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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 52 - Shepard's Cabin - Traynor / Vega

Hang out in Shepard's Cabin with Traynor, Vega and Jane Shepard (Jennifer Hale) in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Commander: Traynor, if you're not doing anything, I've got a few hours free. Would you like to come up?

Traynor: Your cabin is gorgeous. I've seen apartments smaller than this. Oh, an actual shower. The faucets in the women's bathroom are crap by the way.

Well commander, ready to play?

Commander: Play?

Traynor: I picked up a chess board on the Citadel, gooey interface, not nearly as nice as real pieces, but this takes up less space. And I recall you delivered something that closely resembled a challenge. So, interested?

Commander: The most exciting thing you could think of is playing chess?

Traynor: Well, if you're not up for the challenge.

Commander: Try me.

Traynor: Ha!

Commander: Oh come on!

Traynor: My word, Commander. It's almost as though you wanted to spare your pawns the indignity of living under my regime.

Commander: In real life, that tactic would have worked.

Traynor: Well, in real life, one doesn't move on an eight-by-eight square grid.

Commander: You know what I mean. The pawns are infantry, a good infantry line like the Krogan [SP] can take a charge like that.

Traynor: That reminds me of a joke. What's the difference between Commander Shepard and the Krogan? One is an unstoppable juggernaut of head-butting destruction. . .

Commander: And the other writes your performance reviews.

Traynor: Feeling defensive, Commander? It's almost as though you're having trouble adjusting to a new environment with a new set of rules.

Commander: Point taken, Traynor. Congratulations on adjusting to life outside the lab.

Traynor: Thanks! So, rematch?

Commander: Hell yes!

Commander: James, I've got some time if you want to talk privately.

James: On my way.

Hey man, how's it going?

Commander: Good James, you?

James: Good, good.

James: Wow, so this is what I can look forward to when I get my own command.

Commander: You want your own ship, Vega?

James: Yeah, maybe one day, when I'm old and I can't fight worth shit anymore.

Commander: You just come up here to make fun of your commander?

James: Sorry, Shepard. I guess maybe I've got some things on my mind. I wanted to get your opinion on something.

Commander: Shoot.

James: What did you do when they asked you to join the N-7 program? I mean was it a no-brainer for you or did you think about it before accepting?

Commander: I'm a soldier, Vega, and I wanted to be the best damn soldier I could be. It doesn't get better than N-7.

James: So I hear.

Commander: You get the best training, best equipment, best assignments.

James: And they expect the best in return?

Commander: Yes, they do. Why are you asking?

James: Well, even all the shit that's going on, somebody somewhere managed to track me down and forward an N-7 commendation. It's dated the same day the reapers attacked Earth.

Commander: You don't sound too thrilled.

James: Well, aside from the fact that there won't be an N-7 program if we don't win this war, I just... being a soldier is the only thing I've ever been really good at. And not because I try, hell, I would have kicked my ass out years ago.

James: Last time I had a command, I lost almost everyone, and they promoted me for it. I guess I'm just not sure if I'm ready to lead again. I don't know if I want that responsibility.

Commander: You mentioned that before, what went wrong?

James: What didn't go wrong? We were at out on patrol checking on some strange readings then the collectors hit. But they hit the colony first. By the time we got back most of the colonists had been subdued or abducted including our CO, Captain Tony.

Commander: So you were in charge.

James: Yeah, we laid low for a bit, waiting for a chance to strike but before we could, we were betrayed. One of the colonists turned out to be a Cerberus spy working with the collectors.

I had no choice. I killed him and destroyed the collector ship. It got ugly. We lost most of the colonists and all but one of my squad. Not exactly a textbook operation.

Commander: As a leader, you've got a job to do. Keeping everyone alive isn't it. If you are afraid to send your troops into a do or die situation you'll never succeed.

James: Yeah, did you know that before you joined the N-7?

Commander: Yep, that's why I was asked and that's why they asked you. There is not a single N-7 that hasn't sacrificed either themselves or their soldiers at some point.

James: So you think I should accept?

Commander: Only you can make that decision, James. But I think you already know the answer.

James: I'm glad you think so. If you don't mind, maybe don't mention this to anyone else.

Commander: Of course not.

James: Thanks, well I think I better get back to the hangar. Things here are a little too soft for me.

Commander: The bed is a lot harder than it looks.

James: I'll take your word for it. Thanks again, Shepard.

Commander: Anytime.

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