements are [inaudible 00:09:01].

Mordin: Hurry Shepard! Containment shield failing! Appear safe. Need final approval now. Shepard, you must authorize release. Pod then transfers to loading area.

Shepard: Let's get you out of there.

Wreav: Shepard, watch it! You've got incoming. Shepard, I can't land until you deal with that mech. It's too dangerous.

Atlas: Krogan has been acquired.

Mordin: Door is damaged! Can't get out.

Shepard: Stay clear, I've got this.

Mordin: Protect the Krogan, Shepard! She's vulnerable.

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