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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 37 - Tuchanka - Investigate Cerberus Attack

Check out part 38 and Investigate the Cerberus Attack on Tuchanka in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Hackett: Sheppard, Cerebus landing force is away from the Krogan [SP] battle fields. Their target seems to be an ancient ground to space counterfacility that hasn't been used since the Grokan [SP] rebellions. The site has no obvious military advantage and the Krogan's [SP] are spread too thin to deal with it.

Sheppard: Do we know what Cerberus is up to?

Hackett: No, but we do know that Cerberus doesn't act without a plan. Get in there, stop them. Find out what they're up to while you're at it.

Sheppard: We'll get it done.

Hackett: See to it. Hackett [SP] out.

Radio Lieutenant: They say Cerberus got that cannon operational, Commander. I'll go back up, get a read on what they're shooting at.

Sheppard: Get on it. All right, let's find the control room for those cannons. Kill anything in our way.

Radio Lieutenant: Commander, I have a visual on an inbound service cruiser. Cannon fire is clearing the way. If that ship makes it to bombardment range, the Krogan resistance is in trouble!

Sheppard: Keep track of it, Lieutenant.

Radio Lieutenant: On it!

Sheppard: Got it!

Radio Lieutenant: [inaudible 00:04:04] reinforcements.

Sheppard: I will! Withdraw center secure and I think it's time to test this cannon.

Not the kind of Krogan relic I expected to find.

They cut power to the console!

Radio Lieutenant: You'll need to get the power back on!

Sheppard: Let's move!

Woman: Understood.

Sheppard: They're shuttling in reinforcements, fortifying their position.

Woman: Understood...

Right away.

I will.

I'm on it.

Doing it now.

Alien: Go. No time. Take them out. Go. Go.

Woman: Right! To the right!

Alien: Defend!

Woman: I'm on it!

Man Voice: Get to cover! Take them captives!

Woman: RIght!

Man Voice: Get to cover!

Woman: I'm on it!

Man Voice: Target confirmed!

Radio Lieutenant: Cutting it close, Commander!

Sheppard: I've rerouted the power to the main console. Heading back now!

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