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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 45 - Tuchanka - Shroud Facility

Check out part 46 and travel to the Shroud Facility on Tuchanka in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Wreav: Shepard, we're just below the bridge. Get down here, and we can get to the shroud. Wait. Kalros!

Shepard: Wreav!

Wreav: [Inaudible 00:00:13]! Stand your ground!

Mordin: Kalros territorial instinct confirmed!

Wreav: Let's see how fast she can go. Shepard, keep moving while I lose this thing. We'll find you somewhere ahead.

Mordin: Thresher Maw getting closer!

Liara: I wonder where we are now.

EDI: It appears to be a memorial for fallen krogan. Hostiles ahead!

Liara: I see them!

EDI: [Inaudible 00:00:46] one.

Mordin: Shepard, Wreav busy driving truck. Are you still alive?

Shepard: Doing what we can. What about you?

Mordin: Alarmed, yet entertained. Kalros is quite resistant.

Wreav: The rach stick close. Shepard, we're losing Kalros. Find a way down, and we'll pick you up. Shepard, get in the truck. The rach, watch your back. That Thresher Maw's still out there.

Wreav: Make it fast, Wreav!

Wreav: We're the open here.

Shepard: Move it!

Wreav: It's Kalros!

Wreav: Move, Shepard!

Shepard: We're in. Go!

Male. Your krogan friend may still be alive.

Wreav: The rach was no friend. Now, let's get moving! We got a Reaper to deal with!

EDI: We no longer possess the firepower to defeat a Reaper.

Liara: I know the odds don't usually mean much to us, but I don't think even we can make it to that tower.

Wreav: We're not leaving here until the genophage is cured.

Shepard: Then I hope this idea you were talking about is a good one.

Wreav: It's not mine. It's hers.

Eve: Kalros, we summon her to the Reaper.

Shepard: Would that even work?

Mordin: Already discussed strategy. Just need to distract Reaper, draw it from tower while cure is synthesized, released.

Shepard: What makes you so sure she'll come?

Eve: Legends say she is the mother from which all of the Thresher Maws spawned. This is as much her home as ours.

Wreav: Every living thing on this planet knows how to kill and kill well, her more than most.

Shepard: Well, after everything we've been through, why not? It's just a Thresher Maw.

Wreav: I didn't think a human could have that kind of courage.

Shepard: How would we summon her?

Eve: The tower was built in an arena devoted to Kalros' glory. The salarians thought she would scare away intruders.

Mordin: Appears to have worked.

Eve: There are two Maw Hammers there, the largest in existence. If you can activate them, Kalros will come. That should distract the Reaper.

Mordin: Meanwhile, laboratory nearby will finish synthesizing cure.

Shepard: We know why we're here and what's at stake, so let's make it happen.

Wreav: Shepard, try not to get killed up there. Fight like a krogan, and you'll be fine. I can handle them. Go!

Shepard: See you on the other side.

Mordin: Stay alive, Shepard. We'll have cure ready.

Liara: Let's get in there!

Wreav: Shepard, those rachni are dead, but the Maw Hammers need to be raised before he can use them.

Shepard: We're a little busy, Wreav.

Wreav: Then leave that part to me and just get there.

Mordin: Shepard, some luck. Original strain in storage. Preparing the cure now.

Shepard: Make it quick, Mordin.

Liara: By the goddess, to our left!

Shepard: They're all over us out here. Everyone all right?

EDI: Systems are intact.

Liara: I think so. Did we just get shot by a Reaper?

Shepard: Consider that practice.

Wreav: Shepard, the Hammers are up! There are two of them. You'll have to activate them both.

Liara: Are we sure about this?

EDI: If I was organic, that would probably burn.

Shepard: Just keep moving. Stick to cover!

Liara: But what if cover doesn't work? I can't believe we're actually doing this.

Shepard: Don't stop!

Man: Commander, this is [inaudible 00:06:59]. Don't you give that Reaper something else to [inaudible 00:07:02].

Liara: [Inaudible 00:07:04].

EDI: Your timing is impeccable.

Shepard: Go! Let's push ahead.

Liara: Over on our left, one of the Hammers. The other one is on the right, but getting to them is another matter entirely.

Shepard: Right.

Liara: This redefines insanity!

Shepard: Mordin, we hit the first Hammer. How's it coming?

Mordin: Almost got your [inaudible 00:07:47] dropping. Trying to [inaudible 00:07:49].

Liara: The second Hammer's on the other side! [Inaudible 00:08:06].

Wreav: Shepard, you still have to activate the second one.

Shepard: I'm a little busy, Wreav!

Wreav: There are no excuses on Tuchanka!

Shepard: Fall! Get back to the truck! I'll take care of the cure!

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