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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 34 - Utukku

Check out part 35 and go and rescue the krogan scout team on Utukku with Aralakh Company in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Shepard: Looks like we're all okay! Keep in radio contact.

EDI: Something up ahead.

Shepard: I see it. Dagg, got a body of a scout here. Been dead a few days.

Dagg: If he still has his weapon, grab it. Could be useful down here.

Liara: Is that webbing?

Shepard: Looks like it.

EDI: Stay close. It's easy to get separated.

Shepard: Agreed. Everybody, be ready.

EDI: Can anyone see that?

Liara: Confirmed.

Shepard: Some kind of auto-hit.

Liara: Yeah.

EDI: What is that?

Liara: Somebody's coming.

EDI: Note the wires, Shepard, Reaper technology.

Shepard: Maybe. Dagg, we got contact!

Dagg: Copy that, Commander.

Liara: Along the far wall, Shepard! Is that rachni?

Shepard: Good eye.

EDI: It's the rachni, or what's left, another species twisted by the Reapers.

Shepard: Dagg, Shepard here. Rachni presence confirmed, modified and very dangerous.

Dagg: Copy that. No sightings yet here. Lost a krogan to a sinkhole, bad way to go.

EDI: The nest has to be here. The significant amount of Reaper forces indicates we are on the right path.

Liara: No question, Reapers have been here.

Shepard: Agreed, let's find out why.

EDI: A barrier, Shepard.

Shepard: Copy that.

Liara: It must open somehow. What is that?

EDI: It was some kind of [inaudible 00:04:44].

Liara: Look out!

ED. Anyone injured?

Shepard: Looks like we're finding another way out of here. Come on!

Dagg: Commander, what was that noise?

Shepard: Cave-in. We're all right.

Dagg: Understood, Dagg out. Commander, I got information off one of the scouts.

Shepard: What happened to them?

Dagg: The leader ordered them to take weapons deep into the caves. He knew the next team would need help.

Shepard: They died making sure we could make it to the central chamber. Come on.

EDI: Shepard?

Shepard: Looks like a last message. He's asked that it be delivered to an asari named Ereba on the Citadel.

EDI: Another hall, Shepard.

Shepard: Expect trouble.

Liara: Right!

Liara: It's finished.

Shepard: Keep the pressure up! Stay low. Don't let it get a bead on you.

Liara: Understood.

EDI: Affirmative. I will.

Liara: Understood!

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