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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 43 - Tuchanka - Shroud Facility

Check out part 44 and travel to the Shroud Facility on Tuchanka in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Joker: . . .Full stop! Hostiles detected at the landing coordinates.

Shepard: Joker, what have you got?

Joker: Sensors show a Reaper parked at the Shroud facility. No way you're gonna be able to land a shuttle there.

Shepard: Get everyone assembled in the War Room. I want eyes on the Shroud.

Joker: Aye aye, ma'am.

Man: New form of Reaper, Shepard. Using Shroud to poison Chuchunka's atmosphere. Problematic.

Wreav: Cowards! They're afraid to take us head-on.

Shepard: Primark, we're going to need your help.

Primark: That could be difficult. Our losses on Palaven have been catastrophic.

Shepard: You said you'd help. It's time to deliver.

Primark: What is it you need?

Shepard: A combined attack. Your people hit the Reaper with an airstrike. Wreav, at the same time, your soldiers will be attacking from the ground. Together, you can draw it away from the tower.

Man: Yes, distraction. Small team can reach Shroud facility, finish synthesizing cure. We'll need Eve to come with us.

Shepard: Then it's now or never.

Wreav: Now! Today, the Krogan rise again.

Woman: Commander, incoming message, marked Urgent. I'll put it in the com room for you.

Shepard: Dalatras?

Dalatras: Commander Shepard, we know you've reached Chuchunka. And by now, I imagine, Morden Solis has proposed using the Shroud.

Shepard: Are you spying on us?

Dalatras: Hardly. The Shroud is the only viable course of action open to you. Commander, you can't allow the diplomatic pressures of this war to cloud your judgement. Do you honestly believe curing the genophage will end in lasting peace?

Shepard: No, I don't. The Krogan are too violent. But I don't have a choice here.

Dalatras: Then allow me to offer you one. Years ago, our operatives sabotaged the Shroud facility to ensure what you are planning couldn't be done. Morden will likely detect this malfunction and repair it. But if you ensure that he doesn't, then the cure's viability will be altered just enough, so that it fails. No one will notice the change.

Shepard: You mean, trick the Krogan?

Dalatras: They need not be any the wiser. Let Urdnot Wreav believe you fulfilled your promise.

Shepard: Morden would never stand for that.

Dalatras: How you deal with him is up to you, Commander. We can provide you our very best scientists, to build the Crucible. And the full support of our fleets.

Shepard: If I sabotage the cure.

Dalatras: Think about it, Commander. The choice is yours.

Wreav: I've spoken with the other clans. They're gathering on our sacred meeting ground at the hollows. We'll rendezvous there and take an armored convoy against the Reaper. After today, Krogan's superiority will be obvious to everyone.

Man: Rare opportunity to improve galactic opinion of Krogan. Hope you use it wisely.

Eve: Commander, you seem troubled.

Shepard: There's just a lot on the line. I want this to go well.

Eve: Have faith. No matter the adversity we face, some moments are destined to happen. This is one of them.

Wreav: And then the galaxy will have a new power to reckon with.

Man: Wreav, it's [inaudible 00:03:44]. The reapers are attacking the hollows. Be ready for a fight!

Pilot: Hang on tight. We're heading in.

Wreav: Shepard, protect our flight. I'll go pull the other clans out of the fire.

Shepard: Everyone pick a target and keep an eye on our six. Now move!

Here they come!

Just stall them. Don't let them get up here!

Here they come!

Wreav: [inaudible 00:04:39]

Shepard: [inaudible 00:04:52]

Only a few enemies remain.

Wreav: And so it begins. History will show the clan Urgnot drew first reaper blood.

Shepard: No time for bragging. The air strike is on the way.

Man: Females safe, Shepard. [inaudible 00:05:55] in place. [inaudible 00:05:57].

Krogan warrior: Who let the Salarian onto Chuchunka? They aren't welcome here!

Man: [inaudible 00:06:05] Krogan. Problematic.

Shepard: Who are you?

Jurgow: Jurgow Furak. Our clan stretches back as long as there have been Krogan. Unlike these Urgnot relics.

My own family are older than any of them.

Wreav: Which just means you've been around too long, Furak! You're weak and tired!

Jurgow: And wise enough to know Salarians can't be trusted.

Shepard: There's no time for this. Whatever grudge you have against Salarians ends right now.

Jurgow: You agree with this, Wreav? We don't forgive our enemies.

Wreav: And we never will. But the time for revenge doesn't begin until I say it does!

Eve: No!

You can sit here and let old wounds fester until all is done, or you can fight the enemy we've sworn to destroy. And win a new future for our children. I choose to fight. Who will join me?

Shepard: I don't wanna regret curing the genophage. Do we want this or not?

Wreav: Of course we do!

Jurgow: Fine.

Radio: [inaudible 00:07:53] the shroud is locked. We're two minutes out and counting.

Shepard: Copy that, Aramet. We're on our way, trying to make up lost time. Shepard out.

Eve: I hope you're not serious about avenging a genophage, Wreav. It would be a disaster for our people.

Wreav: Our people were made for war. It's what they want.

Krogan leader: And you need to be their leader who tells them they're wrong.

Man: Krogan already spread war across galaxy before. Genophage was result. Must learn from that. Otherwise, will share fate of ancestors.

Wreav: And would our ancestors forgive their enemies so easily?

Shepard: What were the ancient Krogan like?

Eve: Chuchunka wasn't always a wasteland. In the old times, Krogan were a proud people. We had dreams, a future to look forward to.

Man: Until Salarian interfered.

Eve: No. We destroyed Chuchunka ourselves. Technology changed us. It made life too easy. So we left for new challenges and found them in each other. [inaudible 00:08:56] to war was inevitable.

Wreav: Maybe. But that didn't give anyone the right to unleash the genophage on us.

Shepard: If the reapers were to destroy Earth, I'd never stop avenging the loss. Ever.

Wreav: Spoken like a true Krogan.

Eve: And how many generations of children will die to satisfy this blood lust?

Wreav: It's the threat that matters. If our enemies fear even the idea of retribution, we have the power.

Eve: But what would you do with that power, Wreav?

Wreav: That would be telling.

Eve: There's that look your eye again, Commander. What's troubling you?

Shepard: Just thinking about Earth.

Eve: Your courage for my people will be remembered. You won't be alone in this fight.

Wreav: Why are we stopping?

Shepard: Wreav, you and Morden stay with Eve. It's looking ugly out here.

Wreav: Hurry it up.

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