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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 33 - Utukku

Check out part 34 and go and rescue the krogan scout team on Utukku with Aralakh Company in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Wreav: Shepard, you proved yourself a capable warrior on Sur'Kesh. Our property has been returned to its rightful owner. You're halfway there.

Shepard: You said one of your squads is missing?

Wreav: We've heard some troubling rumors about the rachni relay.

Shepard: Rachni?

Wreav: A few scouts went to check it out, but we lost contact. So I sent Aralakh Company, my best squad, to investigate. They can meet you there. Given your history with the rachni, I figured you'd want in on this.

Shepard: I'll do what I can.

Wreav: Well, let's hope it's enough.

Shepard: What do you think the krogan will do after the genophage is cured?

Wreav: As the one who cured it, my word will be law over all the other clans. Then your council will remember why they feared the krogan.

Shepard: Sounds like you're looking for some payback.

Wreav: My people have suffered a great injustice. To let the genophage go unpunished would show weakness. At the very least, the threat of revenge will ensure an accommodation is reached. Violence can be a useful tool, Commander.

Shepard: What's the situation back on Tuchanka?

Wreav: I got word that more Reaper forces arrived. They're planning something.

Shepard: You almost sound excited.

Wreav: Oh, I am. We're at our best against enemies everyone else fears. The salarians are hiding. The turians are begging for help. But krogan? We're happy to let the Reapers in so we can measure their heads for trophies before we kill them.

Shepard: Back on Sur'Kesh, the female krogan didn't seem to like you much.

Wreav: It doesn't matter. I'm her clan leader, and she'll obey my word. Her immunity is an unexpected gift. It'll force the other clans to accept Urdnot rule as supreme. Our offspring will outnumber theirs in no time.

Shepard: How could there be trouble with the rachni? The last queen died years ago. They can't be back.

Wreav: So you say.

Shepard: Wreav, they're extinct.

Wreav: Well, the scouts found something. Could be nothing. Or it might be another invasion. If it is the rachni, they need to be stopped.

Shepard: Let's get back to work.

Wreav: Yes, there's a lot to be done.

Liara: Have you learned anything, Shepard?

Shepard: Our backup's waiting for us at the drop point. Aralakh Company, krogan commandos.

EDI: That's correct. They are an accomplished unit, made famous for the decisive action liberating a colony from batarian pirates.

Shepard: Good to hear. Other than that, there's been no word from a team of krogan scouts since they went through the rachni relay.

EDI: There are many reasons that communication with the scouts could be disrupted.

Shepard: We don't know much, but no rachni activity has been reported. Just be ready for anything.

Dagg: Team two, get going. Updates every 10 minutes. Understood?

Shepard: You must be the backup.

Dagg: Commander Shepard, Urdnot Dagg. I speak for Aralakh Company. I was told you're in command.

Shepard: That's right.

Dagg: I envy your enemies, Commander. To be hated by one so powerful speaks well of you. My krogan would destroy anything we face to earn such a reputation.

Shepard: Your clan leader speaks highly of you as well.

Dagg: When Wreav put Aralakh Company together to demonstrate krogan unity, he needed a leader that was respected and feared. I've been around a long time, human, fought many wars, earned every scar. I know my kind, and I know my company. Every krogan here wants blood.

Shepard: I don't want a bunch of glory-seeking hotheads disobeying my commands. Clear?

Dagg: We'll get along just fine. I got to tell you, Commander, there's something wrong about this place. The rachni are here. I can feel it in my guts.

Shepard: I understand, Dagg, but let's stay focused on the scouts.

Dagg: Of course, Commander. Even so, initial scans show these tunnels connect to a large central point like a nest.

Liara: A nest? At least we could end this here.

Dagg: Aralakh Company, move out.

Resupply here, Commander. Meet you at the scout camp up ahead.

Shepard: Copy that, Dagg. Take what you need and move out.

Liara: Their base camp is in ruins. I hope we can find some answers.

Shepard: Me too.

Dagg: Ready, Commander. We're right behind you. Commander?

Shepard: What happened to the scouting party?

Dagg: Don't know. Our mission is to find that out. Anything else is a distraction. If one of my teams finds anything useful, I'll let you know.

Shepard: What do you know about the rachni?

Dagg: Some fool went through an unmapped relay centuries ago, found the rachni. The rachni went to war with everyone. They were winning too until the krogan took care of the problem. We fought and died in tunnels just like this to save the galaxy.

Shepard: What'd your team find when you arrived?

Dagg: A mess. Looks like something dropped half their camp down a hole. No shuttle, either. The scouting party was stuck here.

Shepard: Tell me more about this company.

Dagg: Aralakh means, "I have wrath." We are named after the fierce Tuchanka sun. Wreav wanted to show the krogan are united, that we can work together. We represent unity and strength. I am honored to be chosen for this duty.

Shepard: Okay, let's go.

Dagg: Whenever you're ready, Commander. We're right behind you.

Look out! The whole thing's coming down!

Shepard: Everyone all right?

Dagg: You are eager to find the enemy, Commander!

Shepard: Looks like we're all okay! Keep in radio contact.

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