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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 49 - Citadel - Save the Council Again

Check out part 50 and return to the Citadel in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Woman 1: So many lives given.

EDI: I am capturing images of the deceased. It may prove useful for motivating resistance or inclusion in future memorials.

Woman 1: Humans have an expression, EDI: "It's too soon."

Shepard: We've got to be close now.

EDI: There is damage here. We may be too late.

Woman 2: We've been trying to retake the central communication path. Without it they can't get signal for help off the station. There's no word why C-Sec . . .

Shepard: Bailey! Looks like they got the executor and two solarian bodyguards.

Bailey: Damn. Alright, keep searching. If you don't see the councilor's body don't count her out yet.

Shepard: Found her. She looks unharmed.

Bailey: Get her somewhere safe.

Shepard: Don't even think about it.

Woman 3: Shepard, he's going to kill us all.

Shepard: That remains to be seen.

Woman 3: I mean Udina. He's staging a coup. The other councilors are headed for a trap.

Shepard: Three on one, pal. It's over.

Kai: No now it's fun.

Shepard: You're gonna pay for that.

Bailey: Shepard! The councilor! What the hell's going on out there?

Shepard: An assassin. He's getting away.

Bailey: He must be going after the rest of the council.

Shepard: Get the word out. Udina's trying to seize power. I've got to get to the councilors.

Bailey: They're being taken to a shuttle pad on the [inaudible 00:04:33]. Start driving I'll try to raise them on the comm.

I've got a fix on the council's position. I'm sending it to your car.

Shepard: Good work, Bailey. We're almost there.

Bailey: Shepard, my instruments say you're car stopped.

Shepard: I'm on foot now. Any luck contacting the council?

Bailey: Negative. Their guards are dead but we've still got vital signs on the council's transponders.

Shepard: Where are they going?

Bailey: The shuttle pad above Shalmar Plaza. Udina's with them. If he can get them in range of that assassin this is all over.

Shepard: On my way.

Woman 1: That signal that's sent from their pulse is giving out bizarre dark energy readings.

The capsule's stuck. Run!

Woman 4: I will save them.


Woman 1: They sealed us out.

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