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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 32 - Sur'Kesh

Go to the solarian outpost on Sur'Kesh in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Commander Shepard: Stay clear, I've got this.

Male 1: Protect [inaudible 00:00:07] Shepard. She's vulnerable.

Commander Shepard: Cerberus never did fight fair.

Male 2: Shepard, what's the hold up? I thought you were the expert at blowing things up.

Female 1: I don't like him.

Commander Shepard: There are still more enemies left, advise caution.

Male 2: That looks like the last one, Shepard. I'm landing now.

I wasn't sure you could pull this off, Shepard.

Commander Shepard: Let's make this quick.

Male 2: I'll take it from here.

Female 2: I'm not your property , Reave.

Commander Shepard: Why is Cerberus here? What do you want?

Akin: Commander, I'm hearing chatter you're brokering a treaty between the Krogen and the Turians.

Commander Shepard: If I get Krogan boots on Palaven, the Turians promise me their support.

Akin: And how does Cerberus get involved?

Commander Shepard: I don't know. The Elusive Man is up to something.

Akin: Then keep them at bay. I can't overstate what a victory this treaty would be for the Alliance. We'll need all the help we can get.

Commander Shepard: How is the prothian [PH] device coming?

Akin: Alliance R&D has officially begun construction. The team is dubbed it "Project Crucible.' We're throwing everybody who knows to hold a hammer at it. This is going to be the most ambitious undertaking in human history.

Commander Shepard: Will we get it done?

Akin: I'm not saying it won't be a challenge, but our researchers tell me the designs are elegant, massive in scope, but strangely simple as well. We can do this, Shepard. You can do this. Never doubt that.

Commander Shepard: Yes, sir.

Akin: Good. Akin, out.

Male 3: Leave the female safe. We can worry about curing the rest of your people later.

Reave: You're not backing out, Turian.

Male 3: The Palaven need your reinforcements now. We can't delay.

Reave: It's non-negotiable. Every Krogan gets the cure or Palaven burns.

Commander Shepard: Mordin, how long will it take to finish a cure?

Mordin: We need to synthesis base antigen for female. Also requires healthy male Krogan tissue. We'll need a sample.

Reave: I'll give you one. The cure starts with me.

Mordin: Acceptable. We'll need you to remain aboard Normandy for a procedure.

Reave: I would anyway. Nobody's touching my female.

Commander Shepard: Formulating a cure that works for every Krogan sounds like a tall order, Mordin. Can you do it?

Mordin: Of course, similar to gender modification projects. Working against [inaudible 00:06:23] this time. Not as simple as garbage DNA blocking attachment sites. We'll need to counteract, shut down the redundant nervous system, adjust neurotransmitter levels.

Commander Shepard: Got it.

Mordin: We'll create cure, Shepard. No need to worry.

Commander Shepard: Reave, you will realize Turians are dying while we sort this out?

Reave: Not my concern.

Mordin: We'll be in med-bay if you need to speak. Eve requires more test.

Commander Shepard: Eve?

Mordin: Female's real name unknown. Normandy a human vessel. Human methodology seemed appropriate under circumstances. Suggest speaking with her. New perspective, surprising in Krogan.

Commander Shepard: Now, is there anything else?

Male 3: There's a small matter concerning a ship we've lost contact with.

Commander Shepard: What happened?

Male 3: I'd rather discuss it in private.

Reave: When you are finished with Turian problems, Shepard, we need to talk.

Commander Shepard: About what?

Reave: A squad of mine went missing. I can give you the details, in private.

Commander Shepard: I will find you both in the war room. Just be ready to talk.

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