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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 50 - Citadel - Save the Council Again

Return to the Citadel in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Shepard: I'm with Shalmar Plaza.

Bailey: In an elevator trying to get to you. [Inaudible 00:00:35]. Hey Shepard, grab an elevator.

Shepard: Okay, I'm in the shaft

Bailey: Hang on, this will be a fast climb.

Shepard: Tell me that assassin hasn't reached the council

Bailey: He's trying but I'm making his elevator stop on every floor

Shepard: Nice. I found our friend.

Bailey: Kill his elevator, there's an power [inaudible 00:02:46] beneath it.

Woman 1: Threat neutralized, for now.

Bailey: Incoming phantoms

Woman 1: Strike.

Bailey: Shepard. Bad news.

Shepard: Is there any other kind?

Bailey: That hitman jumped into another elevator and he's over written my controls. He's on his way up, I can't stop him.

Shepard: I'll handle it.

Woman 1: Not again!

Bailey: Shepard?

Shepard: I see them, jump.

Ashley: Did you feel that? Gun men. Get down. Go. Damn it, Cerberus hit the shuttle. Everybody back to the elevator. Shepard?

Udina: Shepard's blocking our escape. She's with Cerberus.

Ashley: Everybody, hang on. Shepard, what's happening here?

Shepard: Get out of the way, Ash.

Ashley: I can't do that.

Shepard: Would I do this if I wasn't dead certain Ash? If I were right, Udina's behind this attack. The Selarian counselor confirmed it.

Udina: My evidence suggests otherwise. Observe. Here is Counselor Esheel being shot in C-Sec Headquarters. Here is commander Shepard pulling the trigger.

Shepard: You're going to pay for this.

Man 1: What more do you need?

Ashley: Shepard?

Shepard: There are Cerberus soldiers in the elevator shaft behind us. If you open that door they'll kill you all.

Woman 2: What Shepard says is possible. Unlikely but possible.

Udina: We don't have time to debate this. We're dead if we stay out here. I'm overwriting the lock.

Ashley: Stand down. You don't want to be shot by your own marine.

Shepard: You find a big shot human to defend and suddenly you have teeth, is that it? You were standing beside me when Anderson said Earth needed us.

Ashley: You're our one chance.

Shepard: I don't give a damn about you trusting me Ashley. But his decision deserves your respect. We're in this for him and for Earth.

Ashley: Udina, step back from the console.

Udina: To hell with this.

Ashley: Gun!

Shepard: Get the council back and cover that door.

Man 1: The door.

Shepard: Bailey

Bailey: Made it as fast as we could Shepard. Looks like you took care of things.

Woman 2: Then it's true. We were in danger. But I don't understand. You said Cerberus was right here.

Bailey: Cerberus was right here but they beat feed into the keeper tunnels when they figured out we were coming. Sorry counselor but I'll say it plain. Shepard just saved the lot of you.

Man 1: And I owe you Shepard, for our lives and for brokering a deal with the [inaudible 00:07:23] and the Krogan that I never could.

Shepard: Too bad it took this to get you on board.

Woman 2: We will not make that same mistake again

Man 1: Shepard do you have any idea why Cerberus would do this?

Shepard: Honestly, no. But I plan to find out.

Bailey: Alright people, principles are evacuated we've got a tunnel and a million more places to secure, move it.

Man 2: Yes.

Lang: Things didn't go as planned. The council's still in control of the Citadel and Udina's dead.

Man 2: Udina was expandable.

Lang: Now what?

Man 2: There are other plans in motion. I'll fill you in when you return. I'm surprised you let Shepard get the better of you Lang.

Lang: It won't happen again.

Man 2: We'll see.

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