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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 39 - Tuchanka - Rescue Turian Survivors

Check out part 40 and investigate the Cerberus Attack on Tuchanka in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Shepard: This crash site's a nightmare. ED, try to raise Lieutenant Victus.

EDI: Yes, ma'am.

Liara: I've heard rumors of Cerberus activity on Tuchanka, but nothing about Arcturians.

Joker: Commander, I have to land well back front the main crash site.

Shepard: That the best you can do?

Joker: Yes, ma'am. The Reapers seem unaware of our presence. You might get the jump on them.

Shepard: All right, set her down. Let's save this platoon. Okay. Did you raise Lieutenant Victus?

EDI: Yes, but the connection is bad.

Shepard: Patch me in. This is Commander Shepherd, Alliance Navy. Do you read?

Victus: This is Lieutenant Tarquinn Victus of the Ninth Platoon. We're pinned by Reaper Harvesters and taking heavy casualties. Also there are pockets of my men scattered along the crash trajectory.

Shepard: Lieutenant, I need you to fire a flare so I can find your position. Got it.

Victus: Things get worse by the minute. My men are dying.

Shepard: This sounds bad. Let's move.

Liara: The level of destruction is rather amazing. Shepherd, any idea what these Turians were here to do?

EDI: Maps of the area list no important resources.

Liara: Should you see them, kill them quickly. We do not want reinforcements. A downed escape pod.

EDI: It appears that they survived the crash and then a Harvester exploded the pod.

Shepard: Died in the explosion.

Liara: And then pulled out to be eaten by Husks.

EDI: Picking up auditory evidence of conflict.

Shepard: Okay, I have a visual on the enemy and there's an escape pod just beyond. Looks like the Turians are in tough. Enemies up ahead don't know we're here.

Liara: Then surprise is on our side.

Shepard: Exactly. Let's go.

Liara: I'm on it. I'm on it.

EDI: Doing it now.

Turian: Harvester! Incoming Harvester!

EDI: That harvester will compromise the state of the... Affirmative.

Turian: Thank you.

Turian: Don't stop for us. We'll head for the main crash site.

Turian: There's another pod ahead.

EDI: As you wish. You managed to save them all.

Shepard: Keep moving. We need to find the main crash site ASAP.

Liara: The pressure for Lieutenant Victus to succeed in light of his father's promotion must be intense.

EDI: Organic species give disproportionate credit to parental influence. Peer groups are a more important factor in determining behavior.

Liara: They don't see us.

Shepard: Follow my lead.

EDI: At once.

Turian: No! Heads up! Harvester incoming!

Liara: Shepard, another harvester!

Turian: Shoot ahead!

Turian: Thanks for the help!

Turian: We'll rendezvous at the crash site.

Liara: Saved all the Turians, it feels good. This way.

Victus: Do you read, Commander? Repeat, do you read?

Shepard: Shepard here, what's your status?

Victus: We're in deep. Commander, what's your ETA?

Shepard: Hang tight, we're on our way.

Turian: Vartik, how's our velocity?

Turian: Deceleration online. We'll survive.

Turian: Victus is going to pay for this.

Turian: Court marital or hanging.

Liara: As a commander, how do you live this down?

Shepard: When we find him, we'll ask.

Liara: More incoming Husks!

Victus: Commander, come in.

Shepard: Shepard here.

Victus: Just saw Harvesters drop a lot of enemies in your path.

Shepard: Understood.

Liara: Got it. Understood.

EDI: Affirmative.

Liara: Right away. There's a Harvester. It's retreating!

EDI: Doing it now. At once. Yes.

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