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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 40 - Tuchanka - Rescue Turian Survivors

Investigate the Cerberus Attack on Tuchanka in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Shepard: Okay, let's pick it up. It's important we don't lose this squad.

Liara: It seems that the Turians are playing with political dynamite here. Maybe they should inform the Krogan.

Shepard: I need these guys working together. Better not to complicate things. All right, let's move!

EDI: Force load the ready.

Liara: Not one more solider dies here today!

EDI: I will. Right.

Liara: Right away. Understood.

EDI: Yes.

Liara: Right away.

EDI: At once. I will. Doing it now.

Liara: Harvester incoming. Yes. Understood. Got it. Area secured, Shepard. This way.

Shepard: Lieutenant Victus?

Victus: Commander Shepard, my men and I are in your debt. Thank you for saving so many.

Shepard: What happened here?

Alien: He screwed up.

Victus: Stand down, soldier.

Alien: These men are dead because of him.

Victus: I said, stand down.

Shepard: Hey, I just saved all your asses, so everyone just calm down. Lieutenant, what's going on here?

Victus: I made a bad call. This is all on me. I chose caution and clever tactics over a head-on attack, and my men payed the price.

Shepard: You mean the crash?

Victus: Yes. We could see on Hollow that Reaper forces were blocking our intended path. Staying on course guaranteed heavy casualties. So, I chose a safer route, skirting the enemy, and that took us low and through these ruins. When we encountered resistance there was no room to maneuver. Suddenly, we were in a fight for our lives. A lot of my men lost that fight.

Shepard: Making hard decisions and dealing with the consequences, that's what being a leader is about.

Victus: You're right, Commander. Our mission's still a failure. When we've stabilizing the injured, we'll head back to the fleet.

Shepard: You're abandoning your mission?

Victus: We're down over 30 men. It'd be suicide.

Shepard: What exactly did you come here to do?

Victus: There's a bomb on the planet. We were sent to defuse it.

Shepard: A bomb? How big?

Victus: Enormous. Cerberus has it.

Shepard: Lieutenant, if Cerberus has that bomb, you have to finish your mission.

Victus: Haven't these men sacrificed enough?

Shepard: Sacrifice is what we sign on for. They know that, and so should you.

Victus: My men have lost hope, Commander. Even if I wanted to finish the mission, they don't.

Shepard: It's your job to make them want to.

Victus: How?

Shepard: What's wrong with you? Inspire them! Threaten them! Lieutenant, if Cerberus succeeds, the Reapers divide and conquer us, and then that is on them.

Victus: Listen up. This isn't about your fears and grievances.

Alien: Fears? We're only afraid of the next messed up order you give.

Victus: Irrelevant. Court martial, death, and dishonor awaits anyone who balks at his duty. We are Turian. We finish what we came here to do or we die trying. Shuttles arrive any minute, so get your asses in gear. Let's move! Commander, come with us. We're a shell of what we were. We could use the help.

Shepard: Send me the nav point. I'll see what I can do.

Victus: Thank you. That'll give us time to do a little recon, see what we're up against.

Shepard: Victus, I've given you a second chance. Don't screw this up.

Victus: Understood, Commander. Hope to see you at the rendezvous.

Hackett: Cerberus bomb. What the hell is going on Commander and what do the Turians have to do with it?

Shepard: Coordinates Victus gave me place it in the Kelphic Valley. It's a heavily populated area. That's all I know.

Hackett: My gut says something's not right here.

Shepard: What do you suggest?

Hackett: Get the Primarch to come clean.

Shepard: Should we alert the Krogan military?

Hackett: I'd wait. We're in the dark here. Krogan-Turian relations are fragile until the genophage is cured. Let's not push it. And how about this bomb? How many troops does Cerberus have on this?

Shepard: No idea. All I know is we can't have them detonating that bomb.

Hackett: Keep me in the loop. Hackett out.

Shepard: Primarch Victus.

Primarch: Impressive work on Tuchanka. I'm grateful that...

Shepard: Why didn't you tell me about the Cerberus bomb? Why hide that? What else are you keeping from me?

Primarch: I have nothing for you.

Shepard: For our alliance to work, I need to trust you.

Primarch: Our friendship is new, Commander. Would you trust me with information that puts your people, puts Earth at risk?

Shepard: If I had to choose between our alliance and lying to save my people, I'd choose Earth every time.

Primarch: Even if it cost you the Turian fleet?

Shepard: I see your point.

Primarch: Decisions like these weigh heavy on me. When I was a general, I could pass them up the chain of command, but now, I'm all I've got. Know what I mean?

Shepard: Sure. And?

Primarch And... And that's all. Wait, there is one more thing, Commander. Thank you for saving my son.

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