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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 44 - Tuchanka - Shroud Facility

Check out part 45 and travel to the Shroud Facility on Tuchanka in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Wreav: It's dangerous stopping like this.

Liara: Look at that Reaper. It's like the end of days out there.

Wreav: [Inaudible 00:00:06]. You let me shoot when it belongs to me. And remember to bring it back when you're done, human. Make sure you [inaudible 00:00:31]. Face to the front. [Inaudible 00:00:38].

Shepard: What's the holdup?

Wreav: Road's out. The convoy can't make it through.

Shepard: Turian Wing, Artimec, this is Shepard. We've been delayed. Hold off your attack.

Artimec: Negative, Commander, our approach is locked. [Inaudible 00:00:59] knows we're here.

EDI: An airstrike alone won't be sufficient. They'll need our assistance.

Shepard: Dammit! I don't care if we have to build a new road! We are going!

EDI: Shepard!

Man: I've lost control! I can't fly!

Shepard: Move!

Wreav: Sheppard, what's happening?

Shepard: Wreav! Get the female out of here now! Go! Artimec, do you copy?

Artimec: We have to abort, Commander. That Reaper's tearing us to pieces.

Shepard: Understood. Save your pilots. We'll find another way.

Liara: There's a tunnel over there. Could be a way off.

Shepard: Get to it!

Wreav: We're krogan. We are fine. [Inaudible 00:02:05] made it out too.

Shepard: The Turians had to call off the airstrike.

Liara: What was that?

EDI: [Inaudible 00:02:08] tremor.

Shepard: We'll need a new plan for dealing with the Reaper.

Wreav: We'll have to find you first. Where are you?

Shepard: Underground. We see ruins of some kind.

Female: Commander, that's the City of the Ancients.

Shepard: How do we get out?

Female: No maps exist. It's been abandoned for thousands of years.

Wreav: I'm sure you can figure it out, Shepard. Find a way through, and we'll meet you. Nothing in the galaxy will stop this cure.

Liara: That didn't feel like a quake.

Shepard: Wreav, are you guys feeling these tremors?

Wreav: Nothing here.

Female: It could be something else, Commander. It is said that Kalros, the mother of all Thresher Maws, lives in this region.

Wreav: Then the last place you want to be is underground, Shepard. Get moving!

Liara: Did I hear that right? Kalros, the mother of all Thresher Maws?

EDI: Krogan, don't move.

Liara: I think that's Kalros.

EDI: Likely not to scale, either.

Liara: Perhaps we should leave this area. It's the rachni again.

Shepard: There are bound to be more than just the ones we killed. Wreav, we've got rachni here. Keep an eye out.

Wreav: I know. We're seeing them too. But all that matters is getting to that shroud. Move it!

EDI: Daylight detected ahead.

Liara: In my younger days, I would have loved to have spent time here studying these ruins.

EDI: One wonders what the krogan might have become if they'd avoided nuclear war.

Shepard: Wreav, we made it back outside.

Wreav: If you can see the radioactive haze, you're making progress.

Liara: And the color green. Plant life was assumed dead in this ecosystem.

Female: You're looking at hope, all that's left of it on Tuchanka. This was once a world full of beauty. Given a chance, it can be again.

Wreav: Shepard, that Reaper is still disrupting the shroud. Get out of there, and we'll pick you up.

Shepard: We're on it.

Liara: Dealing with the Reaper when we get there will be another matter.

EDI: These ruins suggest krogan civilization . . .

Liara: Maybe Eve is right. Curing the genophage might lead to a krogan renaissance.

Female: But what if she's wrong.

Liara: Movement ahead!

EDI: Affirmative!

Liara: Got it! Another quake.

EDI: It seems Kalros is not a myth.

Shepard: Stay sharp!

Liara: It isn't over yet! Run away.

EDI. Careful! One of the large ones is close to you!

Liara: And he brought backup.

EDI: The area is clear.

Shepard: Wreav, you're right about Kalros. She's on the move.

Wreav: We've been talking about that, and . . . What do you want?

Female. Be quiet, Wreav. The commander has enough to worry about.

Shepard: What's going on?

Wreav: Just an idea. We can discuss it when you get out of there.

Liara: Take a breath, because here they come!

Wreav: It looks like there's a bridge nearby. Get to it, and we'll take you up there.

Shepard: We're in the middle of a firefight right now.

Wreav: Enjoy it while it lasts.

Liara: I didn't think Tuchanka could get any worse. I'm on it.

EDI: On it.

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