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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 35 - Utukku

Check out part 36 and go and rescue the krogan scout team on Utukku with Aralakh Company in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Dagg: We must be approaching the nest, Commander. Getting some action now.

Shepard: Any casualties?

Dagg: Some, but even more dead Rachni.

EDI: Understood.

Liara: Look out!

EDI:: The Rachni's Suen are a highly toxic environment for breathing. But this atmosphere is breathable.

Liara: There's no telling how much the Reapers changed the Rachni.

EDI: I believe the Reaper's army is coming. They reproduce very quickly, and this is a perfect place to hide them until they're too strong to stop.

Shepard: I agree. And they're throwing everything they've got at us so we don't reach the nest.

EDI: Understood.

Dagg: Commander, something's blocking the passage. We're getting overrun.

Shepard: Hold on, Dagg. I'm on it.

Dagg: Hurry!

Liara: There's the power node.

Shepard: Come on!

Dagg: The Rachni were clever to seal the passage. Shut off escape and smash your enemies against the stone.

Shepard: Glad you made it.

Dagg: The Rachni have retreated for now but will soon return in force.

Shepard: We're close, Dagg. Those barriers were protecting whatever's down that passage.

Dagg: We'll dig in here. Ensure you have time to finish this.

Shepard: Good luck.

Dagg: Luck? Hah! Luck is for a Salarian male hoping to please his mate. Krogan, nothing gets past us.

Shepard: Take it slow.

Liara: What is that?

Shepard: Dagg, we've located the central chamber.

Dagg: Excellent. Shut it down, Commander.

Shepard: Move it. Damn it.

Liara: We need to find the power node.

EDI: Heavy resistance.

Shepard: This is it, people.

Liara: Shepard, over here.

Shepard: C'mon. We've gotta get past these barriers.

Liara: There must be more power nodes on the other side. Right away. Right away.

EDI: They aren't letting up.

Shepard: Stay focused.

Liara: Okay.

EDI: Their numbers are staggering.

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