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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 42 - Tuchanka - Find the Bomb

Find the Turian bomb on Tuchanka in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Shepard: Looks like control schematics for automated turrets. No good now, but they might be useful later.

EDI: The original safeguards are no match for current technology.

Shepard: We need to hurry!

Lieutenant: I'm at the control panel, Commander. Cerberus set up a firewall around the trigger mechanism to slow us down. I need to create a bypass. That will take time. But like you said, no trigger, no explosion.

Shepard: Are you sure you can disarm the trigger?

Lieutenant: Yes, it's old tech! I know what to do. Buy me a few minutes, Commander.

Shepard: I put my team at risk to get you here, Lieutenant. You better deliver.

Lieutenant: I know what's at stake, Commander. And, thank you for making sure I get this chance.

Shepard: Just make it right, Soldier. Look out!

Lieutenant: Commander!

Shepard: Focus on the bomb. We'll handle Cerberus.

Enemy: Invasive protocol activated. Cerberus blocking access. All units engage.

Shepard: Nobody get's past us, you clear?

EDI: Clear!

Enemy: Get to cover!

Liara: Understood.

EDI: Cerberus reinforcements.

Lieutenant: I need more time, Commander!

EDI: Taking fire!

Shepard: Protect him!

EDI: He's taking fire.

Shepard: Protect him!

Liara: Doing it now.

Shepard: More on the way!

Lieutenant: Need more time!

Liara: That's one.

EDI: They're not letting up.

Shepard: Watch for more shuttles!

Lieutenant: Almost there!

Enemy: We have contact.

EDI: He's taking fire.

Shepard: Protect him!

Enemy: Atlas deployed.

EDI: Shepard!

Shepard: Take that thing down, now!

Lieutenant: Programming in the bypass. Commander, firewall's down. I'm in. Spirits! Cerberus hacked the trigger mechanism. It's set to blow.

Shepard: Disarm it!

Lieutenant: No time. I have to separate the trigger from the bomb, now! Cover me!

Shepard: Lieutenant!

Lieutenant: Victory, at any cost.

Joker: Commander, I've got radio chatter coming in from Krogan forces, planet-side. Sounds like they've started sweeping out the remaining Cerberus troops. Hate to be the guy who told the Krogan about that surprise package. Did you get out all right? Sounds like it got ugly down there.

Shepard: The Turians took a lot of casualties, Joker. The Primarch's son included.

Joker: Understood, Commander. Joker out.

Liara: I can't count the times I've watched friends risk everything for a cause. To see the lieutenant die for us, for his platoon, it hits close to home.

Shepard: Winning this war will have a high price.

EDI: I agree. The losses are unfortunate, Shepard, but preserving the piece between Turians and Krogan could prevent the deaths of millions.

Shepard: I know, EDI. But right now, I just don't give a damn about politics.

Hackett: Good work on Chitanka, Commander. Stopping that bomb prevented the war between the Turians and the Krogan. We can't afford that kind of division right now.

Shepard: Joker said the Krogan are recovering the bomb?

Hackett: They moved in, won't allow Turians to send in recovery crews to help.

Shepard: Understandable.

Hackett: The situation is fragile at the moment. With Reeve and the Primarch aboard the Normandy, you've got a situation brewing. We don't got a solid alliance between those two yet. Keep the peace, Commander. That's an order.

Shepard: Yes, Sir.

Hackett: Hackett out.

Primarch: We couldn't risk another galactic war with the Krogan.

Reave: The genophage wasn't enough? You needed another way to keep your pets chained?

Primarch: The decision was made hundreds of years ago. So much has changed.

Reave: You still didn't tell us about the bomb, coward!

Shepard: Hey! The Reapers are out there destroying the galaxy and you want to fight about this. Primarch, you had a bomb on Chitanka. And Reave, in the Turians' place, you would have done the same damn thing.

Reave: Commander.

Shepard: It's over. His own son died today making this right.

Primarch: Please, Commander. It's all right.

Reave: All right, Commander, I agree. We have stronger enemies to face.

Shepard: We do.

Primarch: I understand your reservations before, Commander. But I hope you now understand the secrecy.

Shepard: You kept this a secret and then put your son in charge? He couldn't handle it.

Primarch: Yes. You're right, Commander. It was a mistake not to trust you. I know that now. My son... he died with the respect of his men. I wanted to thank you for that. His sacrifice will be recorded in the histories of the Ninth Platoon, something any father would be proud of.

Shepard: Yes, Sir.

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