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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 59 - Disable the Geth Dreadnought

Check out part 60 and rescue the Migrant Civilian Fleet by disabling the Geth Dreadnought in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Female 1: Shepard! Grab my hand!

Hang on.

Shepard: I'm all right.

Female 1: Good, hopefully we're done with elevators. Come on, the drive core shouldn't be far.

Shepard: It's definitely Reaper tech, but what . . . ?

Male 1: Shepard Commander, help us.

Shepard: What are you?

Male 1: We are Geth, this unit is a reconstruction of a unique intelligence network. We were originally created to investigate the activities of the old machines.

Shepard: Old machines? You mean the Reapers?

Male 1: Yes, when those you call Reapers took control of the Geth, we were imprisoned here.

Shepard: The Geth were reprogrammed by the Reapers. I doubt you're an exception.

Male 1: Shepard Commander, wait. We can assist you. The old machines are using us to broadcast their signal to all Geth units simultaneously.

Shepard: And that makes me less likely to shoot you . . . how?

Male 1: We will help liberate the Geth from their control. Destroy us, and they will remain the slaves of your enemies. Freeing us will end the signal. You may then destroy us if you deem it necessary.

Shepard: Fine, we'll get you out. Weapons ready. If this thing so much as twitches . . .

Male 1: Wait, you cannot simply remove the restraints, we are secured via hardware block nearby. It's [inaudible 00:03:00] operating protocols.

Female 2: I am familiar with the concept.

Shepard: The AI shackle Cerberus used to keep you under control.

Female 2: Yes. Used by organics, it is understandable. For Geth to install this in a formerly independent unit is . . . unnecessary.

Male 1: The hardware blocks are on the far side of the room.

Shepard: Far side of the room, you said?

Male 1: Yes. Deactivation should be simple. The Geth protected them against vital attack, not phyical removal.

Shepard: How'd the Reapers get control of the Geth?

Male 1: They did not. The creators attacked, the Geth wished to live. The old machines extended an offer.

Shepard: So they chose slavery over destruction?

Male 1: Yes.

Shepard: We'll have you out of there soon.

Got it.

Female 3: [inaudible 00:03:50] Fleet, the signal is about to go offline.

Han'Gerrel: This is admiral Han'Gerrel, we're in your debt.

Male 1: We are free.

As a gesture of cooperation, we have disabled the Dreadnaught's drive core. All weapons and barriers are offline.

Alert, Geth reinforcements incoming.

Recording: Geth leech is destabilized. Signal is offline.

Female 3: Admiral Han'Gerrel, what are you doing?

Han'Gerrel: Check your screens, the Dreadnaught is helpless! No barriers, and the main gun is offline. We can remove their flagship if we strike now.

Female 3: Damnit! We agreed to a counterattack, not a blind charge!

Female 2: What are you talking about, we're still on board!

Han'Gerrel: I can't waste this chance, heavy fleet all forward, take out the Dreadnaught.

Female 2: [inaudible 00:07:07] . . . hold position.

Han'Gerrel: You do that, and the heavy fleet gets wiped out! You agreed to a counterattack. Don't get squeamish now!

Female 2: Damnit, what are they doing?

Shepard: Focus on the Geth, we'll worry about the admirals later.

Female 3: . . . attacking support on the heavy fleet, give them a firing lane.

Han'Gerrel: All ships, open fire!

Male 1: Shepard Commander, the Creator fleet is firing upon this vessel. Without barriers, this ship will be destroyed, we must evacuate.

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