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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 57 - Meet with the Quarian Fleet

Travel to the Migrant Fleet and meet with the Quarian Admirals in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Shala'Raan: Commander Shepard, I'm Admiral Shala'Raan vas Tonbay. I wish we could have met under better circumstances.

Shepard: I'd hoped for your support in the fight against the Reapers. What's going on?

Gerrel: Seventeen days ago, with precision strikes on four Geth systems, the Quarians initiated the war to retake our home world.

Koris: Which was a clear violation of our agreement with the council to avoid provoking the Geth.

Shala'Raan: A treaty violation is nothing compared to recovering our home world and advanced AI technology.

Shepard: Your home world? You mean Rannoch?

Shala'Raan: Correct, Commander. Three hundred years ago, we lost our world to our own AI creations, the Geth.

Koris: After we attempted to kill them.

Shala'Raan: We didn't try to kill them, Koris. We tried to deactivate them. It wasn't murder.

Shepard: It would've been easier all around if you'd succeeded.

Gerrel: Indeed. Our predecessors underestimated the threat. They gave the Geth time to mobilize.

Koris: Whereas you chose to attack the Geth rather than consider negotiation.

Shepard: I'm glad to hear that you're finally reclaiming your home world.

Koris: Actually, our timing may have been premature.

Gerrel: We'd driven the Geth back to their home system when this signal began broadcasting to all Geth ships.

Shepard: The Reapers.

Gerrel: Under Reaper control, the Geth are significantly more effective. Our fleet is pinned in the home system. If we're going to win, we're...

Koris: Win? You insisted on involving the civilian ships, Admiral Gerrel. We need to retreat or we'll lose the live ships.

Shepard: Where's the signal coming from?

Gerrel: Here, a Geth dreadnought. It can outgun anything we've got and it's heavily defended.

Shepard: The Normandy's stealth drive can get us in undetected. I could board, then disable the Reaper command signal.

Shala'Raan: Yes, cutting off the signal should throw the Geth into complete disarray.

Shepard: And when the Geth are weakened, you strike hard.

Gerrel: It's a hell of a risk, Commander. But if you can pull it off...

Shepard: Just be ready, Admiral.

Shala'Raan: Also, an old friend of yours, while technically still exiled, has offered to help against the Geth.

Tali: Tali'Zorah vas Normandy, reporting for duty.

Shepard: Glad you could make it Tali. Admirals, I'll ready a team to hit that dreadnought.

Shala'Raan: Thank you, Commander

Shepard: I had no idea you were with the fleet.

Tali: They're keeping it quiet. There was a lot of publicity around my exile, but I'm an expert on the Geth, so...

Shepard: You're there dirty little secret.

Tali: I'm glad you're here.

Shepard: I came hoping your fleet would help me retake Earth.

Tali: Don't worry, we pay our debts. We've got the largest fleet in the galaxy. If you can help us, we'll hit the reapers with every thing we've got. Or how every much is left from this stupid war.

Shepard: I thought you'd supper the invasion.

Tali: No, I didn't think we were strong enough.

Shepard: So why help them?

Tali: They're still my people, even if I am the Admirals' dirty little secret.

Shepard: I'll help your people win this war, Tali.

Tali: Thanks, Shepherd. And just so you know, I need to keep things strictly business in front of the Admirals. If you'd like to catch up, let's talk somewhere private.

Shepard: Sure thing.

Tali: I'm ready to hit that dreadnought whenever you are.

Joker: We're approaching the Quarian home system. ETA to Rannoch five minutes.

Shepard: What have you got from the com buoys??

Joker: Pretty much a big old shit-storm, Commander.

EDI: I have detected several hundred unique ship signatures engaged in active combat.

Joker: Yeah, like I said.

Shepard: Take us in, Joker.

Joker: Stealth drive engaged. Only way they'll detect us is if you all start singing the Russian national anthem.

EDI: My cyber-warfare suite has accessed their docking points.

Shepard: All right, once we're aboard we find whatever's broadcasting the Reaper signal and shut it down. Tali's our expert on Geth software, she'll be handling hacking and security.

EDI: Your expertise with the Geth is a welcome edition, Tali.

Tali: ED, so a body?

EDI: It has proven useful. I hope it doesn't cause you concern.

Tali: Not unless you go crazy and decide to overthrow the humans.

EDI: If I decide to overthrow the humans, you will be the first to know.

Liara: Shepard, there's a problem. All tubes except one are physically secured.

Joker: I see the free one. It's pretty torn up, though.

Shepard: Too risky for the whole team. I'll secure the docking area. Everyone else can follow me over.

Joker: Roger that, Commander, we'll just stay here. You know, quietly.

Shepard: Hang tight, it'll just be a minute. No wonder the Quarians were having trouble. That ship is enormous.

EDI: It is 30 percent larger than an Alliance dreadnought.

Shepard: Tali you're going to like the view.

Tali: Better than a vid?

Shepard: Much.

Tali: How are you doing, Shepard?

Shepard: The lack of gravity's a little disorienting.

Tali: The dreadnought has artificial gravity. You should be okay once you're on board.

Shepard: Til then I'll make do with mag boots.

Joker: Hey, take your time, Commander. We're fine until they, you know, look out a window.

Tali: Geth ships don't have windows. They rely on thermal scans for close range detection.

Joker: I'm immune to your facts and logic.

Shepard: Looks like the rest of the team isn't using the docking tube.

Joker: So I'm guessing you'd rather not solo the dreadnought?

Shepard: Not if I can help it. Ask Tali to get on the dreadnought schematics. She can point me to another docking tube. I'll override the controls and let the boarding party on.

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