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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 56 - Garrus, Liara, Miranda Conversations

Hang out on the Citadel with Garrus and shoot stuff in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Garrus: Shepard, glad you came.

Shepard: What did you have in mind?

Garrus: Something that doesn't involve finding Reapers.

Shepard: That's hard to find these days. I suppose we can catch up on our poetry reading.

Garrus: No offense, but if the end of the galaxy is coming, I'm not going out on the phrase, "this one feels like a flower."

Shepard: So?

Garrus: So, I had an idea.

Shepard: Where are we going?

Garrus: Somewhere we're not supposed to.

Shepard: Some things never change, do they?

Garrus: Ever had that one thing you always wanted to do before you die, Shepard?

Shepard: Too busy trying to live. What's yours?

Garrus: The whole time I worked at C-SAC, I'd stare up at the top of the presidium and say to myself, "I want to go up there," but I never did. There were 137 regulations telling me I couldn't.

Shepard: So you got them changed?

Garrus: No. Now, I just don't give a damn. I figured it's time to do something stupid just for the hell of it. It might be the last chance we ever get. A little busier than I imagined.

Shepard: How about a dive in the pool?

Garrus: You obviously haven't seen Turians swim. It's a lot of flailing and splashing interrupted by occasional bouts of drowning.

Shepard: Yeah, you're right. I'd just have to save your ass again.

Garrus: It'd make up for all the times I pulled your ass out of the fire. We've had a hell of a ride, haven't we Shepard?

Shepard: I think that ride has been rough on you, Garrus. You've got a new scar everytime I see you. Losing your step there in your old age?

Garrus: Raise your hand if you haven't been killed before.

Shepard: Touche.

Garrus: And now before we head back, there is one thing we are going to settle once and for all. Not saying you don't know how to handle a gun, just saying some of us know how to make it dance. So, let's find out who's really the best shot.

Shepard: There are a few people in the galaxy who have seen me in action, Garrus. They seemed impressed.

Garrus: Yeah, but I've actually seen you dance, Shepard. No comment.

Shepard: All right Vakarian, you're going down.

Garrus: And don't worry. I've loaded it with practice slugs for when you miss. That was an easy one. Let you build up your confidence. Long range, I wrote the book. Nobody alive can do this, not even Commander Shepard. Give me a tough one.

I said a tough one!

Shepard: Step aside.

Do it.

Time to rewrite that book.

Garrus: Yeah, well, next time, we'll throw in a herd of rampage clicks and that's how you separate the rookies from the pros.

Shepard: You sure you don't want to do something a little more exciting?

Liara: I love this part of the Presidium. It reminds me of where I grew up.

Shepard: Where's that?

Liara: Amali, back on Thessia. My mother and I lived beside a park. I spent hours there.

Shepard: Doing what?

Liara: Reading, exploring, getting in trouble digging for ruins in the grass.

Shepard: You're kidding.

Liara: I was very young.

Shepard: We all do stupid things as kids.

Liara: There's no denying that, but, in a way, I was lucky. My mother scolded me, but she also bought me my first history book the next day. I miss her, Shepard.

Shepard: I'd question your character if you didn't.

Liara: I suppose. I don't often talk about it.

Shepard: Hey, you'll stop grieving when you want to.

Liara: Strangely, that's comforting. Thank you, Shepard. I wish we could spend more time together like this. Just friends.

Shepard: I don't really have a lot of spare time for chatting these days.

Liara: In that case, let's get back. I'm sure work's piled up.

Shepard: Probably.

Miranda: Good to see you're all right, Shepard.

Shepard: Miranda, what's going on?

Miranda: Couldn't meet in person. The Citadel is too dangerous right now. I heard about the attempted coup.

Shepard: Yeah, with Kai Leng's help Udina nearly seized control.

Miranda: Kai Lang? That slippery bastard's still alive?

Shepard: He's alive, and right in the middle of all this.

Miranda: That complicates things. I'll be on my guard. Look, I don't have much time, but I learned what happened to my sister.

Shepard: Where is she?

Miranda: I don't know that yet, but my father was definitely responsible. If he has done anything to her, I'll kill him.

Shepard: Miranda...

Miranda: Shepard, listen. I'm being hunted by Cerberus assassins. A lot of them. I need to stay out of sight.

Shepard: What? Why?

Miranda: I heard a rumor, maybe more that my father is working on something for the Illusive Man. Something big.

Shepard: Why would your father be working with the Illusive Man? Especially now.

Miranda: My father is ruthless about preserving his legacy.

Shepard: Legacy?

Miranda: He has a obsession with making his mark in history. Ensuring his dynasty lasts forever.

Shepard: And you think the Illusive Man made him an offer?

Miranda: Exactly.

Shepard: I wish I could help, but too many lives are depending on me.

Miranda: I know. I'm not asking for your help. I need to do this myself. It's time I stopped running from him.

Shepard: Okay. Keep me posted.

Miranda: I will.

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