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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 51 - Citadel / Normandy Debriefing

Leave the Citadel and have a conversation with Ashley in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Ashley: Commander, we need to talk before you ship out. Things got pretty crazy. I'm trying to go over everything in my head. Make sense of it.

Shepard: Your bandages were still fresh. How did you end up working with Udina?

Ashley: You saw me in the hospital. I was going crazy. Felt like I was letting everyone down. When Udina offered to make me a Spectre, I thought it was a chance to do some good.

Shepard: I couldn't just sit back and watch either.

Ashley: Yeah. But it sure turned into a mess.

Shepard: Last time you doubted me, you walked away. Why not this time?

Ashley: I couldn't. Too much at stake if I made a mistake.

Shepard: It almost meant blowing my head off but you were willing to die for what you thought was right. We'll need that in the fight to come.

Ashley: I'd rather be shooting the bad guys than my commanding officer.

Shepard: We stopped Udina and got to walk away. That's the important part.

Ashley: I can't believe he was responsible for all of it. Was he indoctrinated?

Shepard: It's hard to say.

Ashley: How do we fight something that can worm its way into your head?

Shepard: I don't know. But we don't have a choice.

Ashley: No, we don't. I also wanted to tell you, Hackett offered me a position on his team.

Shepard: Congratulations. With all of Hackett's resources, you can do a lot of good.

Ashley: I can. And commander.

Shepard: Yes?

Ashley: Give them hell.

Shepard: Count on it.

Hackett: Shepard, I got Anderson patched in. I was just getting him up to speed.

Anderson: Udina! That SOB was always power hungry but this.

Shepard: He wasn't in charge. Cerberus was just using him to take control of the Citadel.

Anderson: What the hell for?

Shepard: I don't know. Not yet.

Hackett: Could've been a lot worse. In the end, we only councilor Oseil.

Anderson: Kai Leng!

Shepard: What?

Anderson: Your assassin. I'll have Hackett send you my reports on him.

Shepard: I take it you two have met.

Anderson: Kaylee Sanders and I had our share of run ins with him. I shot him in both legs once. Thought that mightbe the end of him, but he showed up again on Omega even stronger.

Shepard: The Illusive Man patch him up?

Anderson: That'd be my guess. Given what they were able to do with you and Grayson, it's a safe bet Lang's even more dangerous now.

Shepard: I don't care who he is. Next time we meet, he dies.

Hackett: Their attempts may have had at least one unintended side affect. I received word from the Asari councilor. They're requesting an update on the crucible.

Anderson: Lang has them scared. Enough to send help?

Hackett: Yes. The Asari are throwing in their support and the Solarians are completely on board now.

Shepard: How's your progress on the crucible?

Hackett: Good. Our estimates suggest we've completed nearly 50% of the known work.

Shepard: So quickly?

Hackett: Once decoded, the schematics are designed in such a way that allow our scientists to easily translate the information. It's not Prothean specific.

Anderson: Are we any closer to understanding how to use it?

Hackett: That's still open for debate. Utilized in the right fashion, our scientists are convinced it can generate enough energy to destroy the Reapers. The question is, how will it dispense the energy and in what form.

Anderson: You mean, how do you stop it from wiping us all out?

Hackett: Exactly. We think the catalyst is the key to determining how to focus its energy. How to direct its energy at the reapers alone.

Shepard: I'm working on that.

Hackett: You'll find the answers Shepard. I'll send you an update on the schematics. And in the meantime, we'll keep building.

Anderson: And we'll keep fighting. Make sure there's an Earth left to come back to.

Shepard: Cerberus, Reapers, they'll all pay for this war, one way or another.

Hackett: We're still in this. The Gods of war haven't given up on us yet.

Anderson: Good luck, both of you. Anderson out.

Hackett: Commander, the Turian fleet is stretched thin, we need more support ships and the Quorians are willing to talk.

Anderson: Understood sir. I'll look into it.

Hackett: Be careful. We've got reports of instability along the Geth border. Hackett out.

Liara: Shepard, do you have a moment? A contact within Asari high command was insistent I pass on a distress signal to you.

Shepard: Something they can't handle?

Liara: From what I can tell, they sent several commando squads to investigate. None of them returned. They didn't ask me directly, but I think high command is hoping you might help.

Shepard: What's your take on this?

Liara: That they wouldn't ask for help if it wasn't important. The colony's coordinates are on the galaxy map. I'll try to figure out what's going on.

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