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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 36 - Utukku - Rachni Queen

Go and rescue the krogan scout team on Utukku with Aralakh Company in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


EDI: Their numbers are staggering!

Liara: Got it!

Dagg: The Rachni are backing off. They will be back. Whatever you're doing, do it fast.

Shepard: Copy that.

Breeder: We suffer.

Liara: Goddess!

Breeder: Screaming... silence... silence.

Shepard: What are you?

Breeder: A corruption. A monster.

Shepard: How is this possible? I destroyed the last Rachni queen.

Breeder: I am not queen. Not proud Rachni. Alone. A monster shaped to make hollow children. Empty children that obey.

EDI: The creature isn't Rachni. It's a surrogate engineered from other Rachni.

Breeder: Children know I am free. Cannot hear me.

Shepard: How did the Reapers make their own queen?

Breeder: Cut pieces from beautiful children. Bent and twisted into this. I
make these hollow slaves. Empty. The machines come... take the slaves away to fight the war.

Shepard: You were created by the Reapers to destroy us.

Breeder: No! I am not a weapon... for the machines! I would... destroy them. Fight them. They made my children slaves. The children will destroy us. All of us.

Dagg: Commander, there's a lot of movement out here.

Shepard: Copy that, Dagg. Can you control your children?

Breeder: No. No. They only scream. We all suffer. If I create new children. Maybe... they could listen.

Liara: Shepard, I don't know what you're thinking, but this can't continue.

Breeder: My children come. Release me! I will destroy the machines! Release me!

Dagg: Commander! We got hostiles! If we stay here, Aralakh Company dies!

Shepard: Change of plans! Aralakh Company buys her time to escape. Dagg, get back here and lead us out.

Dagg: Commander! I'm leaving my team and falling back!

EDI: Shepard

Shepard: That's an order! She's too valuable an asset to lose. Fall back and get us out of here ASAP

Dagg: Aha!

The shuttle's down that path. I'll hold them off. Go, Commander!

Time to die.

Shepard: Cortez, we're the last ones out.

Cortez: Copy that, Commander. Shuttle is waiting.

Shepard: Let's go.

Admiral Hackett: I'm reviewing your report on the Rachni situation, Commander. This could've gotten complicated, fast. Making an ally out of that Rachni surrogate was a risky move. We need all the help we can get, but I have some serious doubts on this one.

Shepard: Noted, Sir.

Admiral Hackett: But, we cut the Reaper supply of Rachni troops and picked up some additional Krogan support. I call that a victory. I've got to get back to it, Commander. Watch yourself out there. Hackett out.

Wreav: Shepard, your report says you made a deal with the Rachni! And not even Rachni, but some hacked together Reaper-monster! You were sent to destroy them!

Shepard: I'm using whatever I can to win this war, Wreav. I make hard choices that scare politicians. Politicians like you.

Wreav: You dare...

Shepard: I do. Are we done here?

Wreav: We have long memories, Shepard. The deaths of so many Krogan to save this abomination. It will be remembered.

Shepard: Understood.

Wreav: Let's hope the matter is finished now. I see that the Speaker of Aralakh Company did not survive.

Shepard: He died making sure we made it out of there.

Wreav: His sacrifice will be noted. So it was a Krogan that got you out of there.

Shepard: A real Krogan, yes.

Wreav: I should return to my duties now.

Shepard: You do that.

Mordin: Shepard, just verified. Results promising. Can synthesize for universal Krogan immunity.

Wreav: Uh-huh. You never told me where you've been getting that tissue from.

Shepard: The cure's ready?

Mordin: No. Still need transmission vector. Cure useless unless given to entire species.

Shepard: You infected them with the disease easy enough. Is the cure that different?

Mordin: No. Keeping modality similar wouldn't be possible. Easiest way to develop cure rapidly. Ground water? No, too slow. Voluntary inoculation risky. Population too scattered for airborne. Unless, wait! Yes! The Shroud! Constant, local dispersion of air particles. Built by Salarians to repair atmosphere of Tuchanka. Also used by Turians.

Primarch Victus: We used it to secretly spread the genophage virus. It ended the Krogan Rebellions.

Wreav: You're lucky it worked.

Shepard: If you're going to infect an entire population, that's the way to do it.

Mordin: Yes, yes. But useful now. Original genophage strain still in storage at Shroud facility. Can use it as transmission vector. And use Shroud to blanket Tuchanka with cure.

Wreav: The Salarian's smarter than I thought. This could work.

Shepard: Then finish your preparations and be ready to go, Mordin.

Mordin: Of course. Ready when you need me. Will be in medbay with Eve until then.

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