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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 41 - Tuchanka - Find the Bomb

Check out part 42 and find the Turian bomb on Tuchanka in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Victus: Normandy shuttle, this is Lieutenant Victus with the Ninth Platoon, do you copy?

Sheppard: We hear you Ninth Platoon.

Victus: We're approaching the bomb site, Commander. We're getting bounced around pretty bad

Sheppard: This is as close as we get, Lieutenant. Look for somewhere to set your platoon down.

Victus: Copy that.

Sheppard: Talk to me about this Cerberus bomb.

Victus: It's not Cerberus, Commander. It's Turian.

Sheppard: What do you mean, Turian?

Victus: It was planted centuries ago, after the Krogan rebellions. The bomb was a safeguard against another galactic war.

Woman 1: To keep the Krogan from becoming a threat.

Sheppard: Makes sense. Couldn't trust the Krogan to play nice. But right now we focus on disarming that bomb.

Victus: Yes but Cerberus found it. Detonation means all out war between my people and the Krogan.

Sheppard: Right. Where is it?

Victus: Those buildings ahead. Cerberus brought equipment to dig it up. The Ninth Platoon will cover your flank, Commander.

Sheppard: With all this activity the Krogan have to know something is up.

Victus: Then we can't fail, Commander.

Sheppard: Copy that, Lieutenant.

Yes. Let's move it, people! Take cover. Keep your heads down.

Woman 1: Understood. Got it.

Victus: We're getting heavy resistance here! Entrance sighted, we're on the move.

Sheppard: We need to go.

Woman 1: Look out!

Sheppard: Understood. Right. Affirmative. Doing it now.

Woman 1: We can't stay here!

Sheppard: I will.

Woman 1: Look out! I'm on it. Right.

Woman 2: We should move to cover.

Victus: Once we reach the bomb, I'll need to reprogram the trigger mechanism.

Male: Get down!

Sheppard: Understood. We're taking the generators. Affirmative. Affirmative. I will.

Woman 1: Got it.

Woman 2: At once.

Woman 1: The Krogan rebellions were before my time, but I can't comprehend a need for this.

Woman 2 : While morally questionable, the strategy is sound.

Victus: Cerberus is putting up a fight, but the Ninth Platoon is advancing, commander.

Sheppard: Good work, Lieutenant.

Victus: Commander, we're getting a lot of mortar fire! They're cutting our guys to pieces! Taking an alternate route. Circling around the bomb site.

Sheppard: Copy that.

Man 1: Mission protocol, incomplete.

Victus: I'm getting a lot of Cerberus radio chatter. They're prepping for evac.

Sheppard: I don't like the sound of that.

Woman 1: Cerberus is leaving.

Woman 2: Doing it now.

Woman 1: We'll have a better view up the ramp

Sheppard: Agreed. Go.

Woman 1: I can't believe it remained undetected for so long.

Sheppard: It must have been far enough underground to stay hidden. Cerberus had to dig it out.

Woman 2: It must have been strategically placed for maximum yield. I advise haste, Commander.

Victus: Commander, we're entering the bomb site. Moving towards the control station.

Sheppard: Roger that. We're on our way.

Woman 1: With Cerberus evacuating the bomb should be clear.

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