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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 55 - Gellix - Rescue Cerberus Scientists

Travel to Gellix and rescue defecting Cerberus scientists in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Robot: Power restored. Guns operational.

Jacob: Shepard, AA guns are back online.

Shepard: Copy that. Let's get these people out of here. Okay, the guns are already picking Cerberus ships out of the sky. Where we at?

Jacob: On track first shuttle is already loaded with everyone under 16.

Dr. Cole: Commander, when should we leave? What's our best chance for survial?

Shepard: Jacob what do you think? Are we ready?

Jacob: Almost. We could go now, but there is no do overs here.

Shepard: Agreed. We get one shot.

Jacob: And we don't want to leave anything behind that can strengthen the elusive mans cause. Your call.

Shepard: All right, let's get these shuttles in the air.

Woman: Evacuation is go. Evacuation is go. Standby for shuttle launch.

Shepard: Have the guns punch a hole in the perimeter then launch shuttle one.

Woman: Shuttle one is away.

Shepard: All right, everyone here head to the shuttle bay and...

Man: Suicide fighter took one out one of the guns Cerberus troops are...

Shepard: Get those people out of here.

Jacob: Shepard, shuttles are loaded. We need you at the landing area to make sure they get away. I'll meet you down there.

Liara: Let's go.

Shepard: Clear the shuttle bay first so we can bring the door up. Then get out of the landing pad.

EDI: Understood.

Shepard: Jacob, bring up the main door.

Jacob: Got it, Shepherd. Will do.

Shepard: Okay. Let's get these people out of here. Here we go.

Liara: Got it!

EDI: Affirmative!

Shepard: Take out that shield generator.

Liara: Cerberus shuttles taking positions on both sides.

EDI: I have a visual!

Shepard: Jacob come in. What's your status?

Jacob: Shepard, the facility is overrun. Cerberus troops are all over the place.

Shepard: One more shuttle of refugees to go, right?

Jacob: Affirmative.

Shepard: We got this. We just need to hold them a little longer.

EDI: Yes. Got it.

Woman: Shuttle three away. Evacuation complete.

Shepard: That was the last of the civilians.

Jacob: Shepard heads up, the place is overrun. We've got to go. Headed to you with the shuttle.

Shepard: Understood.

Liara: Shepard, Atlas just landed.

Shepard: Make them hang tight. We'll clear a landing.

Liara: Understood.

EDI: Right.

Shepard: Jacob, landing area cleared.

Jacob: This place is crawling. I'm bringing the shuttle to you.

Shepard: Roger that.

Liara: Of course.

EDI: Right away.

Jacob: Shepard.

Dr. Cole: Commander.

Jacob: Out by the skin of our teeth again, eh Shepard?

Shepard: Nice to see you back in action.

Jacob: Yeah, feels good.

Dr. Cole: I was afraid we wouldn't get anyone out alive, but because of you we got almost everyone. Thank you.

Shepard: And now there's something you can do for me. I need your help against the Reapers.

Dr. Cole: Without a doubt. I'm at your service, and I'm sure you can count on the others as well.

Shepard: You too, Jacob. I need you.

Jacob: Of course, but I wouldn't mind staying with these folks.

Shepard: You don't want to join the team on the Normandy?

Jacob: I'm torn, Shepard, but looking out for these families is important to me. It's where I'm at right now. I hope you can see that.

Shepard: Too bad, we could have used your experience.

Jacob: I have a feeling you'll do all right, Shepherd.

Shepard: All right. Report to admiral Hackett for your assignment.

Dr. Cole: You know, Commander, I've never met anyone like you. Just feel better knowing you're on our side.

Shepard: Thanks.

Jacob: Shepard, when this mess is over drinks are on me. Be safe out there.

Hackett: Hackett here.

Shepard: I'm sending you a large team of scientists.

Hackett: I have the dossier.

Shepard: They're all Cerberus defectors. Keep them safe.

Hackett: Will do, and I'll put them straight to work on Crucible.

Shepard: Jacob Taylor is with them and is already working to find a place for the families.

Hackett: He'll be a valuable asset as well. Snagging doctor Cole from the elusive man is a coup. Having her on our side can be a huge win for us.

Shepard: The sooner we can get the Crucible finished, the better I'll feel.

Hackett: I'm with you.

Shepard: Shepard out.

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