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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 46 - Tuchanka - Shroud Facility

Check out part 47 and travel to the Shroud Facility on Tuchanka in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Shepard: Morton, is the cure ready?

Morton: Yes. Loaded for dispersal in two minutes, but Eve's dead.

Shepard: What happened?

Morton: Stress sampling, too intense. Too much trauma. Wanted to stop, she refused. Her decision.

Shepard: A lot of people die today. Morton. There's nothing we can do.

Morton: Female was stabilizing force for Krogan. Implications of Reve as lone Krogan leader. Problematic.

Shepard: Damn.

Morton: Control room at top of shot tower, must take elevator up.

Shepard: You going up there?

Morton: Yes. Readings at lab suggest temperature malfunction. Could affect cure viability. Need to adjust settings manually.

Shepard: It's too dangerous, Morton. We need to get out of here.

Morton: No, temperature variants could destroy cure. Time's running out, have to go up.

Shepard: Morton, you're not going up.

Morton: Not concerned for my safety. Concerned that I might have discovered something. Sabotage? But whose? Ah, why, Shepard? That desperate for salarian aid? Or that afraid of Krogan?

Shepard: Every time we've talked about this before, you've defended the genophage. How can you change your mind now?

Morton: I made a mistake. I made a mistake. Focused on big picture. Big picture made of little pictures, too many variables. Can't stop now, gone too far. Eve's dead. Krogan deserves a cure.

Shepard: Morton, walk away.

Morton: Can't do that Shepard.

Shepard: I don't have a choice here. Walk away, or I will fire.

Morton: Not your decision. Not your work. Not your cure. Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong. No time to argue. Cure dispersal imminent. Must counteract sabotage. Stop me if you must.

Computer: Warning, temperature malfunction detected. Warning, temperature malfunction detected.

Morton: Not yet. Not yet. No, not, not ready.

Computer: Warning, temperature malfunction detected. Warning, dispersal commencing.

Male Krogan: To the void, we commit her body. In life, this Krogan faced our greatest enemy with rare valor. In death, she is proven as savior to her people. May her courage fan the flames of hope for the future. She is now the true mother of Tuchanka. Wouldn't be a war without her funeral.

Shepard: Her hopes for Krogan enlightenment weren't very realistic. This might spare her the disappointment of seeing that.

Male Krogan: If her death inspires a few Krogan to try harder, so be it. I'll take anything that gives us an edge. It was a shame about the pyjak though. Morton.

Shepard: You mean, up on the tower?

Male Krogan: For someone who wasn't Krogan, he showed surprising courage. But history can't show a salarian curing the genophage.

Shepard: Then who did?

Male Krogan: The only Krogan who is left standing. I may end up being more famous than you, Shepard. No matter. You lived up to your word, now I'll do the same. Tell the Turians we're more than happy to come show them how to come win a war. The Krogan already killed one Reaper, didn't we?

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