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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 53 - Gellix - Rescue Cerberus Scientists

Check out part 54 and travel to Gellix and rescue defecting Cerberus scientists in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Woman 1: Commander, I've got a lead on something interesting. Have you got a minute? Commander, I found something you need to see.

Commander Shepard: What have you got?

Woman 1: A group of Cerberus scientists cut ties and fled. Perhaps they finally realize they were on the wrong side. We don't know what they were researching but they were among the Elusive Man's top scientists. They could help build the crucible.

Commander Shepard: Unless they're indoctrinated and this is a ruse to get Cerberus close to the crucible.

Woman 1: I'm not suggesting we trust them fully, but it could be worth investigating.

Commander Shepard: Has the Alliance tried to make contact with the scientists?

Woman 1: They've been unable to find them, but they're searching, as is Cerberus. I've been monitoring Cerberus' communications. I've charted signal frequency from various Cerberus cells by location and cross referenced known ship movements.

Commander Shepard: You found them?

Woman 1: I believe so, yes.

Commander Shepard: Nice work. Put it on the map and I'll give it a look.

Woman 1: It's on the map now, Commander. Thanks.

Commander Shepard: What's the word? Do we know how long these scientists have been holed up out here?

Robot woman: We have not been provided many details.

Man 1: Ma'am, I'm picking up chatter from a Cerberus squad engaging the supply depot.

Commander Shepard: Engaging the scientists?

Man 1: And if I'm reading it right, sounds like more troops are on the way.

Commander Shepard: Okay, set us down and get out of here. I need these scientists alive.

Troop 1: Cover for me.

Troop 2: You, come with me.

Woman 1: Pretty desolate, even for an outpost.

Commander Shepard: All right, just keep moving. What did these people do to bring this down on their heads? Push, push forward.

Woman 1: Got it.

Commander Shepard: Maybe we can fight these guys! Push for it! Leona!

Leona: Will do.

Woman robot: Enemy neutralized. Look for survivors.

Commander Shepard: Jacob. How bad?

Jacob: I'll live, I think.

Dr. Brynn: This is Brynn, if you can hear me, come in. Is there anyone there?

Commander Shepard: This is Commander Shepard of The Alliance. The enemy is clear for now. Open the door.

Dr. Brynn: Is Jacob there?

Jacob: It's okay, Brynn.

Dr. Brynn: Jacob, oh my God.

Jacob: I'm all right. The others didn't make it.

Commander Shepard: What are you doing here?

Jacob: I'm supposed to be protecting these people from the Elusive Man and his attack dogs.

Dr. Brynn: Are they gone?

Commander Shepard: For now, but they'll be back. Are you sure you're okay?

Jacob: Yeah, I'll walk it off. Save my life one more time, and I'll start owing you.

Commander Shepard: This one's on the house.

Jacob: Hey ya'll, good to see you too.

Dr. Brynn: Thanks, and you as well.

Jacob: Shepard, this is Dr. Brynn Cole. She's in charge here.

Commander Shepard: Tell me what's going on. Intel says you're Cerberus.

Dr. Brynn: We're all ex-Cerberus, scientists mostly.

Commander Shepard: Civilians?

Dr. Brynn: Call us refugees. If we hadn't run, we'd be dead.

Commander Shepard: Why does the Elusive Man want to kill you?

Dr. Brynn: Our stories are different but the themes are the same. We were each using information from the Collector Base to work on the different components of a large attack. After someone completed their component, they disappeared. No bodies, just gone. As we progressed, we started feeling like we were signing each other's death warrants.

Commander Shepard: I hope you kicked Cerberus in the balls on the way out the door.

Dr. Brynn: We took everything we could carry, destroyed what we couldn't.

Commander Shepard: You had to know they were going to find you.

Dr. Brynn: It's a pretty smart bunch. We covered our bases.

Jacob: But the Elusive Man is one tenacious bastard.

Commander Shepard: Time to evacuate.

Jacob: Agreed, just need to get the AA guns on the roof back online. Cerberus is jamming them, somehow. With those guns down, Cerberus will just blow our escape shuttles out of the sky.

Dr. Brynn: Might be the network link.

Jacob: I'll check and meet you upstairs.

Commander Shepard: Jacob, you should get that wound looked at.

Jacob: I'm good. I mean, I will.

Dr. Brynn: Commander, I should see to my people. Join me upstairs when you can.

EDI: Jacob did not recognize me. This may be an opportunity to surprise him.

Commander Shepard: Let's just focus on the mission, EDI.

Woman 2: It was his idea.

Commander Shepard: Your partner was brave. He wouldn't want you to crumble like this. We're getting out of here alive, I promise.

Dr. Gavin Archer: Commander Shepard, I've heard about you, another Cerberus defector, as it were.

Commander Shepard: Something like that.

Dr. Gavin Archer: Dr. Gavin Archer. I imagine we've both crossed the Elusive Man in our own way.

Commander Shepard: How did you end up here?

Dr. Gavin Archer: The research I did for Cerberus hurt a lot of people. I've done things no human should. There I was, with blood on my hands, blood I could never wash away. The Elusive Man didn't care. He said our goal was greater than any sacrifice it took to obtain it.

Commander Shepard: I take it the Elusive Man didn't just let you resign?

Dr. Gavin Archer: For a man who loves to lecture about morality's shades of gray, he's very black and white when it comes to obedience. Either you do the job or you die trying to quit.

Commander Shepard: That's all, Doctor.

Dr. Gavin Archer: I appreciate your help getting us out of here, Commander.

Robot: Low power, please wait. [inaudible 00:08:18] complete. Access enabled.

Man: Get the techs from [inaudible 00:08:26] cells to pack their own crates. I need you up here.

Man 2: Don't be a jerk. There's only two of those guys. It'll just take me a minute.

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