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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 58 - Disable the Geth Dreadnought

Check out part 59 and rescue the Migrant Civilian Fleet by disabling the Geth Dreadnought in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Shepard: I'm inside. I've got gravity again.

Tali: Great. I'm looking for... Got it. There should be a hull breach not far from your position. The nearest undamaged docking tube is on the other side.

Shepard: Think I found that hull breach you mentioned.

Tali: Admiral Daro [SP] tried a frontal assault. We lost six frigates. That tiny hole was the only damage we did.

Shepard: I wouldn't call it tiny. Not the way you'd have done it?

Tali: No, not that I have much say in the matter. I'm not even part of the fleet anymore.

Shepard: What about the other admirals?

Tali: Sent back to the invasion, largely as a chance to test her toys. Bronn [SP] gave provisional support. Admiral Koris was the lone voice against the war, and he was right. We could use lose the whole fleet, Shepherd.

Shepard: I found another air lock. I think we're good to go.

Tali: Great. If you override the controls we'll be right there.

Shepard: Got it. You're clear to board.

EDI: Thank you, Shepherd. I will try to find a more convenient docking point next time.

Shepard: Next time?

Tali: Here, let me see if I can get this open. In the meantime, take a look at this. There. It's open. We're clear to go.

Shepard: Impressive.

Tali: It's admiral Zen's design. It transmits an energy pulse on contact that disrupts shields and synthetics.

Shepard: That'll be handy.

EDI: It is much like using polonium tipped rounds against organics, which is illegal.

Tali: Against...

Shepard: So where are we headed?

Tali: We're looking for an operation center. I can disable the reaper command signal from there.

Shepard: Where's the closest one?

Tali: Past their defense network and through a sensor cluster.

EDI: Guardian anti-fighter lasers. I believe the Dreadnought's using ultraviolet frequencies instead of the standard infrared.

Shepard: Expensive, but it gives them an edge in close combat though.

Tali: When the fleet rushed the Dreadnought, those lasers cut right through our ships.

Shepard: We'll make them pay for that.

Tali: Watch out! Geth incoming.

EDI: Understood. More Geth incoming.

Shepard: I don't hear an alarm.

Tali: They're Geth. They can alert every unit on this ship. We need to get to the operations center before they box it in.

EDI: Geth [inaudible 05:20] preservation instincts.

Tali: Network intelligence. As we kill them, their attacks become more aggressive.

EDI: You have engaged the Geth previously, Shepard. Tactical advise?

Shepard: Disable their shields.

Tali: And take them down before they recharge.

Shepard: Look. The signal's heading all Geth processes. They represent them completely under control.

EDI: This structure is amazingly complex. It is unsurprising that the Quarians have been unable to disrupt it. We may be able to extract combat data from these sensor panels.

Tali: We're taking heavy losses. The Geth have a planetary defense cannon. It's ripping through our fleet.

Shepard: They just need to hold out a little longer.

Tali: The Dreadnought's operations center is just ahead.

Shepard: Good. Let's cut the Reaper signal and turn the tables on these bastards.

Tali: The hunters are moving in.

EDI: One hundred down. Doing it now. We must find the remaining hunters.

Tali: Dammit! They've locked down the Reaper signal. We can't shut it down from here in the operations center. There. The Reaper signal's coming from the drive core.

Shepard: So if we get there we shut it down?

Tali: Right, but how do we get there? The Geth have sealed emergency bulkheads to block us off. We need a route to the drive core that can't be blocked. A path that runs the length of the ship.

Shepard: What about the main battery? It runs right by the drive core.

Tali: That could work.

Shepard: But?

Tali: The Geth still have us locked in here. We need to get these doors open. They've locked high level processes. We need something basic, a ship-wide emergency, like a fire.

Shepard: What about the heat diffusion system?

Tali: Wait, I see a thermal warning. It would open all maintenance tube for emergency venting.

Shepard: Would that override the lock-down?

Tali: Yes. Okay, I've got it primed, but be ready. I'm reading hostile Geth on the other side of the doors.

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